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Caddo Landscapes in the East Texas Forests, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: Timothy K. Perttula,Robert Cast,Ross C. Fields,Tom Middlebrook
Calendars and Years: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient Near East
Author/Editor: John M. Steele
Calendars and Years II: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient and Medieval World
Author/Editor: John M. Steele
Canterbury Cathedral, Trinity Chapel: The Archaeology of the Mosaic Pavement and Setting of the Shrine of St Thomas Becket
Author/Editor: David S. Neal ,Warwick Rodwell ,Kevin Hayward ,Thomas Clark ,Eric Fernie
Carchemish in Context
Author/Editor: Tony J. Wilkinson,Edgar Peltenburg,Eleanor Barbanes Wilkinson
Care in the Past: Archaeological and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: Lindsay Powell,William Southwell-Wright,Rebecca Gowland
Care or Neglect?: Evidence of Animal Disease in Archaeology
Author/Editor: László Bartosiewicz,Erika Gál
Caring for Digital Data in Archaeology: A Guide to Good Practice
Author/Editor: Archaeology Data Service and Digital Antiquity
Carving a Future for British Rock Art: New Directions for Research, Management and Presentation
Author/Editor: Tertia Barnett,Kate Sharpe
Castles and the Anglo-Norman World
Author/Editor: John A. Davies,Angela Riley,Jean-Marie Levesque,Charlotte Lapiche
Castles in Context: Power, Symbolism and Landscape, 1066 to 1500
Author/Editor: Robert Liddiard
Caves and Ritual in Medieval Europe, AD 500-1500, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: Knut Andreas Bergsvik,Marion Dowd
Caves in Context: The Cultural Significance of Caves and Rockshelters in Europe
Author/Editor: Knut Andreas Bergsvik,Robin Skeates
Celtic Art in Europe: Making Connections
Author/Editor: Christopher Gosden,Sally Crawford,Katharina Ulmschneider
Celtic from the West 3: Atlantic Europe in the Metal Ages — questions of shared language
Author/Editor: John T. Koch,Barry Cunliffe,Kerri Cleary,Catriona D. Gibson
Celtic from the West: Alternative Perspectives from Archaeology, Genetics, Language and Literature, Vol. 15
Author/Editor: Barry Cunliffe ,John T. Koch
Ceramics, Cuisine and Culture: The archaeology and science of kitchen pottery in the ancient mediterranean world
Author/Editor: Michela Spataro,Alexandra Villing
Change and Resilience: The Occupation of Mediterranean Islands in Late Antiquity
Author/Editor: Miguel Ángel Cau Ontiveros,Catalina Mas Florit,John F. Cherry
Changing Pictures: Rock Art Traditions and Visions in the Northernmost Europe
Author/Editor: Joakim Goldhahn,Ingrid Fuglestvedt,Andrew Jones
Chariots and Other Wheeled Vehicles in Italy Before the Roman Empire
Author/Editor: J. H. Crouwel
Chariots, Swords and Spears: Iron Age Burials at the Foot of the East Yorkshire Wolds
Author/Editor: MARK STEPHENS ,Sophia Adams ,Michelle Alexander ,Diane Alldritt ,Anwen Cafell ,Thomas G.B. Fox ,Melanie Giles ,Peter Halkon ,Derek Hamilton
Childhood and Violence in the Western Tradition
Author/Editor: Laurence Brockliss,Heather Montgomery
Children, Death and Burial: Archaeological Discourses, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: Eileen Murphy,Mélie Le Roy
Children, Spaces and Identity
Author/Editor: Margarita Sánchez Romero,Eva Alarcón García,Gonzalo Aranda Jiménez
Cille Pheadair: a Norse Farmstead and Pictish Burial Cairn in South Uist
Author/Editor: Mike Parker Pearson,Mark Brennand,Jacqui Mulville,Helen Smith,Phil Austin,Edward Besly,Julia Best,Jerry Bond,Andrew Chamberlain,Carolyn Chenery,Judy Cartledge,Sue Colledge,Gordon Cook,Lucy Cramp,Barbara Crawford,Irene de Luis,Ian Dennis,David Dungworth,Ma
Cipières: Landscape and Community in Alpes-Maritimes, France
Author/Editor: David Austin,Rosamond Faith,Andrew Fleming,David Siddle,David Austin
Circuits of Metal Value: Changing Roles of Metals in the Early Aegean and Nearby Lands, Vol. 14
Author/Editor: Toby Wilkinson ,Susan Sherratt
Cities as Palimpsests?: Responses to Antiquity in Eastern Mediterranean Urbanism, Vol. 1
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Key Fowden ,Suna Çağaptay ,Edward Zychowicz-Coghill ,Louise Blanke
The Cities of Pamphylia
Author/Editor: John D. Grainger
The Cities of the Plain: Urbanism in Ancient Western Thessaly
The City by the Pool: Assessing the Archaeology of the City of Lincoln
