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The Sacred Body: Materializing the Divine through Human Remains in Antiquity, Vol. 1
Author/Editor: Nicola Laneri
Sacred Landscapes in Antiquity: Creation, Manipulation, Transformation, Ed. 1st
Sacred Mound, Holy Rings: Silbury Hill and the West Kennet palisade enclosures: a Later Neolithic complex in north Wiltshire
Author/Editor: Alasdair Whittle ,J. Best ,C.R. Cartwright ,I. Cornwall ,G. W. Dimbleby ,A. Edwards ,J.G. Evans ,A. Fairbairn ,N. Gardner
Sacred Nature: Animism and Materiality in Ancient Religions, Vol. 2
Author/Editor: Nicola Laneri ,Anna Perdibon
Saddling the Dogs: Journeys Through Egypt and the Near East
Author/Editor: Diane Fortenberry,Deborah Manley
Sailing to Classical Greece: Papers on Greek Art, Archaeology and Epigraphy presented to Petros Themelis
Author/Editor: Olga Palagia,Hans Rupprecht Goette
Samothracian Connections: Essays in Honor of James R. McCredie
Author/Editor: Olga Palagia,Bonna D. Wescoat
Sandwich - The 'Completest Medieval Town in England': A Study of the Town and Port from its Origins to 1600
Author/Editor: Helen Clarke,Sarah Pearson,Mavis Mate,Keith Parfitt,Sheila Sweetinburgh,Bridgett Jones,Allan T. Adams,Barry Corke,John Hills,Howard A. Jones,Peter Williams
Sasanian and Islamic Settlement and Ceramics in Southern Iran (4th to 17th Century AD): The Williamson Survey
Scientific Dating in Archaeology, Vol. 5
Author/Editor: Seren Griffiths ,Martin Bridge ,Ben Gearey ,Sam Harris ,Tom Higham ,Richard Staff ,Abi Stone
Seals and their Context in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Phillipp R. Schofield
Seats of Power in Europe during the Hundred Years War: An Architectural Study from 1330 to 1480
Author/Editor: ANTHONY EMERY
Seeking the First Farmers in Western Sjælland, Denmark: The Archaeology of the Transition to Agriculture in Northern Europe
Author/Editor: T. Douglas Price
Segedunum: Excavations By Charles Daniels In The Roman Fort At Wallsend (1975-1984)
Author/Editor: Alan Rushworth,Alexandra Croom,M. C. Bishop,I. D. Caruana,C. M. Daniels,P. Moffat,C. MacRae,M. Johnstone
The Selhurst Park Project: Middle Barn, Selhurstpark Farm, Eartham, West Sussex 2005–2008
Author/Editor: George Anelay
Sentient Archaeologies: Global Perspectives on Places, Objects and Practice
Settlement in the Irish Neolithic: New discoveries at the edge of Europe
Author/Editor: Jessica Smyth
Seventeenth-century Water Gardens and the Birth of Modern Scientific thought in Oxford: The Case of Hanwell Castle
Author/Editor: Stephen Wass
Shabtis, Vol. 4
Author/Editor: W. M. FLINDERS PETRIE ,Egyptian Collection in University College
Shades of Green: An Environmental and Cultural History of Sitka Spruce
Author/Editor: Ruth Tittensor
Shadowland: Wales 3000-1500 BC
Author/Editor: Steve Burrow
Sheri Khan Tarakai and Early Village Life in the Borderlands of North-West Pakistan: Bannu Archaeological Project Surveys and Excavations 1985-2001
Author/Editor: F. Khan,J.R. Knox,K.D. Thomas,C.A. Petrie,J.C. Morris,C.R. Cartwright,L. Joyner,C.A. Petrie
Ships and Guns: The Sea Ordnance in Venice and in Europe between the 15th and the 17th Centuries
Author/Editor: Carlo Beltrame,Renato Gianni Ridella
Shuffling Nags, Lame Ducks: The Archaeology of Animal Disease
Author/Editor: László Bartosiewicz,Erika Gál
Side-by-Side Survey: Comparative Regional Studies in the Mediterranean World
Author/Editor: Susan E. Alcock,John F. Cherry
Signals of Belief in Early England: Anglo-Saxon Paganism Revisited
Author/Editor: Martin Carver,Alex Sanmark,Sarah Semple
Silchester Revealed: The Iron Age and Roman Town of Calleva
Author/Editor: Michael Fulford
Silk for the Vikings
Author/Editor: Marianne Vedeler
Silk Roads: From Local Realities to Global Narratives
Author/Editor: Jeffrey D. Lerner ,Yaohua Shi
Silk: Trade & Exchange along the Silk Roads between Rome and China in Antiquity
Sinews of Empire, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: Håkon Fiane Teigen,Eivind Heldaas Seland
