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The Idea of Anglo-Saxon England in Middle English Romance
Author/Editor: Rouse, Robert Allen
The Idea of Art Music in a Commercial World, 1800-1930
Author/Editor: Bashford, Christina; Marvin, Roberta Montemorra
The Idea of the Castle in Medieval England
Author/Editor: Wheatley, Abigail
Identity Economics
Author/Editor: Meagher, Kate
Ideology, Politics, and Diplomacy in East Central Europe
Author/Editor: Biskupski, M. B. B
Ignaz Moscheles and the Changing World of Musical Europe
Author/Editor: Kroll, Mark
Ignition: Beethoven: Reception Documents from the Paul Sacher Foundation
Author/Editor: Felix Meyer ,Simon Obert
Illuminating the Roman d'Alexandre: Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Bodley 264
Author/Editor: Cruse, Mark
The Image of Edward the Black Prince in Georgian and Victorian England
Author/Editor: Gribling, Barbara
Images of Kingship in Chaucer and his Ricardian Contemporaries
Author/Editor: Rayner, Samantha J
Images of Language in Middle English Vernacular Writings, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Kathy Cawsey
Imagination and Idealism in John Updike's Fiction
Author/Editor: Farmer, Michial
Imagining Anglo-Saxon England: Utopia, Heterotopia, Dystopia, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Catherine E. Karkov
Imagining Germany Imagining Asia
Author/Editor: Fuechtner, Veronika; Rhiel, Mary
Imagining Home
Author/Editor: Farrell, Susan
Imagining the Age of Goethe in German Literature, 1970-2010
Author/Editor: Pizer, John D
Imagining the Anglo-Saxon Past
Author/Editor: Stanley, Eric Gerald
Imagining the Pagan in Late Medieval England
Author/Editor: Salih, Sarah
Imperial Messages
Author/Editor: Lemon, Robert
Inauguration and Liturgical Kingship in the Long Twelfth Century
Author/Editor: Dale, Johanna
The Index of Middle English Prose
Author/Editor: Ogilvie-Thomson, S.J
The Index of Middle English Prose
Author/Editor: Horner, Patrick J
The Index of Middle English Prose
Author/Editor: Lucas, Angela M
The Index of Middle English Prose
Author/Editor: Rand, Kari Anne
The Index of Middle English Prose
Author/Editor: Connolly, Margaret
Index of Middle English Prose: Index to Volumes I to XX
Author/Editor: Rand, Kari Anne
India's Development Diplomacy & Soft Power in Africa
Author/Editor: Kenneth King ,Meera Venkatachalam
Indirect Rule in South Africa
Author/Editor: Myers, J.C
The Indo-German Identification
Author/Editor: Cowan, Robert
Infections, Chronic Disease, and the Epidemiological Transition
Author/Editor: Mercer, Alexander
Informal Justice in England and Wales, 1760-1914
Author/Editor: Banks, Stephen
The Innumerable Dance
Author/Editor: Wright, Adrian
Inquisition and its Organisation in Italy, 1250-1350
Author/Editor: Moore, Jill
Inquisition and Knowledge, 1200-1700
Author/Editor: Peter Biller ,L. J. Sackville
Inquisition in the Fourteenth Century
Author/Editor: Hill, Derek
Inscription and Rebellion
Author/Editor: Klocke, Sonja E
Inside Conducting
Author/Editor: Seaman, Christopher
Inside Mining Capitalism: The Micropolitics of Work on the Congolese and Zambian Copperbelts
Author/Editor: Benjamin Rubbers
Insular Iconographies
Author/Editor: Boulton, Meg; Bintley, Michael D.J
The Intellectual Landscape in the Works of J. M. Coetzee, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Tim Mehigan,Christian Moser
Author/Editor: Faulkner, Carol; Parker, Alison M
The Interlace Structure of the Third Part of the Prose Lancelot
Author/Editor: Brandsma, Frank
International Relations in Psychiatry
Author/Editor: Roelcke, Volker; Weindling, Paul J.; Westwood, Louise
Interpreting MS Digby 86
Author/Editor: Fein, Susanna
The Intersection of Science and Literature in Musil's The Man Without Qualities
Author/Editor: Sebastian, Thomas
Interwar Vienna
Author/Editor: Holmes, Deborah; Silverman, Lisa
In the Shadow of Empire
Author/Editor: Spencer, Malcolm
In the Shadow of the Holocaust: Jewish-Communist Writers in East Germany
Author/Editor: THOMAS C. FOX
In the Steps of the Black Prince
Author/Editor: Hoskins, Peter
Into the Groove
Author/Editor: Hurley, Andrew Wright
Introduction to a Postnational History of Contemporary Basque Literature (1978-2000)
Author/Editor: Gabilondo, Joseba
An Introduction to the Works of Peter Weiss
Author/Editor: Berwald, Olaf
Intrusive Interventions
Author/Editor: Mooney, Graham
The Invention of the Sequel
Author/Editor: Hinrichs, William H
Inventories of Bedfordshire Country Houses 1714-1830
Author/Editor: James Collett-White
Inward Purity and Outward Splendour
Author/Editor: Middleton-Stewart, Judith
Ira Aldridge
Author/Editor: Lindfors, Bernth
Ira Aldridge
Author/Editor: Lindfors, Bernth
Ira Aldridge
Author/Editor: Lindfors, Bernth
Ira Aldridge
Author/Editor: Lindfors, Bernth
Ira Aldridge
Author/Editor: Lindfors, Bernth
Ireland and the War at Sea, 1641-1653
Author/Editor: Murphy, Elaine
Ireland’s English Pale, 1470-1550: The Making of a Tudor Region
Author/Editor: Steven G. Ellis
The Irish in the Spanish Armies in the Seventeenth Century
Author/Editor: de Mesa, Eduardo
Irish Migrants in New Zealand, 1840-1937
Author/Editor: McCarthy, Angela
The Irish Rebellion of 1641 and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms
Author/Editor: Darcy, Eamon
The Ironic Apocalypse in the Novels of Leopoldo Marechal
Author/Editor: Cheadle, Norman
Irony and Sound
Author/Editor: Zank, Stephen
Isabel Allende's House of the Spirits Trilogy
Author/Editor: Martin, Karen Wooley
Isabel la Católica en la producción teatral española del siglo XVII
Author/Editor: Caba, María Y
I Sang the Unsingable: My Life in Twentieth-Century Music, Ed. NED - New edition
Islam and Ethnicity in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia
Author/Editor: Schlee, Günther; Shongolo, Abdullahi A
Islamic Scholarship in Africa: New Directions and Global Contexts, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Ousmane Oumar Kane
Islamic Seapower during the Age of Fighting Sail
Author/Editor: MacDougall, Philip
Islam, Power, and Dependency in the Gambia River Basin
Author/Editor: Sarr, Assan
Italian Guitar Music of the Seventeenth Century
Author/Editor: Eisenhardt, Lex
Italian Literature III
Author/Editor: Allaire, Gloria; Allaire, Gloria