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Wabanaki Homeland and the New State of Maine
Author/Editor: Pawling, Micah A
The Wages of History
Author/Editor: Tyson, Amy M
Walking Away from Nuremberg
Author/Editor: Rockwood, Lawrence P
The Wandering Womb: Essays in Search of Home
Author/Editor: S.L. WISENBERG
Washington's China
Author/Editor: Peck, James L
We Ask Only for EvenHanded Justice
Author/Editor: Smith, John David
Series Title: Default Book Series
We Ask Only for Even-Handed Justice
Author/Editor: Smith, John David
We Begin Bombing in Five Minutes: Late Cold War Culture in the Age of Reagan
Author/Editor: Andrew Hunt
We Gotta Get Out of This Place: The Soundtrack of the Vietnam War
Author/Editor: Doug Bradley ,Craig Werner
Went to the Devil
Author/Editor: Connors, Anthony J
What Adolescents Ought to Know
Author/Editor: Pierce, Jennifer Burek
What Middletown Read
Author/Editor: Felsenstein, Frank; Connolly, James J
What Remains
Author/Editor: Hornick, Robert
What We Have Done
Author/Editor: Pelka, Fred
When America Turned
Author/Editor: Wyatt, David
When I Came to Die
Author/Editor: Raden, Audrey
When Roosevelt Planned to Govern France
Author/Editor: Robertson, Charles L
When the Girls Came Out to Play
Author/Editor: Warner, Patricia C
Where Is Juliet Stuart Poyntz?: Gender, Spycraft, and Anti-Stalinism in the Early Cold War
Author/Editor: DENISE M. LYNN
Where the Wild Grape Grows
Author/Editor: West, Dorothy; DavisSbaschnig, Cynthia; Mitchell, Verner D
White Space: Essays on Culture, Race, & Writing
Who Deserves to Die?
Author/Editor: Sarat, Austin; Shoemaker, Karl
Wild Horse
Author/Editor: Eric Neuenfeldt
Wild Intelligence: Poets' Libraries and the Politics of Knowledge in Postwar America
Author/Editor: M. C. KINNIBURGH
Williamstown and Williams College: Explorations in Local History
The Wired City
Author/Editor: Kennedy, Dan
Wolf Lake, White Gown Blown Open
Author/Editor: Seuss, Diane
Words for the Hour
Author/Editor: Barrett, Faith; Miller, Cristanne
Work Better, Live Better: Motivation, Labor, and Management Ideology
Author/Editor: DAVID GRAY
Work Sights
Author/Editor: Vanessa Meikle Schulman
A World among These Islands
Author/Editor: Marquez, Roberto
The World of Credit in Colonial Massachusetts
Author/Editor: Wadsworth, James E
The Worrier
Author/Editor: Takacs, Nancy
Writing across the Color Line: U.S. Print Culture and the Rise of Ethnic Literature, 1877-1920
Author/Editor: LUCAS A. DIETRICH
Writing the Record
Author/Editor: Powers, Devon