Siraf: History, Topography and Environment
Author/Editor: David Whitehouse,Donald S. Whitcomb,T. J. Wilkinson
Skyscapes: The Role and Importance of the Sky in Archaeology
Author/Editor: Fabio Silva,Nicholas Campion
Slave-Wives, Single Women and “Bastards" in the Ancient Greek World: Law and Economics Perspectives
Author/Editor: Morris Silver
Small Finds and Ancient Social Practices in the Northwest Provinces of the Roman Empire
Snails: Archaeology and Landscape Change
Author/Editor: Paul Davies
The Social Archaeology of Funerary Remains
Author/Editor: Rebecca Gowland,Christopher Knüsel
Social Change in Aegean Prehistory
Author/Editor: Corien Wiersma,Sofia Voutsaki
The Social Context of Technological Change: Egypt and the Near East, 1650-1150 BC
Author/Editor: Andrew J. Shortland
The Social Context of Technology: Non-ferrous Metalworking in Later Prehistoric Britain and Ireland
Author/Editor: Leo Webley,Sophia Adams,Joanna Brück
Social Dimensions of Food in the Prehistoric Balkans, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: Maria Ivanova,Bogdan Athanassov,Vanya Petrova,Desislava Takorova,Philipp W. Stockhammer
Socialising Complexity: Approaches to Power and Interaction in the Archaeological Record
Author/Editor: Sheila Kohring,Stephanie Wynne-Jones
Somerset's Peatland Archaeology: Managing and Investigating a Fragile Resource
Author/Editor: Richard Brunning ,Christopher Bronk Ramsey ,Nigel Cameron ,Gordon Cook ,Paul Davies ,Rowena Gale ,W. Derek Hamilton ,David Hogan ,Julie Jones
South-Eastern Mediterranean Peoples Between 130,000 and 10,000 Years Ago
Author/Editor: Elena A. A. Garcea,Nick Barton,Ofer Bar-Yosef,Anna Belfer-Cohen,Abdeljalil Bouzouggar,Brian Boyd,Laine Clark-Balzan,Simon N. Collcutt,André Debénath,Elena A. A. Garcea,Mohamed Abdeljalil El Hajraoui,Roland Nespoulet,Romuald Schild,Jean-Luc Schwenninger,Jo
The Southern Levant during the first centuries of Roman rule (64 BCE–135 CE): Interweaving Local Cultures
Author/Editor: Paolo Cimadomo
The Southern Transjordan Edomite Plateau and the Dead Sea Rift Valley: The Bronze Age to the Islamic Period (3800/3700 BC–AD 1917)
Souvenirs and New Ideas
Author/Editor: Diane Fortenberry
Stairway to Heaven: The Functions of Medieval Upper Spaces
Author/Editor: TOBY HUITSON
State Formation in Italy and Greece: Questioning the Neoevolutionist Paradigm
Author/Editor: Nicola Terrenato,Donald C. Haggis
St Kilda and the Wider World: Tales of an Iconic Island
Author/Editor: Andrew Fleming
Stone Axe Studies III
Author/Editor: Vin Davis,Mark Edmonds
Stories from Ancient Egypt
Author/Editor: Joyce Tyldesley,Julian Heath
Stories from Ancient Greece & Rome
Author/Editor: Joyce Tyldesley,Julian Heath
St Paul's Cathedral: archaeology and history
Author/Editor: John Schofield,Lyn Blackmore,Robert Bowles,Hazel Forsyth,Damian Goodburn,Azizul Karim,Jackie Keily,Adrian Miles,Jacqueline Pearce,Terence Smith,Bill White,Robin Wroe-Brown
St Peter's, Barton-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire: Volume 1, History, Archaeology and Architecture
Author/Editor: Warwick Rodwell ,Caroline Atkins ,Sally Badham ,Alex Bayliss ,Nancy Beavan ,Christopher Bronk Ramsey ,Anne Boyle ,John Cherry ,Philip Clogg
Street Trees in Britain: A History
Author/Editor: Mark Johnston
Structure, Image, Ornament: Architectural Sculpture in the Greek World
Author/Editor: Peter Schultz,Ralf von den Hoff
Submerged Prehistory
Author/Editor: Jonathan Benjamin,Clive Bonsall,Catriona Pickard,Anders Fischer
The Submerged Site of La Marmotta (Rome, Italy): Decrypting a Neolithic Society
Sveti Pavao Shipwreck: A 16th century Venetian merchantman from Mljet, Croatia
Author/Editor: Carlo Beltrame,Sauro Gelichi,Igor Miholjek,Cristiano Alfonso,Jurica Bezak,Elisa Costa,Martina Ćurković,Margherita Ferri,Anita Jelić,Antonija Jozić,Garo Kürkman,Igor Mihajlović,Robert Mosković,Mladen Mustaček,Domagoj Perkić,Tajana Trbojević Vukičević,Vesna
Swaledale: Valley of the Wild River
Author/Editor: Andrew Fleming