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The Babylonian Theory of the Planets
Author/Editor: Swerdlow, N. M
Back from Westminster, 1
Author/Editor: Philip Norton,David M. Wood
Back Talk from Appalachia
Author/Editor: Dwight B. Billings,Gurney Norman,Katherine Ledford,Ronald D Eller
Back to the Light: Poems
Author/Editor: George Ella Lyon
The Baku Commune, 1917-1918
Author/Editor: Suny, Ronald Grigor
The Baku Commune, 1917-1918: Class and Nationality in the Russian Revolution
Author/Editor: Ronald Grigor Suny
The Balance of Nature
Author/Editor: Kricher, John
The Balance of Payments in a Monetary Economy
Author/Editor: Kyle, John F
Balancing the Banks
Author/Editor: Dewatripont, Mathias; Rochet, Jean-Charles; Tirole, Jean
Balkan Village
Author/Editor: Irwin T. Sanders
The Ballad Book of John Jacob Niles
Author/Editor: John Jacob Niles,Ron Pen,WILLIAM BARSS
Ballad of the Bullet: Gangs, Drill Music, and the Power of Online Infamy
Author/Editor: Forrest Stuart
Ballet and Opera in the Age of Giselle
Author/Editor: Smith, Marian
Ballots and Barricades: Class Formation and Republican Politics in France, 1830-1871
Author/Editor: Ronald Aminzade
Ballots and Bullets
Author/Editor: Gowa, Joanne
Balzac, James, and the Realistic Novel
Author/Editor: Stowe, William W
Balzac's Comedy of Words
Author/Editor: Kanes, Martin
The Banana Men
Author/Editor: Lester D. Langley,Thomas Schoonover
Banding Together
Author/Editor: Lena, Jennifer C
Bankers and Bolsheviks
Author/Editor: HASSAN MALIK
The Bankers' New Clothes
Author/Editor: Admati, Anat; Hellwig, Martin
The Bankers' New Clothes
Author/Editor: Admati, Anat; Hellwig, Martin
The Bankers' New Clothes, REV - Revised
Bankers to the Crown
Author/Editor: Kaeuper, R
Bankers to the Crown: The Riccardi of Lucca and Edward I
Author/Editor: Richard W. Kaeuper
The Banking Crisis of 1933
Author/Editor: Susan Estsbrook Kennedy
Banking on the Future
Author/Editor: Davies, Howard; Green, David
Barbara La Marr
Author/Editor: SHERRI SNYDER,Patrick McGilligan
Barbarians and Romans, A.D. 418-584: The Techniques of Accommodation
The Barbed-Wire College
Author/Editor: Robin, Ron Theodore
Barbershops, Bibles, and BET
Author/Editor: Harris-Lacewell, Melissa Victoria
Bardic Nationalism: The Romantic Novel and the British Empire
Author/Editor: Katie Trumpener
Bargaining with the State
Author/Editor: Epstein, Richard A
Baron Thugut and Austria's Response to the French Revolution
Author/Editor: Roider, Karl A
Barriers to Democracy
Author/Editor: Jamal, Amaney A
Barry Bingham
Author/Editor: Samuel W. Thomas
Bartók and His World
Author/Editor: PETER LAKI
Bartolomeo Scala, 1430-1497, Chancellor of Florence
Author/Editor: Brown, Alison
Baseball in Blue and Gray
Author/Editor: Kirsch, George B
Baseball on the Border
Author/Editor: Alan M. Klein
Baseball's All-Time Best Hitters
Author/Editor: Schell, Michael J
Baseball's All-Time Best Sluggers
Author/Editor: MICHAEL J. SCHELL
Baseball's Pivotal Era, 1945-1951
Author/Editor: William Marshall
Basic Interests
Author/Editor: Baumgartner, Frank R.; Leech, Beth L
Basic Rights: Subsistence, Affluence, and U.S. Foreign Policy: 40th Anniversary Edition, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: HENRY SHUE
Basil Wilson Duke, CSA
Author/Editor: Gary Robert Matthews,James A. Ramage
Basketball and Philosophy
The Basque Phase of Spain's First Carlist War
Author/Editor: Coverdale, John F
Battlefield Surgeon
Author/Editor: Paul A. Kennedy,Christopher B. Kennedy,Rick Atkinson,John T. Greenwood,Roger Cirillo
Author/Editor: Arthur L. Kelly
The Battle for Yellowstone
Author/Editor: Farrell, Justin
The Battle of Bretton Woods
Author/Editor: Steil, Benn
The Battle of the Gods and Giants
Author/Editor: Lennon, Thomas M
The Battle Rages Higher
Author/Editor: Kirk C. Jenkins
Battling Western Imperialism: Mao, Stalin, and the United States
Author/Editor: Michael M. Sheng
Baudelaire and the English Tradition
Author/Editor: Clements, Patricia
Bayesian Estimation of DSGE Models
Author/Editor: Herbst, Edward P.; Schorfheide, Frank
Bayesian Models
Author/Editor: Hobbs, N. Thompson; Hooten, Mevin B
Bayesian Models, STU - Student edition
