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The Labor of Literature
Author/Editor: Jane D. Griffin
Landscapes of Exclusion
Author/Editor: WILLIAM E. O’BRIEN
Landscape with Bloodfeud
Author/Editor: WENDY BARNES
The Last Days of Publishing
Author/Editor: Engelhardt, Thomas M
The Last Great Colonial Lawyer: The Life and Legacy of Jeremiah Gridley
Author/Editor: Charles R. McKirdy
Law and Illiberalism
Author/Editor: Austin Sarat ,Lawrence Douglas ,Martha Merrill Umphrey
Law and Mourning
Author/Editor: Sarat, Austin; Douglas, Lawrence; Umphrey, Martha Merrill
Law and Performance
Author/Editor: Sarat, Austin; Douglas, Lawrence; Umphrey, Martha Merrill
Law and the Visible
Author/Editor: Austin Sarat ,Lawrence Douglas ,Martha Merrill Umphrey
The Law of Miracles
Author/Editor: Smith, Gregory Blake
Law's Mistakes
Author/Editor: Austin Sarat,Lawrence Douglas,Martha Umphrey
Learning to Read and Write in Colonial America
Author/Editor: Monaghan, E. Jennifer
Lessons from Sarajevo
Author/Editor: Hicks, Jim
Letters from Red Farm: The Untold Story of the Friendship between Helen Keller and Journalist Joseph Edgar Chamberlin
Letters of Transit
Author/Editor: Worozbyt, Theodore
Let Us Watch Richard Wilbur
Author/Editor: Bagg, Robert; Bagg, Mary
Levi Strauss
Author/Editor: LYNN DOWNEY
The Lexington Six: Lesbian and Gay Resistance in 1970s America
Liberty and Justice for All?
Author/Editor: Donohue, Kathleen G
Libraries amid Protest: Books, Organizing, and Global Activism
Author/Editor: Sherrin Frances
Lies About My Family
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Amy
Listen to the Poet
Author/Editor: Williams, Wendy R
Literary Journalism across the Globe
Author/Editor: Bak, John S.; Reynolds, Bill
Literary Journalism and the Aesthetics of Experience
Author/Editor: John C. Hartsock
Literary Journalism on Trial
Author/Editor: Forde, Kathy Roberts
Literature and Criminal Justice in Antebellum America
Author/Editor: Carl Ostrowski
A Living Exhibition
Author/Editor: Walker, William S
Living with Agent Orange: Conversations in Postwar Viet Nam
Living with Whales
Author/Editor: Shoemaker, Nancy
The Long Swim: Stories
Lost on the Freedom Trail: The National Park Service and Urban Renewal in Postwar Boston
Author/Editor: SETH C. BRUGGEMAN
Lost Wonderland: The Brief and Brilliant Life of Boston's Million Dollar Amusement Park
Author/Editor: STEPHEN R. WILK
Love's Quarrels: Reading Charity in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: EVAN A. GURNEY
Lovewell's Fight
Author/Editor: Cray, Robert E
The Lowell Experiment
Author/Editor: Stanton, Cathy
Lydia Sigourney: Critical Essays and Cultural Views
Author/Editor: Mary Louise Kete,Elizabeth Petrino