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Kafka after Kafka: Dialogical Engagement with His Works from the Holocaust to Postmodernism, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Iris Bruce ,Mark H. Gelber
Kafka for the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Corngold, Stanley; Gross, Ruth V
Kant and the Concept of Community
Author/Editor: Payne, Charlton; Thorpe, Lucas
Kant in Brazil
Author/Editor: Rauscher, Frederick; Perez, Daniel Omar
Kant's Legacy
Author/Editor: Cicovacki, Predrag
The Karl Muck Scandal
Author/Editor: Burrage, Melissa D
Karl Straube (1873–1950): Germany’s Master Organist in Turbulent Times
Author/Editor: Christopher Anderson
The Keelmen of Tyneside
Author/Editor: Fewster, Joseph M
The Kenyan Cut Flower Industry & Global Market Dynamics
Author/Editor: Andreas Gemählich
Kenya's and Zambia's Relations with China 1949-2019
Keorapetse Kgositsile & the Black Arts Movement: Poetics of Possibility
Author/Editor: Uhuru Portia Phalafala
The Key to Beethoven
Author/Editor: Ellison, Paul
Kingdoms and Chiefdoms of Southeastern Africa
Author/Editor: Eldredge, Elizabeth A
King James I and the Religious Culture of England
Author/Editor: Doelman, James
King John and Religion
Author/Editor: Webster, Paul
King Rother and His Bride
Author/Editor: Kerth, Thomas
The King's Bench
Author/Editor: Schneider, Zoë A
Kingship and Crown Finance under James VI and I, 1603-1625
Author/Editor: Cramsie, John
Kingship, Legislation and Power in Anglo-Saxon England
Author/Editor: Owen-Crocker, Gale R.; Schneider, Brian W
Kingship, Lordship and Sanctity in Medieval Britain: Essays in Honour of Alexander Grant
Author/Editor: Steve Boardman ,David Ditchburn
The King's Irishmen: The Irish in the Exiled Court of Charles II, 1649-1660
Author/Editor: Williams, Mark R.F
Kings, Lords and Courts in Anglo-Norman England, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Nicholas Karn
King Stephen's Reign (1135-1154)
Author/Editor: Dalton, Paul; White, Graeme J
Kitty Clive, or The Fair Songster
Author/Editor: Joncus, Berta
Knights of the Shire for Bedfordshire: During the Middle Ages
Kurt Eisner
Author/Editor: Gurganus, Albert Earle
Kyiv as Regime City
Author/Editor: Blackwell, Martin J