Author/Editor: N. Thompson Hobbs,Mevin B. Hooten
Bayesian Non- and Semi-parametric Methods and Applications
Author/Editor: Rossi, Peter
Bearing the Dead
Author/Editor: Schor, Esther
Bearing Witness
Author/Editor: Griswold, Wendy
Beating the Odds
Author/Editor: Lin, Justin Yifu; Monga, Célestin
Beating the Odds: Jump-Starting Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Justin Yifu Lin,Célestin Monga
Beautiful Death
Author/Editor: Einbinder, Susan L
Beautiful Game Theory
Author/Editor: Palacios-Huerta, Ignacio
Beautiful Geometry
Author/Editor: Maor, Eli; Jost, Eugen
Beautiful Imperialist: China Perceives America, 1972-1990
Author/Editor: David Shambaugh
The Beautifull Cassandra
Author/Editor: Austen, Jane
The Beautifull Cassandra: A Novel in Twelve Chapters
Author/Editor: Jane Austen,Claudia L. Johnson,Leon Steinmetz
Beauty and Holiness
Author/Editor: Martin, James Alfred
The Beauty of Birds
Author/Editor: Mynott, Jeremy
Beauty Pays
Author/Editor: Hamermesh, Daniel S
Because of Race
Author/Editor: Pollock, Mica
Beckett in Black and Red
Author/Editor: Alan Warren Friedman
Beckett's Critical Complicity
Author/Editor: Sylvie Debevec Henning
Becoming a French Aristocrat
Author/Editor: Motley, Mark Edward
Becoming a Revolutionary
Author/Editor: Tackett, Timothy
Becoming Better Muslims
Author/Editor: Kloos, David
Becoming Black Political Subjects
Author/Editor: Paschel, Tianna S
Becoming Bourgeois
Author/Editor: Frank J. Byrne
Becoming George Orwell
Author/Editor: Rodden, John
Becoming George Orwell: Life and Letters, Legend and Legacy
Author/Editor: John Rodden
Becoming King
Author/Editor: Troy Jackson,Clayborne Carson
Becoming Native To This Place
Author/Editor: Wes Jackson
Becoming Old Stock: The Paradox of German-American Identity
Author/Editor: Russell A. Kazal
Becoming Right
Author/Editor: Binder, Amy J.; Wood, Kate
Becoming the Buddha: The Ritual of Image Consecration in Thailand
Author/Editor: Donald K. Swearer
Becoming Yellow
Author/Editor: Keevak, Michael
Bedeviled: A Shadow History of Demons in Science
The Bee
Author/Editor: Wilson-Rich, Noah
The Bee: A Natural History
Author/Editor: Tammy Horn
The Beer Cheese Book
Author/Editor: GARIN PIRNIA
Bees in America
Author/Editor: TAMMY HORN
The Bees in Your Backyard
Author/Editor: Wilson, Joseph S.; Messinger Carril, Olivia J
Beethoven and His World
Beethoven Hero
Author/Editor: SCOTT BURNHAM
Author/Editor: D. K. R. CROSSWELL
Beetles of Eastern North America
Author/Editor: Evans, Arthur V
Before and After Muhammad
Author/Editor: Fowden, Garth
Before Big Blue
Author/Editor: Gregory Kent Stanley
Before Command
Author/Editor: Gregory, Paul R
Before Our Eyes
Author/Editor: Wilner, Eleanor
Before Recollection
Before Sexuality: The Construction of Erotic Experience in the Ancient Greek World
Author/Editor: David M. Halperin,John J. Winkler,Froma I. Zeitlin
Before Silent Spring
Author/Editor: Whorton, James C
Before Silent Spring: Pesticides and Public Health in Pre-DDT America
Author/Editor: JAMES C. WHORTON
Before The Bomb
Author/Editor: John D. Chappell
Before the Computer
Author/Editor: Cortada, James W
Before the Deluge
Author/Editor: Sonenscher, Michael
Before the Melting Pot: Society and Culture in Colonial New York City, 1664-1730
Before the Quagmire
Author/Editor: William J. Rust
The Beginning of Politics
Author/Editor: Halbertal, Moshe; Holmes, Stephen
The Beginning of Politics: Power in the Biblical Book of Samuel
The Beginnings of Philosophy in Greece
Author/Editor: Sassi, Maria Michela
Beginnings of Russian Industrialization, 1800-1860
Author/Editor: Blackwell, William L
Behavioral Economics and Its Applications
Author/Editor: Diamond, Peter; Vartiainen, Hannu
The Behavioral Foundations of Public Policy
Author/Editor: Shafir, Eldar
A Behavioral Theory of Elections
Author/Editor: Bendor, Jonathan; Diermeier, Daniel; Siegel, David A
Behavioral Therapy for Rural Substance Abusers
Author/Editor: Carl Leukefeld,Theodore Godlaski,James Clark,Cynthia Brown,Lon Hays
Behavior and Ecology of the Northern Fur Seal
Author/Editor: Gentry, Roger L
Behind Japanese Lines
Author/Editor: Ray C. Hunt,Bernard Norling
Behind the Front Lines of the Civil War