Author/Editor: Michael J Jones ,David Stocker ,Alan Vince ,John Herridge ,David Stocker ,Michael J Jones ,Alan Vince
A City from the Dawn of History: Erbil in the Cuneiform Sources
Author/Editor: John MacGinnis
Cityscapes and Monuments of Western Asia Minor: Memories and Identities, Ed. 1st
City Walls in Late Antiquity: An empire-wide perspective
Clachtoll: An Iron Age Broch Settlement in Assynt, North-west Scotland
Author/Editor: GRAEME CAVERS ,John Barber ,Graeme Cavers ,Andy Heald ,Nick Johnstone ,Dawn McLaren ,Jackaline Robertson ,Lynne Roy ,Enid Allison
Cladh Hallan - Roundhouses and the dead in the Hebridean Bronze Age and Iron Age: Part I: Stratigraghy, Spatial Organisation and Chronology, Vol. 8
Author/Editor: Mike Parker Pearson ,Jacqui Mulville ,Helen Smith ,Peter Marshall ,Tom Booth ,Mark Brennand ,Andrew Chamberlain ,Gordon Cook ,Oliver Craig
Clash of Cultures?: The Romano-British Period in the West Midlands
Clifton Quarry, Worcestershire: Pits, Posts and Cereals: Archaeological Investigations 2006–2009
Author/Editor: Andrew Mann,Robin Jackson,Steven J. Allen,Hugo Anderson-Whymark,Christopher Bronk Ramsey,Anthony Brown,Alan Clapham,Gordon Cook,Nick Daffern,Steven R. Davis,Emily Edwards,Richard P. Evershed,Laura Griffin,Katie Head,Derek Hurst,Robert A. Ixer,Peter Marsha
The Clothed Body in the Ancient World
Author/Editor: Liza Cleland,Mary Harlow,Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones
Cod and Herring: The Archaeology and History of Medieval Sea Fishing
Colchester, Fortress of the War God: an Archaeological Assessment
Author/Editor: Adrian Gascoyne,David Radford,Philip Crummy,Nina Crummy,Rosalind Niblett,Dave Stenning,Steve Benfield,Peter Murphy,Andrew Phillips,Philip J Wise
Collapse and Transformation: The Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age in the Aegean
Author/Editor: GUY D. MIDDLETON
Collapse or Survival: Micro-dynamics of crisis and endurance in the ancient central Mediterranean
Author/Editor: Elisa Perego,Rafael Scopacasa,Silvia Amicone
Colonisation, Migration, and Marginal Areas: A Zooarchaeological Approach
Author/Editor: Mariana Mondini,Sebastián Muñoz,Stephen Wickler
Commemorating Classical Battles: A Landscape Biography Approach to Marathon, Leuktra, and Chaironeia
Author/Editor: Brandon Braun
Communicating Archaeology
Author/Editor: John Beavis,Alan Hunt
Communicating Identity in Italic Iron Age Communities
Author/Editor: Margarita Gleba,Helle W. Horsnæs
Communicating with the World of Beings: The World Heritage rock art sites in Alta, Arctic Norway
Author/Editor: Knut Helskog,Tim Challman
Communities in Transition: The Circum-Aegean Area During the 5th and 4th Millennia BC, Ed. 1st
Community Archaeology on Hadrian’s Wall 2019–2022
Author/Editor: Rob Collins ,Jane Harrison ,Ian Kille ,Kathryn Murphy ,Kerry Shaw
Community Archaeology: Themes, Methods and Practices
Author/Editor: Gabriel Moshenska,Sarah Dhanjal
The Competition of Fibres: Early Textile Production in Western Asia, South-east and Central Europe (10,000-500BCE), Vol. 36
Constantinople: Archaeology of a Byzantine Megapolis
Author/Editor: Ken Dark,Ferudun Özgümüş
Continental Connections
Author/Editor: Hugo Anderson-Whymark,Duncan Garrow,Fraser Sturt
Continuity and Rupture in Roman Mediterranean Gaul: An Archaeology of Colonial Transformations at Ancient Lattara
Author/Editor: Benjamin P. Luley
Cooking up the Past
Author/Editor: Christopher Mee,Josette Renard
Coptic Documentary Texts From Kellis. Volume 2 P. Kellis VII
Author/Editor: Iain Gardner,Anthony Alcock,Wolf-Peter Funk
The Coronation Chair and Stone of Scone: History, Archaeology and Conservation
Author/Editor: Warwick Rodwell,Marie Louise Sauerberg,Ptolemy Dean,Eddie Smith,The Dean of Westminster
A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Pottery from Lincoln
Author/Editor: Jane Young,Alan Vince,Victoria Nailor
Corpus of Prehistoric Pottery and Palettes, Vol. 10
Author/Editor: the Egyptian Collection in University College,W. M. FLINDERS PETRIE
A Corpus of Roman Pottery from Lincoln
Author/Editor: Margaret Darling,Barbara Precious,Joanna Bird,Brenda Dickinson,Katharine Hartley
Corrstown: A Coastal Community. Excavations of a Bronze Age Village in Northern Ireland
Author/Editor: Victoria Ginn,Stuart Rathbone,Örni Akeret,Eoin Grogan,Martin Halpin,Ella Hassett,Maria Lear,Stephen Mandal,Cormac McSparron,Maria O’Hare,Helen Roche
The Cosmatesque Mosaics of Westminster Abbey: The Pavements and Royal Tombs: History, Archaeology, Architecture and Conservation
