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Jean Danielou's Doxological Humanism: Trinitarian Contemplation and Humanity's True Vocation
Author/Editor: Marc C. Nicholas
Jeremiah 48 as Christian Scripture
Author/Editor: Julie Irene Woods ,Walter Moberly
Jeremiah among the Prophets
Author/Editor: Jack R. Lundbom
Jesus after Modernity: A Twenty-First-Century Critique of Our Modern Concept of Truth and the Truth of the Gospel
Author/Editor: James P. Danaher
Jesus and Identity: Reconstructing Judean Ethnicity in Q
Author/Editor: Markus Cromhout
Jesus and Magic: Freeing the Gospel Stories from Modern Misconceptions
Author/Editor: Richard A. Horsley
Jesus and Marginal Women: The Gospel of Matthew in Social-Scientific Perspective
Author/Editor: Stuart L . Love
Jesus and Pocahontas: Gospel, Mission, and National Myth
Author/Editor: Howard A. Snyder
Jesus and the Cross: Necessity, Meaning, and Atonement
Author/Editor: Peter Laughlin
Jesus and Women: Beyond Feminism
Author/Editor: Niamh M. Middleton
Jesus before Pentecost
Author/Editor: William P. Atkinson
Jesus, Debt, and the Lord's Prayer: First-Century Debt and Jesus' Intentions
Author/Editor: Douglas E. Oakman
Jesus, History and Mount Darwin: An Academic Excursion
Author/Editor: Rick Kennedy
Jews and Anti-Judaism in Esther and the Church
Author/Editor: Tricia Miller
John: A New Covenant Commentary
Author/Editor: Jey J. Kanagaraj
John Howard Yoder: Radical Theologian
Author/Editor: J. Denny Weaver ,Earl Zimmerman ,Zachary J. Walton ,Gerald J. Mast ,Ted Grimsrud ,Glen Harold Stassen ,Marva J. Dawn ,Lisa Schirch
John Knox
Author/Editor: Eustace Percy ,The 13th Duke of Hamilton
Joseph's Dilemma: 'Honour Killing' in the Birth Narrative of Matthew
Author/Editor: Matthew J. Marohl
The Joshua Delusion: Rethinking Genocide in the Bible
Author/Editor: Douglas S. Earl ,Christopher J.H. Wright ,R.W.L. Moberly
A Jubilee for All Time: The Copernican Revolution in Jewish-Christian Relations
Author/Editor: Gilbert S. Rosenthal
Jude and 2 Peter: A New Covenant Commentary
Author/Editor: Andrew M. Mbuvi
Just Deceivers: An Exploration of the Motif of Deception in the Books of Samuel
Author/Editor: Matthew Newkirk
Justification in a Post-Christian Society
Author/Editor: Carl-Henric Grenholm ,Göran Gunner
Justpeace Ethics: A Guide to Restorative Justice and Peacebuilding