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A Pacific Community, 1
Author/Editor: E. GOUGH WHITLAM
The Paradox of Being: Truth, Identity, and Images in Daoism
Author/Editor: Poul Andersen
Party and Army, 1
Author/Editor: Ellis Joffe
Party and Army: Professionalism and Political Control in the Chinese Officer Corps, 1949–1964, Vol. 19
Author/Editor: Ellis Joffe
A Passage to China
Author/Editor: Chien-hsin Tsai
A Path Twice Traveled: My Journey as a Historian Of China
Author/Editor: Paul A. Cohen
Pattern and Person, 1
Author/Editor: Martin J. Powers
A Patterned Past, 1
Author/Editor: David Schaberg
The People’s Emperor, 1
Author/Editor: Kenneth J. Ruoff
The People’s Post Office, 1
Author/Editor: Patricia L. Maclachlan
The People's Republic of China at 60
Author/Editor: William C. Kirby
Picturing Heaven in Early China, 1
Author/Editor: Lillian Lan-ying Tseng
Picturing the True Form, 1
Author/Editor: Shih-shan Susan Huang
A Place in Public, 1
Author/Editor: Marnie S. Anderson
Plague Prevention and Politics in Manchuria, 1910–1931, 1
Author/Editor: Carl F. Nathan
Plucking Chrysanthemums
Author/Editor: Matthew Fraleigh
The Poetics of Sovereignty, 1
Author/Editor: ChenJack W.
Poetic Transformations: Eighteenth-Century Cultural Projects on the Mekong Plains
Author/Editor: Claudine Ang
Poetry and Painting in Song China, 1
Author/Editor: ALFREDA MURCK
The Political Economy of Reform in Post-Mao China, 1
A Political Explanation of Economic Growth, 1
Author/Editor: Yongping Wu
Politics and Policy in Traditional Korea, 1
Author/Editor: James B. Palais
Politics and Sinology, 1
Author/Editor: JOSHUA A. FOGEL
Population, Disease, and Land in Early Japan, 645–900, 1
Postal Communication in China and Its Modernization, 1860–1896, 1
Author/Editor: ChengYing-wan
Poverty, Equality, and Growth, 1
Author/Editor: Deborah J. Milly
Powerful Relations, 1
Author/Editor: Beverly J. Bossler
Power of Place, 1
Author/Editor: James Robson
Power of Place: The Religious Landscape of the Southern Sacred Peak (Nanyue 南嶽) in Medieval China, Vol. 316
Author/Editor: James Robson
The Power of the Buddhas, 1
Author/Editor: Sem Vermeersch
Practical Pursuits, 1
Author/Editor: Ellen Gardner Nakamura
Practices of the Sentimental Imagination, 1
Author/Editor: Jonathan E. Zwicker
Prayer and Play in Late Tokugawa Japan, 1
Author/Editor: Nam-lin Hur
Praying for Power, 1
Author/Editor: Timothy Brook
Precious Volumes, 1
Author/Editor: Daniel L. Overmyer
The Princess Nun, 1
Author/Editor: Gina Cogan
Printing for Profit, 1
Author/Editor: Lucille Chia
The Problem of Beauty, 1
Author/Editor: Ronald Egan
The Proletarian Wave, 1
Author/Editor: Sunyoung Park
Prologue to the Chinese Revolution, 1
Author/Editor: Charlton M. Lewis
Prosperity, Region, and Institutions in Maritime China, 1
Author/Editor: Billy K. L. So
Protestant America and the Pagan World, 1
Author/Editor: Clifton Jackson Phillips
Proving the Way, 1
Author/Editor: Mark McNally
The Psychological World of Natsume Sōseki, 1
Author/Editor: Doi Takeo,William Jefferson Tyler
Public Finance During the Korean Modernization Process, 1
Public Law, Private Practice, 1
Author/Editor: Darryl E. Flaherty
Public Memory in Early China, 1
Author/Editor: K. E. Brashier
Public Spheres, Private Lives in Modern Japan, 1600–1950, 1
Author/Editor: Gail Lee Bernstein,Andrew Gordon,Kate Wildman Nakai
Public Spheres, Private Lives in Modern Japan, 1600–1950: Essays in Honor of Albert Craig, Vol. 238
Author/Editor: Gail Lee Bernstein ,Andrew Gordon ,Kate Wildman Nakai