Author/Editor: Warwick Rodwell,David S Neal,Paul Drury,Ian Freestone,Kevin Hayward,Lisa Monnas,Matthew Payne,Ruth Siddall,Simeoni Vanessa,Erica Carrick Utsi,Erica Carrick Utsi
Counting People: A DIY Manual for Local and Family Historians
Author/Editor: John S. Moore
Crafting Minoanisation: Textiles, Crafts Production and Social Dynamics in the Bronze Age southern Aegean, Vol. 33
Crafting Textiles: Tablet Weaving, Sprang, Lace and Other Techniques from the Bronze Age to the Early 17th Century, Vol. 39
Author/Editor: Frances Pritchard
Crafts and Social Networks in Viking Towns
Creating Communities: New advances in Central European Neolithic Research
Author/Editor: Daniela Hofmann,Penny Bickle
Creating Material Worlds: The Uses of Identity in Archaeology
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Pierce,Anthony Russell,Adrián Maldonado,Louisa Campbell
Credit and Debt in Medieval England c.1180-c.1350
Author/Editor: P. R. Schofield,N. J. Mayhew
Crossing Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Art, Material Culture, Language and Literature of the Early Medieval World, Ed. 1st
Crossing the Threshold: Architecture, Iconography and the Sacred Entrance, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: Madeleine Mumcuoglu,Yosef Garfinkel
The Crown of Arsinoë II: The Creation of an Image of Authority
Author/Editor: Maria Nilsson
Cult in Context: Reconsidering Ritual in Archaeology
Author/Editor: David A. Barrowclough,Caroline Malone
Culture and Perspective at Times of Crisis: State Structures, Private Initiative and the Public Character of Heritage
Author/Editor: Sophia Antoniadou,Giorgos Vavouranakis,Ioannis Poulios,Pavlina Raouzaiou
Culture and Society in Later Roman Antioch
Author/Editor: Isabella Sandwell,Janet Huskinson
Current Approaches to Tells in the Prehistoric Old World: A cross-cultural comparison from Early Neolithic to the Iron Age
Current Research in Egyptology 2005: Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Symposium
Author/Editor: Rachel Mairs,Alice Stevenson
Current Research in Egyptology 2006: Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Symposium
Author/Editor: Maria Cannata
Current Research in Egyptology 2007: Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Conference
Author/Editor: Kenneth Griffin,Meg Gundlach
Current Research in Egyptology 2009: Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Symposium
Author/Editor: Judith Corbelli,Daniel Boatright,Claire Malleson
Current Research in Egyptology 2010: Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Symposium
Author/Editor: Maarten Horn,Joost Kramer,Daniel Soliman,Nico Staring,Carina van den Hoven,Lara Weiss
Current Research in Egyptology 2011: Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Symposium
Author/Editor: Heba Abd El Gawad,Nathalie Andrews,Maria Correas-Amador,Veronica Tamorri,James Taylor
Current Research in Egyptology 2012: Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Symposium
Author/Editor: Carl Graves,Gabrielle Heffernan,Luke McGarrity,Emily Millward,Marsia Sfakianou Bealby
Current Research in Egyptology 2013: Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual Symposium
Author/Editor: Kelly Accetta,Renate Fellinger,Pedro Lourenço Gonçalves,Sarah Musselwhite,W. Paul van Pelt
Current Research in Egyptology 2014: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual Symposium
Author/Editor: Massimiliano S. Pinarello,Justin Yoo,Jason Lundock,Carl Walsh
Current Research in Egyptology 2015: Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Symposium, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: Christelle Alvarez,Arto Belekdanian,Ann-Katrin Gill,Solène Klein
Current Research in Egyptology 2016: Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual Symposium
Author/Editor: Julia M. Chyla,Joanna Dêbowska-Ludwin,Karolina Rosińska-Balik,Carl Walsh
Cutting-edge Technologies in Ancient Greece: Materials Science applied to trace ancient technologies in the Aegean world
Cypriot Cultural Details: Proceedings of the 10th Annual Meeting of Young Researchers in Cypriot Archaeology
Author/Editor: Iosif Hadjikyriakos,Mia Gaia Trentin
Cyprus: An island culture: Society and Social Relations from the Bronze Age to the Venetian Period
Author/Editor: Artemis Georgiou
Cyprus in the Long Late Antiquity: History and Archaeology Between the Sixth and the Eighth Centuries