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Taiwan’s Imagined Geography, 1
Author/Editor: Emma Jinhua Teng
Taiwan’s Imagined Geography: Chinese Colonial Travel Writing and Pictures, 1683–1895, Vol. 230
Author/Editor: Emma Jinhua Teng
Tales of Heichū, 1
Tang Transformation Texts, 1
Author/Editor: Victor H. Mair
The Taoists of Peking, 1800–1949, 1
Author/Editor: Vincent Goossaert
Taxing Heaven's Storehouse, 1
Author/Editor: PAUL J. SMITH
Tears of Longing, 1
Author/Editor: Christine R. Yano
Technology and Investment, 1
Technology of Empire, 1
Author/Editor: Daqing Yang
Ten Thousand Scrolls, 1
Author/Editor: Yugen Wang
Third World Politics, 1
Author/Editor: Charles Neuhauser
Third World Politics: China and the Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Organization, 1957–1967, Vol. 27
Author/Editor: Charles Neuhauser
Through a Forest of Chancellors, 1
Author/Editor: Anne Burkus-Chasson
A Time of Crisis, 1
Author/Editor: Kerry Smith
To Become a God, 1
Author/Editor: Michael J. Puett
The Tokyo War Crimes Trial, 1
Author/Editor: Yuma Totani
The Tokyo War Crimes Trial: The Pursuit of Justice in the Wake of World War II, Vol. 299
Author/Editor: Yuma Totani
Toward a History Beyond Borders, 1
Author/Editor: Daqing Yang,Jie Liu,Hiroshi Mitani,Andrew Gordon
Toward a History Beyond Borders: Contentious Issues in Sino-Japanese Relations, Vol. 340
Author/Editor: Daqing Yang ,Jie Liu ,Hiroshi Mitani ,Andrew Gordon
Traces of Grand Peace, 1
Author/Editor: Jaeyoon Song
Tradition, Treaties and Trade, 1
Author/Editor: Kirk W. Larsen
Tradition, Treaties and Trade: Qing Imperialism and Chosŏn Korea, 1850–1910, Vol. 295
Author/Editor: Kirk W. Larsen
Transgressive Typologies, 1
Author/Editor: Rebecca Doran
The Translatability of Revolution: Guo Moruo and Twentieth-Century Chinese Culture
Author/Editor: Pu Wang
Translation’s Forgotten History
Author/Editor: Heekyoung Cho
Transmitters and Creators, 1
Author/Editor: John Makeham
The Transport of Reading, 1
Author/Editor: Robert Ashmore
Trauma and Transcendence in Early Qing Literature, 1
Author/Editor: Wilt L. Idema,Wai-yee Li,Ellen Widmer
Traversing the Frontier, 1
Author/Editor: H. Mack Horton
Tribute and Profit, 1
Author/Editor: Sarasin Viraphol
Tribute and Profit: Sino-Siamese Trade, 1652–1853, Vol. 76
Author/Editor: Sarasin Viraphol
The Troublesome Legacy of Commissioner Lin, 1
Author/Editor: Joyce A. Madancy
The Troublesome Legacy of Commissioner Lin: The Opium Trade and Opium Suppression in Fujian Province, 1820s to 1920s, Vol. 227
Author/Editor: Joyce A. Madancy
The Tsungli Yamen, 1
Author/Editor: S. M. Meng
The Tsungli Yamen: Its Organization and Functions, Vol. 13
Author/Editor: S. M. Meng
Two-Timing Modernity, 1
Author/Editor: J. Keith Vincent
Two Years in Revolutionary China, 1925–1927, 1
Author/Editor: Vera Vladimirovna Vishnyakova-Akimova,Steven I. Levine