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Labor and Monopoly Capital
Author/Editor: Braverman, Harry
Labor in the Global Digital Economy
Author/Editor: Huws, Ursula
Labors of Love
Author/Editor: Rodriquez, Jason
Ladies Almanack
Author/Editor: Barnes, Djuna
The Lady of the Jewel Necklace & The Lady who Shows her Love
Author/Editor: Harsha
Langston's Salvation
Author/Editor: Best, Wallace D
Langston's Salvation: American Religion and the Bard of Harlem
Author/Editor: Wallace D. Best
The Last Phase in the Transformation of Capitalism
Author/Editor: Michal Kalecki,George R. Feiwel,Włodzimierz Brus
Late Marx and the Russian Road: Marx and the Peripheries of Capitalism
Author/Editor: Teodor Shanin
Latina Girls
Author/Editor: Denner, Jill; Guzman, Bianca
Latina Teachers
Author/Editor: Flores, Glenda M
Latina Teachers: Creating Careers and Guarding Culture
Author/Editor: Glenda M. Flores
Latino Heartland
Author/Editor: Vega, Sujey
The Latino Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: Lazo, Rodrigo; Alemán, Jesse
The Latino Nineteenth Century: Archival Encounters in American Literary History
Author/Editor: Rodrigo Lazo,Jesse Alemán
Latino Politics en Ciencia Política
Author/Editor: Affigne, Tony; Hu-DeHart, Evelyn; Orr, Marion
Latino Politics en Ciencia Poltica
Author/Editor: Affigne, Tony; Hu-DeHart, Evelyn; Orr, Marion
Series Title: Default Book Series
Latino Spin
Author/Editor: Dávila, Arlene
Latino Urbanism
Author/Editor: Diaz, David R.; Torres, Rodolfo D
The Lavender Vote
Author/Editor: Hertzog, Mark
Law and Religion
Author/Editor: Feldman, Stephen M
The Law and Society Reader II
Author/Editor: Larson, Erik; Schmidt, Patrick
Law, Culture, and Ritual
Author/Editor: Chase, Oscar G
Law, Gender, and Injustice
Author/Editor: Hoff, Joan
Lawless Capitalism
Author/Editor: Ramirez, Steven A
Law on Display
Author/Editor: Feigenson, Neal; Spiesel, Christina
Law’s Detour
Author/Editor: Margulies, Peter
Law’s Detour
Author/Editor: Margulies, Peter
Lawyers' Ethics and the Pursuit of Social Justice
Author/Editor: Carle, Susan
Laying Down the Law
Author/Editor: Schlag, Pierre
Leaving Prostitution
Author/Editor: Oselin, Sharon S
The Lebanese Diaspora
Author/Editor: Abdelhady, Dalia
The Left at War
Author/Editor: Bérubé, Michael
Legal Canons
Author/Editor: Balkin, Jack; Levinson, Sanford V
Legal Intellectuals in Conversation
Author/Editor: Hackney, James R
Legalizing LGBT Families
Author/Editor: Baumle, Amanda K.; Compton, D'Lane R
Legalizing Prostitution
Author/Editor: Weitzer, Ronald
Legally Straight
Author/Editor: Rollins, Joe
Legally Straight: Sexuality, Childhood, and the Cultural Value of Marriage
Author/Editor: Joe Rollins
Legal Pluralism and Empires, 1500-1850
Author/Editor: Benton, Lauren; Ross, Richard J
Leg over Leg
Author/Editor: al-Shidyaq, Ahmad Faris
Leg over Leg
Author/Editor: al-Shidyaq, Ahmad Faris
Leg over Leg
Author/Editor: al-Shidyaq, Ahmad Faris
Leg over Leg
Author/Editor: al-Shidyaq, Ahmad Faris
Leg over Leg
Author/Editor: al-Shidyaq, Ahmad Faris
Leg over Leg
Author/Editor: al-Shidyaq, Ahmad Faris
Lenin and Philosophy and Other Essays
Author/Editor: Althusser, Louis
Lettuce Wars
Author/Editor: Neuburger, Bruce
LGBTQ Politics
Author/Editor: Brettschneider, Marla; Burgess, Susan; Keating, Christine
LGBTQ Politics: A Critical Reader
Author/Editor: Marla Brettschneider,Susan Burgess,Christine Keating
Liars! Cheaters! Evildoers!
