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Back to the Beginning: Reassessing Social and Political Complexity on Crete during the Early and Middle Bronze Age
Author/Editor: Ilse Schoep,Peter Tomkins,Jan Driessen
Bathhouses in Iudaea, Syria-Palaestina and Provincia Arabia from Herod the Great to the Umayyads
Battlespace 1865: Archaeology of the Landscapes, Strategies, and Tactics of the North Platte Campaign, Nebraska, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: Douglas D. Scott,Peter Bleed,Amanda Renner
The Bayeux Tapestry: New Approaches
Author/Editor: Michael J. Lewis,Gale R. Owen-Crocker,Dan Terkla
Beacons in the Landscape: The Hillforts of England and Wales
Author/Editor: Ian Brown
The Beaker People: Isotopes, Mobility and Diet in Prehistoric Britain, Vol. 7, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: Mike Parker Pearson ,Alison Sheridan ,Mandy Jay ,Andrew Chamberlain ,Michael P. Richards ,Jane Evans
Beautiful Bodies: Gender and Corporeal Aesthetics in the Past
Author/Editor: Uroš Matić
Becoming European: The transformation of third millennium Northern and Western Europe
Author/Editor: Christopher Prescott,Håkon Glørstad
Becoming Neanderthals: Becoming Neanderthals
Author/Editor: Beccy Scott
Becoming Roman, Being Gallic, Staying British: Research and Excavations at Ditches 'hillfort' and villa 1984-2006
Author/Editor: Stephen Trow,Simon James,Tom Moore
Before the Military Revolution: European Warfare and the Rise of the Early Modern State 1300–1490
Author/Editor: Alexander Querengässer
Behaviour Behind Bones: The Zooarchaeology of Ritual, Religion, Status and Identity
Author/Editor: Sharyn Jones O’Day,Wim Van Neer,Anton Ervynck
Bell Beaker Settlement of Europe: The Bell Beaker Phenomenon from a Domestic Perspective
Author/Editor: Alex M. Gibson,Michael J. Allen
The Bell Beaker Transition in Europe: Mobility and local evolution during the 3rd millennium BC
Author/Editor: Maria Pilar Prieto Martínez,Laure Salanova
Beside the Ocean: Coastal Landscapes at the Bay of Skaill, Marwick, and Birsay Bay, Orkney: Archaeological Research, 2003–18
Author/Editor: DAVID GRIFFITHS,JANE HARRISON,MICHAEL ATHANSON,Diane Alldritt,Steven P. Ashby,Colleen E. Batey,Justine Bayley,Roger C. Doonan,James Graham-Campbell,Vicki Ewens,Amanda K. Forster,Derek Hall,Derek Hamilton,Birgitta Hoffmann,Michael J. Hughes,Anthony M. Krus
Between the Wind and the Water: World Heritage Orkney
Author/Editor: Caroline Wickham-Jones
Beyond Affluent-foragers: Rethinking Hunter-gatherer Complexity
Author/Editor: Colin Grier,Jangsuk Kim,Junzo Uchiyama
Beyond Pilgrim Souvenirs and Secular Badges: Essays in Honour of Brian Spencer
Author/Editor: Sarah Blick
Beyond Thalassocracies: Understanding Processes of Minoanisation and Mycenaeanisation in the Aegean
Author/Editor: Evi Gorogianni,Peter Pavúk,Luca Girella
Beyond the Core: Reflections on Regionality in Prehistory
Author/Editor: Andy M. Jones,Graeme Kirkham
Beyond the Dead Horizon: Studies in Modern Conflict Archaeology
Author/Editor: Nicholas J. Saunders
Beyond the Fertile Crescent: Late Palaeolithic and Neolithic Communities of the Jordanian Steppe. The Azraq Basin Project Volume 1: Project Background and the Late Palaeolithic (Geological Context and Technology)
