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Galatians: Worship for Life by Faith in the Crucified and Risen Lord
Author/Editor: John Paul Heil
The Games People Play: Theology, Religion, and Sport
Author/Editor: Robert Ellis
Gathered Around Jesus: An Alternative Spatial Practice in the Gospel of Mark
Author/Editor: Eric C. Stewart
Gazing on God: Trinity, Church and Salvation in Orthodox Thought and Iconography
Author/Editor: Andreas Andreopoulos
Geoffrey Fisher: Archbishop of Canterbury
Author/Editor: David Hein
George MacDonald's Children's Fantasies and the Divine Imagination
Author/Editor: Colin Manlove
Getting Here from There: Conversations on Life and Work
Author/Editor: Margaret R. Miles ,Hiroko Sakomura
Gift and the Unity of Being
Author/Editor: Antonio López ,John Milbank
The Gift of Sublimation: A Psychoanalytic Study of Multiple Masculinities
Author/Editor: Nathan Carlin ,Donald Capps
The Gift of the Other: Levinas, Derrida, and a Theology of Hospitality
Author/Editor: Andrew Shepherd ,Steven Bouma-Prediger
God, Man and the Church: The Spiritual Foundations of Life
Author/Editor: Vladimir Solovyev ,Donald Attwater
The God of All Flesh: and Other Essays
Author/Editor: Walter Brueggemann ,K.C. Hanson
God of Holy Love: Essays of Peter Taylor Forsyth
Author/Editor: Peter Taylor Forsyth ,Paul K. Moser ,Benjamin Nasmith
Gods and Arms: On Religion and Armed Conflict
Author/Editor: Kjell-Åke Nordquist
God's Wounds Vol 1: Hermeneutic of the Christian Symbol of Divine Suffering (Volume I: Divine Vulnerability and Creation)
Author/Editor: Jeff B. Pool
God's Wounds Vol 2: Hermeneutic of the Christian Symbol of Divine Suffering (Volume II: Evil and Divine Suffering)
Author/Editor: Jeff B. Pool
God? Very Probably: Five Rational Ways to Think about the Question of God
Author/Editor: Robert H. Nelson ,Herman Daly
The God Who Is Beauty: Beauty as a Divine Name in Thomas Aquinas and Dionysius the Areopagite
Author/Editor: Brendan Thomas Sammon
The Gospel According to Star Trek: The Original Crew
Author/Editor: Kevin C. Neece ,John Tenuto
The Gospel According to the Blues
Author/Editor: Gary W. Burnett
The Gospel of John: Worship for Divine Life Eternal
Author/Editor: John Paul Heil
The Gospel of Matthew: Worship in the Kingdom of Heaven
Author/Editor: John Paul Heil
Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew and the Nativity of Mary
Author/Editor: Brandon W. Hawk
Gospel of Sufferings
Author/Editor: Søren Kierkegaard ,A.S. Aldworth ,W.S. Ferrie
Grace for the Injured Self: The Healing Approach of Heinz Kohut
Author/Editor: Terry D. Cooper ,Robert L. Randall
Graham Sutherland: Life, Work and Ideas
Author/Editor: Rosalind Thuillier
Grasping Truth and Reality: Lesslie Newbigin's Theology of Mission to the Western World
Author/Editor: Donald Le Roy Stults
A Greater Freedom: Biotechnology, Love, and Human Destiny (In Dialogue with Hans Jonas and Jurgen Habermas)
Author/Editor: Stephan Kampowski ,Stanley Hauerwas
The Greatness of Humility: St Augustine on Moral Excellence
Author/Editor: Joseph J. McInerney ,C. C. Pecknold
The Great Tradition - a Great Labour: Studies in Ancient-Future Faith
Author/Editor: Philip Harrold ,D.H. Williams
Greening the Children of God: Thomas Traherne and Nature's Role in the Moral Formation of Children
Author/Editor: Chad Michael Rimmer
Green Politics is Eutopian
Author/Editor: Paul Gilk
Green Witness: Ecology Ethics and the Kingdom of God
Author/Editor: Laura Ruth Yordy
Groundless Gods: The Theological Prospects of Post-Metaphysical Thought
Author/Editor: Hartmut von Sass ,Eric E. Hall
The Guide to Norfolk Churches: Third Revised and Enlarged Edition
Author/Editor: D.P. Mortlock ,C.V. Roberts ,the Countess of Leicester
Guns and Gospel: Imperialism and Evangelism in China
Author/Editor: Ambrose Mong ,Mark DeStephano