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Oh, That You Would Rend the Heavens and Come Down!: The Eschatological Theology of Third Isaiah (Isaiah 56-66)
Author/Editor: Abraham Sung-Ho Oh
On Eagles' Wings: An Exploration of Strength in the Midst of Weakness
Author/Editor: David J. Cohen ,Michael Parsons ,Derek Tidball
The One and the Three: Nature, Person and Triadic Monarchy in the Greek and Irish Patristic Tradition
Author/Editor: Chrysostom Koutloumousianos ,Andrew Louth
One Firm Anchor: The Church and the Merchant Seafarer
Author/Editor: R.W.H. Miller
The One God
Author/Editor: Michael L. Chiavone
One Path for All: Gregory of Nyssa on the Christian Life and Human Destiny
Author/Editor: Rowan A. Greer ,J. Warren Smith
On Kierkegaard and the Truth
Author/Editor: Paul L. Holmer ,David J. Gouwens ,Lee C. Barrett ,Stanley Hauerwas ,David Cain
The Only Mind Worth Having: Thomas Merton and the Child Mind
Author/Editor: Fiona Gardner ,Rowan Williams
The Only Sacrament Left to Us: The Threefold Word of God in the Theology and Ecclesiology of Karl Barth
Author/Editor: Thomas Christian Currie
Onslaught against Innocence: Cain, Abel and the Yahwist
Author/Editor: André LaCocque
On the Trinity: English Translation and Commentary
Author/Editor: Ruben Angelici
The Operation of Grace: Further Essays on Art, Faith, and Mystery
Author/Editor: Gregory Wolfe
Oral Tradition and Synoptic Verbal Agreement: Evaluating the Empirical Evidence for Literary Dependence
Author/Editor: T.M. Derico
The Original Ending of Mark: A New Case for the Authenticity of Mark 16:9-20
Author/Editor: Nicholas P. Lunn
Orthodoxy and Heresy in Early Christian Contexts: Reconsidering the Bauer Thesis
Author/Editor: Paul A. Hartog
Our Bodies Are Selves
Author/Editor: Philip Hefner ,Ann Milliken Pederson ,Susan Barreto
Our Only Hope: More than We Can Ask or Imagine
Author/Editor: Margaret B. Adam
The Oxbridge Evangelist: Motivations, Practices, and Legacy of C.S. Lewis
Author/Editor: Michael J. Gehring ,William J. Abraham