Author/Editor: Andrew N. Garrard,Brian F. Byrd,Christopher O. Hunt
Beyond the Romans: Posthuman Perspectives in Roman Archaeology, Vol. 3
Author/Editor: Irene Selsvold ,Lewis Webb
Big Men or Chiefs?: Rondel Builders of Neolithic Europe
The Bioarchaeology of Ritual and Religion, Ed. 1st
Biosphere to Lithosphere: new studies in vertebrate taphonomy
Author/Editor: Terry O’Connor
The Birds of Ancient Egypt, Vol. 15
Author/Editor: Patrick F. Houlihan ,STEVEN M. GOODMAN
The Bir Messaouda Basilica: Pilgrimage and the Transformation of an Urban Landscape in Sixth Century AD Carthage
Author/Editor: RICHARD MILES,SIMON GREENSLADE,Ralf Bockmann,Jane Chick,Ben Croxford,Claudia Goodbrand,Sylvia Fünfschilling,Sami Harize,Stefan Krmnicek,Phil Mills,John Whitehouse
The Birsay Bay Project Volume 3: The Brough of Birsay, Orkney: Investigations 1954-2014
Author/Editor: Christopher D Morris ,Colleen E Batey ,Stewart H Cruden ,Norman Emery ,Richard Fawcett ,David W Griffiths ,Zoe Outram ,Susan Ovenden ,D James Rackha
The Black Poplar
Author/Editor: Fiona Cooper
Blood Red Roses: The Archaeology of a Mass Grave from the Battle of Towton AD 1461
Author/Editor: Veronica Fiorato,Anthea Boylston,Christopher Knüsel,Robert Hardy,Andrew Boardman,Andrea Burgess,Jennifer Coughlan,Helen Cox,Hugh Griffiths,Malin Holst,Shannon Novak,Graeme Rimer,Thom Richardson,Tim Sutherland,John Waller,Christopher Cumberpatch,Yannick Mi
Boats, Ships and Shipyards: Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, Venice 2000
Author/Editor: Carlo Beltrame
Bodies of Clay: On Prehistoric Humanised Pottery, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: Heiner Schwarzberg,Valeska Becker
Body Parts and Bodies Whole
Author/Editor: Katharina Rebay-Salisbury,Marie Louise Stig Sørensen,Jessica Hughes
Bones and Identity: Zooarchaeological Approaches to Reconstructing Social and Cultural Landscapes in Southwest Asia
Author/Editor: Nimrod Marom,Reuven Yeshurun,Lior Weissbrod,Guy Bar-Oz
Bosworth 1485: A Battlefield Rediscovered
Author/Editor: Glenn Foard,Anne Curry
Breaking and Shaping Beastly Bodies: Animals as Material Culture in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Aleksander Pluskowski
Breaking Images: Damage and Mutilation of Ancient Figurines, Vol. 2
Author/Editor: Gianluca Miniaci
Bringing Carthage Home: the Excavations of Nathan Davis, 1856-1859
Author/Editor: JOANN FREED,R. J. A. Wilson
Bristol: A Worshipful Town and Famous City: An Archaeological Assessment from Prehistory to 1900
Author/Editor: Nigel Baker,Jonathan Brett,Robert Jones
Britain's Medieval Episcopal Thrones
Author/Editor: Charles Tracy,Andrew Budge,Hugh Harrison,Peter Ferguson,Paul Woodfield,Eddie Sinclair,Christopher Paterson,John Allan
Britannia Romana: Roman Inscriptions and Roman Britain, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: R S O TOMLIN
Bronze Age Connections: Cultural Contact in Prehistoric Europe
Author/Editor: Peter Clark
Bronze Age Landscapes: Tradition and Transformation
Author/Editor: Joanna Brück
Bronze Age Settlements in the Low Countries
Author/Editor: Stijn Arnoldussen,Harry Fokkens
Brooches in Late Iron Age and Roman Britain
Author/Editor: D. F. Mackreth
Building for Eternity: the History and Technology of Roman Concrete Engineering in the Sea
