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The California Days of Ralph Waldo Emerson
Author/Editor: BRIAN C. WILSON
A Call to Conscience
Author/Editor: Peace, Roger
Cape Cod
Author/Editor: Cumbler, John T
Captive Histories
Author/Editor: Haefeli, Evan; Sweeney, Kevin
Author/Editor: Mulcahy, Greg
Author/Editor: Sarat, Austin; Lezaun, Javier
Cemetery of the Murdered Daughters
Author/Editor: Lennox, Sara
Censorship in Vietnam
Author/Editor: Bass, Thomas A
Certain Concealments: Poe, Hawthorne, and Early Nineteenth-Century Abortion
Author/Editor: DANA MEDORO
Cesare Pavese and America
Author/Editor: Smith, Lawrence G
A Change in the Weather
Author/Editor: Jacques, Geoffrey
Charles Johnson in Context
Author/Editor: Selzer, Linda Furgerson
Charlotte Delbo: A Life Reclaimed
Author/Editor: Ghislaine Dunant ,Kathryn M. Lachman
The Child Cases
Author/Editor: Rogers, Alan
Choke Box
Author/Editor: Milletti, Christina
Citizenship in Cold War America
Author/Editor: Friedman, Andrea
Clearer Than Truth: The Polygraph and the American Cold War
Clio's Foot Soldiers: Twentieth-Century U.S. Social Movements and Collective Memory
Author/Editor: Lara Leigh Kelland
A Cold War State of Mind
Author/Editor: Dunne, Matthew W
Collecting the Globe: The Salem East India Marine Society Museum
Author/Editor: George H. Schwartz
The Colored Cartoon
Author/Editor: Lehman, Christopher P
The Combat Zone: Murder, Race, and Boston's Struggle for Justice
Author/Editor: JAN BROGAN
Commercializing Childhood
Author/Editor: Ringel, Paul B
Community by Design
Author/Editor: Morgan, Keith N.; Cushing, Elizabeth Hope; Reed, Roger G
Companionship in Grief
Author/Editor: Berman, Jeffrey
Composting Utopia: Experimental Infrastructures for Organics Recycling in New York City
Author/Editor: GUY SCHAFFER
Concrete Changes: Architecture, Politics, and the Design of Boston City Hall
Author/Editor: Brian M. Sirman
The Conspiracy of Capital
Author/Editor: Cohen, Michael Mark
Constituting Old Age in Early Modern English Literature, from Queen Elizabeth to King Lear
Author/Editor: Martin, Christopher
Constructing the Outbreak: Epidemics in Media and Collective Memory
Author/Editor: KATHERINE A. FOSS
Containing Addiction: The Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the Origins of America's Global Drug War
The Contemporary African American Novel
Author/Editor: Bell, Bernard W
Contested and Dangerous Seas: North Atlantic Fishermen, Their Wives, Unions, and the Politics of Exclusion
Author/Editor: COLIN J. DAVIS
Cornelia James Cannon and the Future American Race
Author/Editor: Diedrich, Maria I
Corner of the Dead
Author/Editor: Lurie, Lynn
The Cosmopolitan Lyceum
Author/Editor: Wright, Tom F
Country Comes to Town
Author/Editor: JEREMY HILL
Covering America
Author/Editor: Daly, Christopher B
Creating a World on Paper
Author/Editor: Rainey, Sue
Cross-Border Commemorations: Celebrating Swedish Settlement in America
Author/Editor: ADAM HJORTHÉN
Cross-Racial Class Protest in Antebellum American Literature
Cultivating a Past
Author/Editor: Miller, Marla R
Cultivating Environmental Justice
Author/Editor: ROBERT S. EMMETT
A Cultural Arsenal for Democracy: The World War II Work of US Museums
Cultural Considerations
Author/Editor: Rubin, Joan Shelley
The Culture and Sport of Skiing
Author/Editor: Allen, E. John B
Culture Club
Author/Editor: Wolff, Katherine
A Curious Land
Cutting and the Pedagogy of SelfDisclosure
Author/Editor: Berman, Jeffrey; Wallace, Patricia Hatch