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Titles start with V (19) Information
Vaccine Court
Author/Editor: Kirkland, Anna
Vagrants and Vagabonds: Poverty and Mobility in the Early American Republic
Vegas Brews: Craft Beer and the Birth of a Local Scene
Author/Editor: Michael Ian Borer
Vexed with Devils
Author/Editor: Gasser, Erika
Victims in the War on Crime
Author/Editor: Dubber, Markus Dirk
Violence Against Latina Immigrants
Author/Editor: Villalon, Roberta
The Violence of Care
Author/Editor: Mulla, Sameena
Violent Accounts
Author/Editor: Kraft, Robert N
Virginia Woolf
Author/Editor: Barrett, Eileen; Cramer, Patricia
Virginity Lost
Author/Editor: Carpenter, Laura
Author/Editor: Chapman, John W
Virtues of the Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal
Author/Editor: al-Jawzi, Ibn
Virtues of the Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal
Author/Editor: al-Jawzi, Ibn
Visions of Zion
Author/Editor: MacLeod, Erin C
Visitors: An American Feminist in East Central Europe
Author/Editor: ANN SNITOW
Visualizing Atrocity
Author/Editor: Hartouni, Valerie
Voices of Latin America: Social Movements and the New Activism
Author/Editor: Tom Gatehouse
Vulnerability Politics: The Uses and Abuses of Precarity in Political Debate
Author/Editor: Katie Oliviero
The Vulnerable Planet
Author/Editor: Foster, John Bellamy