Author/Editor: Brovkin, Vladimir N
Behind the Front Lines of the Civil War: Political Parties and Social Movements in Russia, 1918-1922
Author/Editor: Vladimir N. Brovkin
Behind the Geometrical Method: A Reading of Spinoza's Ethics
Author/Editor: EDWIN CURLEY
Behind the Intifada: Labor and Women's Movements in the Occupied Territories
Author/Editor: Joost R. Hiltermann
Behind the Mule: Race and Class in African-American Politics
Author/Editor: Michael C. Dawson
Beijing Lectures in Harmonic Analysis. (AM-112)
Author/Editor: E. M. STEIN
Beijing Lectures in Harmonic Analysis. (AM-112), Volume 112
Author/Editor: Stein, Elias M
Being and Existence in Kierkegaard's Pseudonymous Works
Author/Editor: Elrod, John W
Being German, Becoming Muslim
Author/Editor: Özyürek, Esra
Being Hal Ashby
Author/Editor: Nick Dawson
Being in the World
Author/Editor: Fred Dallmayr
Being, Man, and Death
Author/Editor: James M. Demske
Being Modern in the Middle East
Author/Editor: Watenpaugh, Keith David
Being Muslim the Bosnian Way: Identity and Community in a Central Bosnian Village
Author/Editor: Tone Bringa
Being Numerous
Author/Editor: Izenberg, Oren
Believing in Opera
Author/Editor: Sutcliffe, Tom
The Bells in Their Silence
Author/Editor: Gorra, Michael
The Bells of Russia
Author/Editor: Williams, Edward V
Belmonte De Los Caballeros
Author/Editor: Lison-Tolosana, Carmelo; Fernandez, J. W
Author/Editor: Ivan S. Lubachko
Below the Surface
Author/Editor: Rivas-Drake, Deborah; Umaña-Taylor, Adriana
Below the Surface: Talking with Teens about Race, Ethnicity, and Identity
Author/Editor: Deborah Rivas-Drake,Adriana J. Umaña-Taylor
Benford's Law
Author/Editor: Miller, Steven J
Benjamin Franklin's Humor
Author/Editor: PAUL M. ZALL
Benjamin Franklin's Numbers: An Unsung Mathematical Odyssey
Author/Editor: Paul C. Pasles
Benjamin Silliman
Author/Editor: Brown, Chandos Michael
Ben Jonson and the Roman Frame of Mind
Author/Editor: Maus, Katharine Eisaman
Ben Jonson's 'Dotages'
Author/Editor: Larry S. Champion
The Bennetts
Author/Editor: Brian Kellow
Benny Andersen
Author/Editor: Andersen, Benny
Benny Andersen: Selected Poems
Berea College
Author/Editor: Shannon H. Wilson
Bergson, Eliot, and American Literature
Author/Editor: PAUL DOUGLASS
Beria: Stalin's First Lieutenant
Author/Editor: AMY KNIGHT
Berkeley Lectures on p-adic Geometry: (AMS-207)
Author/Editor: Peter Scholze,Jared Weinstein
Berlin on the Brink
Author/Editor: Daniel F. Harrington
Bert Combs The Politician, 1
Author/Editor: George W. Robinson
Bertolt Brecht in America
Author/Editor: Lyon, James K
Best Plays of Racine
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2011
Author/Editor: Pitici, Mircea
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2012
Author/Editor: Pitici, Mircea
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2013
Author/Editor: Pitici, Mircea
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2014
Author/Editor: Pitici, Mircea
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2015
Author/Editor: Pitici, Mircea
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2016
Author/Editor: Pitici, Mircea
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2017
Author/Editor: Pitici, Mircea
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2018
Author/Editor: Pitici, Mircea
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2019
Author/Editor: Pitici, Mircea
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2020
Author/Editor: Mircea Pitici
Betrayal and Other Acts of Subversion
Author/Editor: Bow, Leslie
Better Birding
Author/Editor: Armistead, George L.; Sullivan, Brian L
Between Actor and Critic
Author/Editor: Watermeier, Daniel J
Between Citizens and the State
Author/Editor: Loss, Christopher P
Between Class and Market: Postwar Unionization in the Capitalist Democracies
Author/Editor: Bruce Western
Between Debt and the Devil
Author/Editor: Turner, Adair
Between Debt and the Devil: Money, Credit, and Fixing Global Finance, Ed. REV - Revised
Author/Editor: ADAIR TURNER
Between Friends
Author/Editor: John M. Najemy
Between Heaven and Earth
Author/Editor: Orsi, Robert A
Between Heaven and Earth, STU - Student edition