Author/Editor: De Luca, Tom; Buell, John
The Liberal Virus: Permanent War and the Americanization of the World
Liberation Theologies in the United States
Author/Editor: Floyd-Thomas, Stacey M.; Pinn, Anthony B
Liberty, Equality, Democracy
Author/Editor: Nolla, Eduardo
License to Wed
Author/Editor: Richman, Kimberly D
The Lie of Global Prosperity: How Neoliberals Distort Data to Mask Poverty and Exploitation
Author/Editor: SETH DONNELLY
The Life and Death of Latisha King
Author/Editor: Salamon, Gayle
The Life and Death of Latisha King: A Critical Phenomenology of Transphobia
Author/Editor: GAYLE SALAMON
The Life and Times of Abu Tammam
Author/Editor: Abū Bakr Muḥammad ibn Yaḥyā l-Ṣūlī,Al-Ṣūlī’s Epistle,Abū l-Layth Muzāḥim ibn Fātik,Beatrice Gruendler,Terence Cave,James E. Montgomery,Tahera Qutbuddin
The Life and Times of Abu Tammam
Author/Editor: al-Suli, Abu Bakr
The Life of Ibn Hanbal
Author/Editor: al-Jawzi, Ibn
Life without Parole
Author/Editor: Ogletree Jr., Charles J.; Sarat, Austin
Author/Editor: Bernard, Andreas
Lift Every Voice and Swing: Black Musicians and Religious Culture in the Jazz Century
Author/Editor: Vaughn A. Booker
Lighting Up
Author/Editor: Nichter, Mimi
Light in the Heavens
Light in the Heavens: Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad
Author/Editor: Al-Qāḍī al-Quḍāʿī,Tahera Qutbuddin,Shawkat Toorawa
Like Memory, Caverns
Author/Editor: Dodd, Elizabeth C
The Limits of Community Policing: Civilian Power and Police Accountability in Black and Brown Los Angeles
Author/Editor: Luis Daniel Gascón,Aaron Roussell
Literary Bioethics: Animality, Disability, and the Human, Vol. 3
Author/Editor: Maren Tova Linett
Literature and the Relational Self
Author/Editor: Schapiro, Barbara Ann
Lives in the Balance
Author/Editor: Schrag, Philip G.; Schoenholtz, Andrew I.; Ramji-Nogales, Jaya
Living on the Spectrum: Autism and Youth in Community, Vol. 8
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Fein
Living Out Islam
Author/Editor: Kugle, Scott Siraj al-Haqq
Living Outside Mental Illness
Author/Editor: Davidson, Larry
Living with Alzheimer's
Author/Editor: Beard, Renée L
Living with Brain Injury
Author/Editor: Stewart, J. Eric
Loathsome Jews and Engulfing Women
Author/Editor: Loewenstein, Andrea Freud
Locked Out: Regional Restrictions in Digital Entertainment Culture
Author/Editor: Evan Elkins
Lone Star Muslims
Author/Editor: Afzal, Ahmed
The Long Revolution of the Global South: Toward a New Anti-Imperialist International
Author/Editor: Samir Amin
Looking for Leroy
Author/Editor: Neal, Mark Anthony
Losing Our Heads
Author/Editor: Janes, Regina
Losing Our Religion
Author/Editor: Manning, Christel J
Lotions, Potions, Pills, and Magic
Author/Editor: Breslaw, Elaine G
Love and Empire
Author/Editor: Schaeffer, Felicity Amaya
Love and Money
Author/Editor: Henderson, Lisa
Author/Editor: Harris, Bertha
Loving Justice: Legal Emotions in William Blackstone's England
Author/Editor: Kathryn D. Temple
Loving to Survive
Author/Editor: Graham, Dee L.R
Author/Editor: Levinson, Sanford V.; Woodruff, Paul; Parker, Joel
Lyrics of Sunshine and Shadow
Author/Editor: Alexander, Eleanor