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The Eagles of Savoy
Author/Editor: Cox, Eugene L
The Eagles of Savoy: The House of Savoy in Thirteenth-Century Europe
Author/Editor: EUGENE L. COX
Early American Literature
Author/Editor: Aldridge, Alfred Owen
Early Auden, Later Auden
Author/Editor: Mendelson, Edward
Early Auden, Later Auden: A Critical Biography
Author/Editor: Edward Mendelson
Early Diagenesis: A Theoretical Approach
Author/Editor: ROBERT A. BERNER
The Early Greek Concept of the Soul
Author/Editor: JAN N. BREMMER
The Early Islamic Conquests
Author/Editor: Donner, Fred M
Early Modern Jewry
Author/Editor: Ruderman, David B
Early Trope Repertory of Saint Martial de Limoges
Author/Editor: Evans, Paul
Earthquake and Volcano Deformation
Author/Editor: Segall, Paul
Earthshaking Science
Author/Editor: Hough, Susan Elizabeth
The East Asian Region
Author/Editor: Rozman, Gilbert
East Meets West
Author/Editor: Bell, Daniel A
Eating as I Go
Author/Editor: Doris Friedensohn,Carol Kitman
Eating People Is Wrong, and Other Essays on Famine, Its Past, and Its Future
Author/Editor: Ó Gráda, Cormac
Echoes of Violence
Author/Editor: Emcke, Carolin
Echoes of War
Author/Editor: Michael C.C. Adams
The Echoing Green
Author/Editor: Carlos Baker
The Echoing Wood of Theodore Roethke
Author/Editor: Labelle, Jenijoy
The Eclipse of Community
Author/Editor: Stein, Maurice Robert
Eclipse of God
Author/Editor: Buber, Martin
Eclipse of God: Studies in the Relation between Religion and Philosophy
Author/Editor: Martin Buber,Leora Batnitzky
Eco-evolutionary Dynamics
Author/Editor: Hendry, Andrew P
Ecological Aspects of Social Evolution
Author/Editor: Rubenstein, Daniel I.; Wrangham, Richard W
Ecological Communities
Author/Editor: Strong, Donald R.; Simberloff, Daniel; Abele, Lawrence G
The Ecological Detective
Author/Editor: Hilborn, Ray; Mangel, Marc
Ecological Forecasting
Author/Editor: Dietze, Michael
Ecological Genetics
Author/Editor: Real, Leslie
Ecological Mechanics
Author/Editor: Denny, Mark; Denny, Mark
Ecological Mechanics: Principles of Life's Physical Interactions
Author/Editor: Mark Denny
Ecological Models and Data in R
Author/Editor: Bolker, Benjamin M
Ecological Niches and Geographic Distributions (MPB-49)
Author/Editor: Peterson, A. Townsend; Soberón, Jorge; Pearson, Richard G
Ecological Perspective on Human Affairs
Author/Editor: Sprout, Harold Hance; Sprout, Margaret
Ecological Stoichiometry
Author/Editor: Robert W. Sterner,James J. Elser,PETER VITOUSEK
Ecology and Evolution of Darwin's Finches (Princeton Science Library Edition), REV - Revised
Author/Editor: PETER R. GRANT
Ecology and Evolution of Darwin's Finches (Princeton Science Library Edition)
Author/Editor: Grant, Peter R
The Ecology and Evolution of Inducible Defenses
Author/Editor: Ralph Tollrian ,C. Drew Harvell
Ecology and Natural History of Desert Lizards
Author/Editor: ERIC R. PIANKA
Ecology of Climate Change
Author/Editor: Post, Eric
The Econometric Analysis of Recurrent Events in Macroeconomics and Finance
Author/Editor: Harding, Don; Pagan, Adrian
Econometrics and the Philosophy of Economics
Author/Editor: Stigum, Bernt P
The Econometrics of Financial Markets
Author/Editor: Campbell, John Y.; Lo, Andrew W.; MacKinlay, A. Craig
The Econometrics of Individual Risk
Author/Editor: Gourieroux, Christian; Jasiak, Joann
An Economic Analysis of the Family
Author/Editor: Ermisch, John F
Economic and Demographic Change in Preindustrial Japan, 1600-1868
Author/Editor: Hanley, Susan B.; Yamamura, Kozo
Economic and Financial Decisions under Risk
Author/Editor: Eeckhoudt, Louis; Gollier, Christian; Schlesinger, Harris
Economic Aspects of Atomic Power
Author/Editor: Schurr, Sam H.; Marschak, Jacob
The Economic Crisis and American Society
Author/Editor: Castells, Manuel
Economic Crisis and Policy Choice: The Politics of Adjustment in the Third World
Author/Editor: Joan M. Nelson
Economic Development of Japan
Author/Editor: Lockwood, William Wirt
Economic Diplomacy and the Origins of the Second World War
Author/Editor: Kaiser, David E
Economic Discrimination and Political Exchange: World Political Economy in the 1930s and 1980s
Author/Editor: Kenneth A. Oye
The Economic Evolution of American Health Care
Author/Editor: Dranove, David