Author/Editor: Robert A. Orsi
Between Monopoly and Free Trade
Author/Editor: Erikson, Emily
Between Muslim and Jew
Author/Editor: Wasserstrom, Steven M
Between Mutiny and Obedience
Author/Editor: Smith, Leonard V
Between Philosophy and History
Author/Editor: Fain, Haskell
Between Philosophy and History: The Resurrection of Speculative Philosophy of History within the Analytic Tradition
Author/Editor: HASKELL FAIN
Between Quantum and Cosmos
Author/Editor: Wojciech Hubert Zurek,Alwyn van der Merwe,Warner Allen Miller
Between Religion and Rationality
Author/Editor: Frank, Joseph
Between Silver and Guano
Author/Editor: Gootenberg, Paul Eliot
Between Slavery and Capitalism
Author/Editor: Ruef, Martin
Between Tsar and People: Educated Society and the Quest for Public Identity in Late Imperial Russia
Author/Editor: Edith W. Clowes,Samuel D. Kassow,James L. West
Between Two Worlds
Author/Editor: Carriero, John
Between War and Peace
Author/Editor: Feis, Herbert
Between Women
Author/Editor: Marcus, Sharon
Beyond Biotechnology
Beyond Camelot
Author/Editor: Rubin, Edward L
Beyond Global Warming
Author/Editor: Manabe, Syukuro; Broccoli, Anthony J
Beyond Global Warming: How Numerical Models Revealed the Secrets of Climate Change
Author/Editor: Syukuro Manabe,Anthony J. Broccoli
Beyond Individual Choice
Author/Editor: Bacharach, Michael; Gold, Natalie; Sugden, Robert
Beyond Liberal Democracy
Author/Editor: Bell, Daniel A
Beyond Mechanical Markets
Author/Editor: Frydman, Roman; Goldberg, Michael D
Beyond Our Means
Author/Editor: Garon, Sheldon
Beyond Religious Freedom
Author/Editor: Hurd, Elizabeth Shakman
Beyond the Beat
Author/Editor: Cornfield, Daniel B
Beyond the Border
Author/Editor: Aschheim, Steven E
Beyond the Brain
Author/Editor: Barrett, Louise
Beyond the Epic
Author/Editor: GENE D. PHILLIPS
Beyond the Formalist-Realist Divide
Author/Editor: Tamanaha, Brian Z
Beyond the Invisible Hand
Author/Editor: Basu, Kaushik
Beyond the Market
Author/Editor: Beckert, Jens
Beyond the Metafictional Mode
Author/Editor: Robert C. Spires
Beyond the Steppe Frontier
Author/Editor: Urbansky, Sören
Beyond the Steppe Frontier: A History of the Sino-Russian Border
Beyond the Unconscious
Author/Editor: Micale, Mark S
Beyond Tragedy
Author/Editor: Robert W. Uphaus
Beyond UFOs
Author/Editor: Bennett, Jeffrey
The Bhagavad Gita
Author/Editor: Davis, Richard H
Bible Culture and Authority in the Early United States
Author/Editor: Perry, Seth
The Bible in Arabic
Author/Editor: Griffith, Sidney H
Bible Nation
Author/Editor: Moss, Candida R.; Baden, Joel S
Bible Nation
Author/Editor: Moss, Candida R.; Baden, Joel S
Bible Nation: The United States of Hobby Lobby
Author/Editor: Candida R. Moss,Joel S. Baden
Biblical Tradition in Blake's Early Prophecies
Bicycles, Bangs, and Bloomers
Author/Editor: Patricia Marks
Big Bone Lick, 1
Author/Editor: Stanley Hedeen,John Mack Faragher
The Big Ditch
Author/Editor: Maurer, Noel; Yu, Carlos
Big Gods
Author/Editor: Norenzayan, Ara
Big Government and Affirmative Action
Author/Editor: Jonathan J. Bean
Big Mind
Author/Editor: Mulgan, Geoff
Big Mind: How Collective Intelligence Can Change Our World
Author/Editor: GEOFF MULGAN
The Big Problem of Small Change
Author/Editor: Sargent, Thomas J.; Velde, François R
The Big Sandy, 1
Billionaire Wilderness
Author/Editor: Farrell, Justin
Billionaire Wilderness: The Ultra-Wealthy and the Remaking of the American West
Author/Editor: Justin Farrell
Binding Promises
Author/Editor: Slawson, W. David
Biochemical Adaptation
Author/Editor: Hochachka, Pater W.; Somero, George N
Author/Editor: Carey, James R.; Roach, Deborah
Biodemography: An Introduction to Concepts and Methods
Author/Editor: James R. Carey,Deborah A. Roach,JAMES W. VAUPEL
A Biographical Dictionary of Early American Jews
Author/Editor: Joseph R. Rosenbloom
Biological Specificity and Growth
Author/Editor: Butler, Elmer G
Biological Specimen Preparation for Transmission Electron Microscopy
Author/Editor: Glauert, Audrey M.; Lewis, Peter R
Biologists and the Promise of American Life
Author/Editor: Pauly, Philip J
A Biologist's Guide to Mathematical Modeling in Ecology and Evolution
