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Values and Revaluations: The Transformation and Genesis of 'Values in Things' from Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives
Author/Editor: Hans Peter Hahn ,Anja Klöckner ,Dirk Wicke
A Veritable Eden'. The Manchester Botanic Garden: A History
Author/Editor: Ann Brooks
A View from the West: The Neolithic of the Irish Sea Zone
Author/Editor: Vicki Cummings
The Viking Age: A Time with Many Faces
Author/Editor: CAROLINE AHLSTRÖM ARCINI,T. Douglas Price,Bengt Jacobsson,Maria Cinthio,Leena Drenzel,Bibiana Agustí Farjas,Jonny Karlsson,Staffan Hyll
Viking Migration and Settlement in East Anglia: The Place-Name Evidence
Author/Editor: David Boulton
Vikings and the Danelaw
Author/Editor: James Graham-Campbell,Richard Hall,Judith Jesch,David N. Parsons
The Viking Way: Magic and Mind in Late Iron Age Scandinavia, Ed. 2, 2nd Edition
Author/Editor: NEIL PRICE
Viking Worlds: Things, Spaces and Movement
Author/Editor: Marianne Hem Eriksen,Unn Pedersen,Bernt Rundberget,Irmelin Axelsen,Heidi Lund Berg
Violence and Civilization: Studies of Social Violence in History and Prehistory
Author/Editor: Roderick Campbell
A Visual Catalogue of Richard Hattatt's Ancient Brooches
Author/Editor: Richard Hattatt’s
Visualising the Neolithic
Author/Editor: Andrew Cochrane,Andrew Meirion Jones