Author/Editor: C. J. BRANDON,R. L. HOHLFELDER,M. D. JACKSON,J. P. OLESON,L. Bottalico,S. Cramer,R. Cucitore,E. Gotti,C.R. Stern,G. Vola,J. P. OLESON
Building Memories: The Neolithic Cotswold Long Barrow at Ascott-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire
Author/Editor: Don Benson,Alasdair Whittle,Alistair Barclay,Alex Bayliss,Don Benson,Edward Biddulph,Christopher Bronk Ramsey,Humphrey Case,Ian Clegg,Mark Copley,Kate Cramp,Chris Doherty,John Evans,Richard Evershed,Dawn Galer,Caroline Grigson,Peter Guest,Robert Hedges,Ch
Buildings of Medieval Europe: Studies in Social and Landscape Contexts of Medieval Buildings
Author/Editor: Duncan Berryman,Sarah Kerr
Building the Great Stone Circles of the North
Author/Editor: Colin Richards
The Bull Ring Uncovered: Excavations at Edgbaston Street, Moor Street, Park Street and The Row, Birmingham City Centre, 1997-2001
Author/Editor: Catharine Patrick,Stephanie Rátkai,Stephanie Rátkai,David Barker,Ian Baxter,Lynne Bevan,Bob Burrows,Simon Buteux,Marina Ciaraldi,Sheila Hamilton-Dyer,James Grieg,David Higgins,Mike Hodder,Rob Ixer,Rachel Ives,Steve Litherland,Erica Macey-Bracken,Helen Mar
Burial and Social Change in First Millennium BC Italy: Approaching Social Agents
Author/Editor: Elisa Perego,Rafael Scopacasa
Burial in Later Anglo-Saxon England, c.650-1100 AD
Author/Editor: Jo Buckberry,Annia Cherryson
Butrint 3: Excavations at the Triconch Palace
Author/Editor: William Bowden,Richard Hodges,Ylli Cerova,Andrew Crowson,Amy Culwick,Karen Francis,Oliver Gilkes,Kosta Lako,Matthew Logue,John Mitchell,Nevila Molla,Jonathan Price,Alessandro Sebastiani,Emanuele Vaccaro
Butrint 4: The Archaeology and Histories of an Ionian Town
Author/Editor: Inge Lyse Hansen,Richard Hodges,Sarah Leppard
Butrint 5: Life and Death at a Mediterranean Port: The Non-Ceramic Finds from the Triconch Palace
Author/Editor: William Bowden,J. Beatrice,T. Fenton,D. Foran,J. Giorgi,C. Isaac,S. Jennings,L. Jenny,Z. Knapp,A. Livarda,J. Mitchell,T. S. N. Moorhead,M. Mutolo,P. Papadopoulou,A. Powell,C. Rauzi,P. De Rijk,K. Stark,J. Wankmiller,J. Westoby
Butrint 6: Excavations on the Vrina Plain Volume 1: The Lost Roman and Byzantine Suburb, Vol. 6.1
Author/Editor: Simon Greenslade
Butrint 6: Excavations on the Vrina Plain Volume 2: The Finds
Author/Editor: Simon Greenslade,Jared S. Beatrice,Todd W. Fenton,Carolyn V. Isaac,Matthew Law,Alexandra Livarda,Richard Madgwick,John Mitchell,Sam Moorhead,Pagona Papadopoulou,Pippa Pearce,Nadine Schibille,Angela Soler,Karen Stark,Rena Veropoulidou,Joanita Vroom
Butrint 6: Excavations on the Vrina Plain Volume 3: The Roman and late Antique pottery from the Vrina Plain excavations
Author/Editor: Paul Reynolds
Butrint 7: Beyond Butrint: Kalivo, Mursi, Çuka e Aitoit, Diaporit and the Vrina Plain. Surveys and Excavations in the Pavllas River Valley, Albania, 1928–2015
Author/Editor: David Hernandez,Richard Hodges,Nadia Aleotti,Elena Baldi,David Bescoby,William Bowden,William Bubelis,José C. Carvajal López,Miguel Ángel Cau Ontiveros,Andrew Crowson,Karen Francis,Oliver J. Gilkes,Emily Glass,David Hernandez,Richard Hodges,Valbona Hysa,S
Buttons and Design Scarabs, Vol. 3
Author/Editor: W. M. FLINDERS PETRIE
Byzantine Butrint: Excavations and Surveys 1994-99, Vol. 2
Author/Editor: Simon Greenslade