Author/Editor: Otto, Sarah P.; Day, Troy
Biology and the Mechanics of the Wave-Swept Environment
Author/Editor: Denny, Mark
The Biology of the Naked Mole-Rat
Bioluminescence in Progress
Author/Editor: Johnson, Frank H.; Haneda, Yata
The Biomechanics of Insect Flight
Author/Editor: Dudley, Robert
Biomedical Odysseys
Author/Editor: Song, Priscilla
Biomolecular Feedback Systems
Author/Editor: Del Vecchio, Domitilla; Murray, Richard M
Biomolecular Feedback Systems, STU - Student edition
Author/Editor: Domitilla Del Vecchio,Richard M. Murray
Biplanes at War
Author/Editor: Wray R. Johnson
Bipolar Expeditions
Author/Editor: Martin, Emily
Bird Brain
Author/Editor: Emery, Nathan
Birder's Conservation Handbook
Author/Editor: Wells, Jeffrey V
Bird Love: The Family Life of Birds
Author/Editor: Wenfei Tong,Mike Webster,Mike Webster
Bird of Passage
Author/Editor: Peierls, Rudolf
Birds and Animals of Australia's Top End: Darwin, Kakadu, Katherine, and Kununurra
Author/Editor: Nick Leseberg,Iain Campbell
Birds and Other Relations
Author/Editor: Tandori, Dezsö
Birds and Other Relations: Selected Poetry of Dezo Tandori
Author/Editor: Tandori, Dezso
Series Title: Lockert Library of Poetry in Translation
Birds in Winter
Author/Editor: Pasquier, Roger F
Birds in Winter: Surviving the Most Challenging Season
Author/Editor: Roger F. Pasquier,Margaret La Farge
Birds of Australia
Author/Editor: Campbell, Iain; Woods, Sam; Leseberg, Nick
Birds of Botswana
Author/Editor: Hancock, Peter; Weiersbye, Ingrid
Birds of Central America
Author/Editor: Vallely, Andrew; Dyer, Dale
Birds of Chile
Author/Editor: Howell, Steve N. G.; Schmitt, Fabrice
The Birds of Kentucky
Author/Editor: Burt L. Monroe Jr.,WILLIAM ZIMMERMAN
Birds of Kenya's Rift Valley
Author/Editor: Kennedy, Adam Scott
Birds of Kruger National Park
Author/Editor: Barnes, Keith; Behrens, Ken
Birds of Maine
Author/Editor: Peter D. Vickery,Barbara S. Vickery,Scott Weidensaul,Charles D. Duncan,William J. Sheehan,Jeffrey V. Wells,Lars Jonsson,Barry Van Dusen
Birds of New Guinea
Author/Editor: Beehler, Bruce M.; Pratt, Thane K
Birds of New Guinea
Author/Editor: Pratt, Thane K.; Beehler, Bruce M
Birds of New Guinea, REV - Revised
Author/Editor: Bruce M. Beehler,Thane K. Pratt,Mary LeCroy
Birds of New Guinea, REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: Thane K. Pratt,Bruce M. Beehler,K. David Bishop,Brian J. Coates,Jared M. Diamond,Mary LeCroy,John C. Anderton,Szabolcs Kókay,James Coe,Dale Zimmerman
The Birds of New Jersey
Author/Editor: Boyle, William J.; Karlson, Kevin
The Birds of Opulence
Author/Editor: Crystal Wilkinson
Birds of Peru
Author/Editor: Schulenberg, Thomas S.; Stotz, Douglas F.; Lane, Daniel F
Birds of Prey of the East
Author/Editor: Wheeler, Brian K
Birds of Prey of the West
Author/Editor: Wheeler, Brian K
Birds of the Dominican Republic and Haiti
Author/Editor: Latta, Steven; Rimmer, Christopher; Keith, Allan
Birds of the Masai Mara
Author/Editor: Kennedy, Adam Scott
Birds of the Serengeti
Author/Editor: Kennedy, Adam Scott
Birds of the West Indies
Author/Editor: Raffaele, Herbert A.; Wiley, James; Garrido, Orlando H
Birds of Venezuela
Author/Editor: Hilty, Steven L
Birds of Western Ecuador
The Birth Control Movement and American Society
Author/Editor: Reed, James
The Birth of Bourbon
The Birth of Hedonism
Author/Editor: Lampe, Kurt
The Birth of Mass Political Parties
Author/Editor: Formisano, Ronald P
The Birth of Mass Political Parties: Michigan, 1827-1861
The Birth of Model Theory
Author/Editor: Badesa, Calixto
The Birth of Modern Belief
Author/Editor: Ethan H. Shagan
The Birth of Politics
Author/Editor: Lane, Melissa
The Birth of Politics: Eight Greek and Roman Political Ideas and Why They Matter
Author/Editor: MELISSA LANE
Birth of the Symbol
Author/Editor: Struck, Peter T
Author/Editor: Benson, Robert Louis
Bismarck and the Development of Germany: The Period of Unification, 1815-1871
Author/Editor: OTTO PFLANZE
Bismarck and the Development of Germany, Volume II
Author/Editor: Pflanze, Otto
Bismarck and the Development of Germany, Volume III
Author/Editor: Pflanze, Otto
Bitter Carnival
Author/Editor: Bernstein, Michael André
