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Paper Electronic Literature: An Archaeology of Born-Digital Materials
Passamaquoddy Ceremonial Songs
Author/Editor: Spinney, Ann Morrison
Patient Expectations
Author/Editor: Thompson, Catherine L
Pedagogues and Protesters
Author/Editor: Wright, Conrad Edick
People before Highways: Boston Activists, Urban Planners, and a New Movement for City Making
Author/Editor: Karilyn Crockett
People in a Magazine
Author/Editor: Goodrich, Joseph
The People of the Standing Stone
Author/Editor: Tiro, Karim M
A People's History of the New Boston
Author/Editor: Vrabel, Jim
Perfectly Average
Author/Editor: Creadick, Anna G
Performances of Violence
Author/Editor: Sarat, Austin; Basler, Carleen R.; Dumm, Thomas L
Peril in the Ponds
Author/Editor: Helgen, Judy
Philippe Aries and the Politics of French Cultural History
Author/Editor: Hutton, Patrick H
Picturing Class
Author/Editor: Macieski, Robert
Piety and Dissent
Author/Editor: Elrod, Eileen R
Pins and Needles
Author/Editor: Brown, Karen
The Piracy Crusade
Author/Editor: Sinnreich, Aram
Placing Papers: The American Literary Archives Market
Author/Editor: Amy Hildreth Chen
Playing God in the Meadow: How I Learned to Admire My Weeds
The Poetry of Indifference
Author/Editor: Gray, Erik Irving
The Politics of Massachusetts Exceptionalism: Reputation Meets Reality
Author/Editor: Jerold Duquette ,Erin O’Brien
Popular History and the Literary Marketplace, 1840–1920
Author/Editor: Pfitzer, Gregory M
Popular Print and Popular Medicine
Author/Editor: Horrocks, Thomas A
Porno Chic and the Sex Wars
Author/Editor: Bronstein, Carolyn; Strub, Whitney
Portraits of a Few of the People I’ve Made Cry
Author/Editor: Sneed, Christine
Portraits of a Few of the People I’ve Made Cry
Author/Editor: Sneed, Christine
Practicing Medicine in a Black Regiment
Author/Editor: Reid, Richard M
Preserving and Enhancing Communities
Author/Editor: Hamin, Elisabeth M.; Geigis, Priscilla; Silka, Linda
Preserving Maritime America
Author/Editor: JAMES M. LINDGREN
President of the Other America
Author/Editor: Schmitt, Edward R
Pressing the Fight
Author/Editor: Barnhisel, Greg; Turner, Catherine
A Prison in the Woods: Environment and Incarceration in New York's North Country
The ProWar Movement
Author/Editor: Scanlon, Sandra
A Publisher's Paradise
Author/Editor: Colligan, Colette
Puerto Rican Poetry
Author/Editor: Marquez, Roberto