Bitter Legacy, 1
Author/Editor: Richard C. Lukas
The Bizarre Careers of John R. Brinkley
Author/Editor: R. ALTON LEE
Black American Literature and Humanism
Author/Editor: R. BAXTER MILLER
Black and Blue
Author/Editor: Frymer, Paul
Black Atlantic Religion
Author/Editor: Matory, J. Lorand
Black Bone
Black Church in the Sixties
Author/Editor: Hart M. Nelsen,Anne Kusener Nelsen
Black Coal Miners in America, 1
Author/Editor: RONALD L. LEWIS
Black Corona
Author/Editor: Gregory, Steven
The Black Death in the Middle East
A Black Educator in the Segregated South
Author/Editor: Gerald L. Smith
Black Faces in the Mirror
Author/Editor: Tate, Katherine
Black Greek-letter Organizations in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Gregory S. Parks,Julianne Malveaux,Marc H. Morial
The Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy
Author/Editor: Melia, Fulvio
The Black Hole of Empire
Author/Editor: Chatterjee, Partha
Black Land
Author/Editor: Nurhussein, Nadia
Black Liberation in Kentucky, 1
Author/Editor: Victor B. Howard
Black Male Fiction and the Legacy of Caliban
Author/Editor: James W. Coleman
Black on Black
Author/Editor: John Clllen Gruesser
Author/Editor: Lant, Antonia Caroline
Black Power/White Control
Author/Editor: Fish, John Hall
Black Power/White Control: The Struggle of the Woodlawn Organization in Chicago
Author/Editor: John Hall Fish
Black Pride and Black Prejudice
Author/Editor: Paul M. Sniderman,Thomas Piazza
Black Riders: The Visible Language of Modernism
Author/Editor: Jerome McGann
Blacks and Social Change
Author/Editor: Button, James W
Blacks and Social Change, REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: JAMES W. BUTTON
Blacks in Appalachia, 1
Author/Editor: William H. Turner,Edward J. Cabbell,Nell Irvin Painter
Blacks in Power
Author/Editor: Leonard A. Cole
Black Southerners, 1619-1869
Author/Editor: John B. Boles
Black Violence
Author/Editor: Button, James W
Black Violence: Political Impact of the 1960's Riots
Author/Editor: James W. Button
Black, White, and in Color
Author/Editor: Torres, Sasha
Blake and the Assimilation of Chaos
Author/Editor: Gallant, Christine
Blake's Composite Art
Author/Editor: Mitchell, W.J. Thomas
Blake's Visionary Forms Dramatic
Author/Editor: Erdman, David V.; Grant, John E
The Blame Game
Author/Editor: Hood, Christopher
Blazer and Ashland Oil
Author/Editor: JOSEPH L. MASSIE
Blessed Are the Organized
Author/Editor: Stout, Jeffrey
Blindness and Autobiography
Author/Editor: Malti-Douglas, Fedwa
Blind Oracles
Author/Editor: Kuklick, Bruce
Blind Oracles, STU - Student edition
Author/Editor: Bruce Kuklick
The Blind Spot
Author/Editor: Byers, William
Blind Spots
Author/Editor: Bazerman, Max H.; Tenbrunsel, Ann E
Blockbusting in Baltimore, 1
Author/Editor: W. EDWARD ORSER
Blood, Guts, and Grease: George S. Patton in World War I
Author/Editor: Jon B. Mikolashek,Paul T. Mikolashek
Blood in the Hills
Author/Editor: Bruce E. Stewart
Blood in the Sand
Author/Editor: Stephen Eric Bronner
Blood on the Moon
Author/Editor: EDWARD STEERS Jr.
Blood, Powder, and Residue: How Crime Labs Translate Evidence into Proof
Author/Editor: BETH A. BECHKY
Author/Editor: Joyce Dyer
Blood Ties and Fictive Ties
Author/Editor: Gager, Kristin Elizabeth
Bloody Breathitt
Author/Editor: T. R. C. Hutton
Blow-up Theory for Elliptic PDEs in Riemannian Geometry (MN-45)
Author/Editor: Druet, Olivier; Hebey, Emmanuel; Robert, Frédéric
Bluebirds And Their Survival
Author/Editor: Wayne H. Davis,Philippe Roca
Bluecoats and Tar Heels
Author/Editor: Mark L. Bradley
Blue-Collar Stratification
Author/Editor: Form, William Humbert
The Blue-Eyed Enemy
Author/Editor: Friend, Theodore
Blue-grass and Rhododendron
Author/Editor: JOHN FOX JR.,Wade Hall
Bluegrass Cavalcade, 1
Author/Editor: THOMAS D. CLARK
The Blue Grass Cook Book, 1
Bluegrass Craftsman
Bluegrass Land and Life
Bluegrass Renaissance
Author/Editor: James C. Klotter,Daniel Rowland
Bluejackets and Contrabands
Author/Editor: Barbara Brooks Tomblin
Blueprints and Blood
Author/Editor: Hudson, Hugh D
Blueprints and Blood: The Stalinization of Soviet Architecture, 1917-1937
Author/Editor: Hugh D. Hudson Jr.
Blueprints for Battle
Author/Editor: Jan Hoffenaar,Dieter Krüger,David T. Zabecki
The Blue Ribbon Cook Book
Author/Editor: JENNIE C. BENEDICT,Susan Reigler
Blue Skies over Beijing
Author/Editor: Kahn, Matthew E.; Zheng, Siqi
Blue Skies over Beijing: Economic Growth and the Environment in China
Bodies of Law
Author/Editor: Hyde, Alan
Bodies of Memory
Author/Editor: Igarashi, Yoshikuni
The Body Economic
Author/Editor: Gallagher, Catherine
The Body in the Mirror
Author/Editor: Dalle Vacche, Angela
Boethius and Dialogue
Author/Editor: Lerer, Seth
Author/Editor: Radin, Margaret Jane
Boko Haram
Author/Editor: Thurston, Alexander
Boko Haram: The History of an African Jihadist Movement
Author/Editor: Alexander Thurston
Bold Relief: Institutional Politics and the Origins of Modern American Social Policy
Author/Editor: EDWIN AMENTA
Bollingen: An Adventure in Collecting the Past - Updated Edition, Ed. REV - Revised
Author/Editor: William McGuire
Bomber Pilot
Author/Editor: PHILIP ARDERY
Bonaventure des Périers's Novel Pastimes and Merry Tales
Bonds of Affection: Americans Define Their Patriotism
Author/Editor: JOHN BODNAR
Author/Editor: Currey, John D
The Bon Marché: Bourgeois Culture and the Department Store, 1869-1920
Author/Editor: MICHAEL B. MILLER
The Bon Marche
Author/Editor: Miller, Michael B
A Book Forged in Hell
Author/Editor: Nadler, Steven
The Book of Common Prayer
Author/Editor: Jacobs, Alan
The Book of Count Lucanor and Patronio
Author/Editor: John E. Keller,L. Clark Keating
The Book of Exodus
Author/Editor: Baden, Joel S
The Book of Exodus: A Biography
Author/Editor: Joel S. Baden
The Book of Genesis
Author/Editor: Hendel, Ronald
The Book of Greek and Roman Folktales, Legends, and Myths
Book of Idols
Author/Editor: al-Kalbi, Ibn
The Book of Jerry Falwell
Author/Editor: Harding, Susan Friend
The Book of Job
Author/Editor: Larrimore, Mark
The Book of Kyng Arthur
The Book of Mormon
Author/Editor: Gutjahr, Paul C
The Book of Revelation
Author/Editor: Beal, Timothy
The Book of Revelation: A Biography
Author/Editor: Timothy Beal
The Book of the Knight Zifar
Author/Editor: CHARLES L. NELSON
Book of Troilus and Criseyde
Boonesborough Unearthed: Frontier Archaeology at a Revolutionary Fort
Author/Editor: Nancy O’Malley
Born and Made
Author/Editor: Franklin, Sarah; Roberts, Celia
Born and Made, STU - Student edition
Author/Editor: Sarah Franklin,Celia Roberts
Borrowed Children
Author/Editor: George Ella Lyon
Borrowing Constitutional Designs
Author/Editor: Skach, Cindy
Bossism and Reform in a Southern City
Author/Editor: James Duane Bolin
Boswell, 1
Author/Editor: IRMA S. LUSTIG
Bougainville, 1943-1945
Author/Editor: HARRY A. GAILEY
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Author/Editor: Lerner, Josh
Boundaries of Contagion
Author/Editor: Lieberman, Evan
Boundaries of Fiction
Author/Editor: Levine, George
Boundary Behavior of Holomorphic Functions of Several Complex Variables. (MN-11)
Author/Editor: Stein, Elias M
Bound by Our Constitution
Author/Editor: Hart, Vivien
Bound by Recognition
Author/Editor: Markell, Patchen
Bounded Rationality and Policy Diffusion
Author/Editor: Weyland, Kurt
Bounding Power
Author/Editor: Deudney, Daniel H
The Bounds of Agency
Author/Editor: Rovane, Carol
The Bounds of Reason
Author/Editor: Gintis, Herbert
The Bounds of Reason, REV - Revised
Author/Editor: Herbert Gintis
Bound to the Fire
Bourbon Desserts
Bourbon's Backroads: A Journey through Kentucky's Distilling Landscape
Author/Editor: Karl Raitz,Dick Gilbreath
The Bourgeoisie in 18th-Century France
Author/Editor: Barber, Elinor
Bovids of the World
Author/Editor: Castelló, José R
The Box
Author/Editor: Levinson, Marc
The Box
Author/Editor: Levinson, Marc
The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger - Second Edition with a new chapter by the author, Ed. REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: Marc Levinson
Boy on the Bridge: The Story of John Shalikashvili's American Success
Author/Editor: Andrew Marble
The Brahmo Samaj and the Shaping of the Modern Indian Mind
Author/Editor: Kopf, David
Brahms and His World
Author/Editor: Frisch, Walter; Karnes, Kevin C
The Braided Dream
Author/Editor: Randolph Paul Runyon
Braids, Links, and Mapping Class Groups. (AM-82)
Author/Editor: JOAN S. BIRMAN,James Cannon
Braids, Links, and Mapping Class Groups. (AM-82), Volume 82
Author/Editor: Birman, Joan S
The Brain and the Meaning of Life
Author/Editor: Thagard, Paul
Author/Editor: Churchland, Patricia S
Author/Editor: Churchland, Patricia
Brandeis And America
Author/Editor: NELSON L. DAWSON
Brave New Arctic
Author/Editor: Serreze, Mark C
Brave New Arctic: The Untold Story of the Melting North
Author/Editor: MARK C. SERREZE
Bravura: Virtuosity and Ambition in Early Modern European Painting
Author/Editor: NICOLA SUTHOR
The Brazilian-American Alliance, 1937-1945
Author/Editor: McCann, Frank D
Brazil in Transition
Author/Editor: Alston, Lee J.; Melo, Marcus André; Mueller, Bernardo
Breaking Protocol: America's First Female Ambassadors, 1933-1964
Author/Editor: Philip Nash
Breaking the Cycles of Hatred
Author/Editor: Minow, Martha; Rosenblum, Nancy L
Breaking the Deadlock
Author/Editor: Posner, Richard A
Breaking the Glass Armor
Author/Editor: Kristin Thompson
Breaking the Magic Spell
Author/Editor: Jack Zipes
Breaking the Sequence
Author/Editor: Friedman, Ellen G.; Fuchs, Miriam
Author/Editor: WILLIAM C. DAVIS
The Breckinridges of Kentucky
Author/Editor: James C. Klotter
Brennan and Democracy
Author/Editor: Michelman, Frank I
A Bridging of Faiths
Author/Editor: Demerath, N. J.; Williams, Rhys H
A Brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire
Author/Editor: Hanio?lu, M. ?ükrü
The Brief, Madcap Life of Kay Kendall
Author/Editor: eve golden,kim kendall
Brigadier General John D. Imboden
Author/Editor: Spencer C. Tucker
The Brink of All We Hate
Author/Editor: Felicity A. Nussbaum
The Brink of Peace
Author/Editor: Rabinovich, Itamar
Britain and European Community
Author/Editor: Camps, Miriam
Britain's Birds
Author/Editor: Hume, Rob; Still, Robert; Swash, Andy
Britain's Birds
Author/Editor: Hume, Rob; Still, Robert; Swash, Andy
Britain's Birds: An Identification Guide to the Birds of Great Britain and Ireland Second Edition, fully revised and updated, Ed. NED - New edition, 2
Author/Editor: Rob Hume,Robert Still,Andy Swash,Hugh Harrop,David Tipling,Chris Batty
Britain's Butterflies
Author/Editor: Newland, David; Still, Robert; Swash, Andy
Britain's Butterflies: A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland – Fully Revised and Updated Fourth Edition, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: David Newland,Robert Still,Andy Swash,David Tomlinson
Britain's Day-flying Moths
Author/Editor: Newland, David; Still, Robert; Swash, Andy
Britain's Day-flying Moths
Author/Editor: Newland, David; Still, Robert; Swash, Andy
Britain's Dragonflies
Author/Editor: Smallshire, Dave; Swash, Andy
Britain's Dragonflies
Author/Editor: Smallshire, Dave; Swash, Andy
Britain's Dragonflies, REV - Revised, 3
Author/Editor: Dave Smallshire,Andy Swash
Britain's Ferns, Clubmosses, Spikemosses, Quillworts and Horsetails
Author/Editor: Merryweather, James
Britain's Freshwater Fishes
Author/Editor: Everard, Mark
Britain's Habitats
Author/Editor: Lake, Sophie; Liley, Durwyn; Still, Robert
Britain's Habitats: A Field Guide to the Wildlife Habitats of Great Britain and Ireland - Fully Revised and Updated Second Edition, Ed. NED - New edition
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Britain's Hoverflies
Author/Editor: Ball, Stuart; Morris, Roger
Britain's Mammals
Author/Editor: Couzens, Dominic; Swash, Andy; Still, Robert
Britain`s Mammals
Author/Editor: Couzens, Dominic; Swash, Andy; Still, Robert
Britain's Orchids: A Field Guide to the Orchids of Great Britain and Ireland
Author/Editor: Sean Cole,Mike Waller,Sarah Stribbling
Britain's Plant Galls
Author/Editor: Chinery, Michael
Britain's Reptiles and Amphibians
Author/Editor: Howard Inns
Britain's Sea Mammals
Author/Editor: Dunn, Jon; Still, Robert; Harrop, Hugh
Britain's Spiders
Author/Editor: Lawrence Bee,Geoff Oxford,Helen Smith
British-American Relations 1917-1918
Author/Editor: Fowler, Wilton B
British Birds
Author/Editor: Hume, Rob; Still, Robert; Swash, Andy
British Birds: A Pocket Guide
Author/Editor: Rob Hume,Robert Still,Andy Swash,Hugh Harrop,David Tipling
The British Fertility Decline
Author/Editor: Teitelbaum, Michael S
The British Foreign Service and the American Civil War, 1
British Genres
Author/Editor: Landy, Marcia
British Naval Administration in the Age of Walpole
Author/Editor: Baugh, Daniel A
British Rearmament in the Thirties
Author/Editor: Shay, Robert Paul
A Brittle Sword, 1
Author/Editor: RICHARD G. STONE Jr.
Broadcasting Freedom, 1
Author/Editor: Arch Puddington
Brocade River Poems
Author/Editor: Tao, Xue
Broken Boundaries, 1
Author/Editor: Katherine M. Quinsey
Broken Lives
Author/Editor: Jarausch, Konrad H
Broken Lives: How Ordinary Germans Experienced the 20th Century
Author/Editor: Campanella, Thomas
The Brooklyn Nobody Knows
Author/Editor: Helmreich, William B
The Brothers of Romulus
Author/Editor: Bannon, Cynthia J
Brother Woodrow
Author/Editor: Axson, Stockton; Link, Arthur S