Economic Gangsters
Author/Editor: Fisman, Ray; Miguel, Edward
Economic Geography
Author/Editor: Combes, Pierre-Philippe; Mayer, Thierry; Thisse, Jacques-François
Economic Geography and Public Policy
Author/Editor: Baldwin, Richard; Forslid, Rikard; Martin, Philippe
Economic Geography: The Integration of Regions and Nations
Author/Editor: Pierre-Philippe Combes,Thierry Mayer,Jacques-François Thisse
Economic History of Puerto Rico
Author/Editor: Dietz, James L
Economic History of Spain
Author/Editor: Vives, Jaime Vicens
Economic Integration
Author/Editor: Sannwald, Rolf; Stohler, Jacques
Economic Interdependence and War
Author/Editor: Copeland, Dale C
Economic Justice in American Society
Author/Editor: Kuenne, Robert E
Economic Justice in an Unfair World
Author/Editor: Kapstein, Ethan B
Economic Lives
Author/Editor: Zelizer, Viviana A
Economic Planning for the Peace
Author/Editor: Penrose, Ernest Francis
Economics and Sociology: Redefining Their Boundaries: Conversations with Economists and Sociologists
Author/Editor: Richard Swedberg,Gary S. Becker,James S. Coleman,George A. Akerlof,Harrison C. White,Mark Granovetter,Oliver E. Williamson,Kenneth J. Arrow,Albert O. Hirschman,Mancur Olson,Thomas C. Schelling,Neil J. Smelser,Daniel Bell,Jon Elster,Amartya Sen,Robert M. S
Economics for Lawyers
Author/Editor: Ippolito, Richard A
Economics for the Common Good
Author/Editor: Tirole, Jean
Economics in Perspective
Economics in Two Lessons
Author/Editor: Quiggin, John
Economics in Two Lessons: Why Markets Work So Well, and Why They Can Fail So Badly
Author/Editor: JOHN QUIGGIN
Economic Sociology
Author/Editor: Portes, Alejandro
The Economic Sociology of Capitalism
Author/Editor: Victor Nee,Richard Swedberg
The Economics of Belonging: A Radical Plan to Win Back the Left Behind and Achieve Prosperity for All
Author/Editor: Martin Sandbu
The Economics of E-Commerce: A Strategic Guide to Understanding and Designing the Online Marketplace
Author/Editor: Nir Vulkan
The Economics of Enough
Author/Editor: Coyle, Diane
The Economics of Imperfect Labor Markets
Author/Editor: Boeri, Tito; Ours, Jan van
The Economics of Imperfect Labor Markets
Author/Editor: Boeri, Tito; Ours, Jan van
The Economics of Imperfect Labor Markets, STU - Student edition
Author/Editor: Tito Boeri,Jan van Ours
The Economics of Inaction
Author/Editor: Stokey, Nancy L
The Economics of Kentucky Coal
Author/Editor: Curtis E. Harvey
The Economics of Labor Force Participation
Author/Editor: Bowen, William G.; Finegan, T. Aldrich
The Economics of Population Growth
Author/Editor: JULIAN L. SIMON
The Economics of Uncertainty. (PSME-2)
Author/Editor: Borch, Karl Hendrik
The Economics of Uncertainty. (PSME-2), Volume 2
Author/Editor: Borch, Karl Hendrik
An Economic Spurt that Failed
Author/Editor: Gerschenkron, Alexander
An Economic Spurt that Failed: Four Lectures in Austrian History
Economic Stabilization
Author/Editor: Egle, Walter P
The Economies of Central Asia
Author/Editor: Pomfret, Richard
Economists and Societies
Author/Editor: Fourcade, Marion
Economy of the Chinese Mainland
Author/Editor: Liu, Ta-chung; Yeh, Kung-chia
Economy of the Unlost
Author/Editor: Carson, Anne
Author/Editor: Lane, Melissa
Ecotourism in Appalachia
Author/Editor: Al Fritsch,Kristin Johannsen
Edgar Allan Poe
Author/Editor: Halliburton, David
Edgar Allen Poe
Author/Editor: Halliburton, David
The Edge of Objectivity
Author/Editor: Gillispie, Charles Coulston
The Edge of Objectivity: An Essay in the History of Scientific Ideas
Author/Editor: CHARLES COULSTON GILLISPIE,Theodore M. Porter
The Edges of the Earth in Ancient Thought
Author/Editor: Romm, James S
The Edges of the Earth in Ancient Thought: Geography, Exploration, and Fiction
Author/Editor: James S. Romm
Author/Editor: Brown, Wendy
Edith Wharton
Author/Editor: Wharton, Edith; Wegener, Frederick
Edmund Wilson
Author/Editor: Dabney, Lewis M
Edmund Wilson's America
Author/Editor: GEORGE H. DOUGLAS
Educating Air Forces: Global Perspectives on Airpower Learning
Author/Editor: Randall Wakelam,David Varey,Emanuele Sica
Educating Scholars
Author/Editor: Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Zuckerman, Harriet; Groen, Jeffrey A
Educating the Women of Hainan
Author/Editor: Kathleen L. Lodwick
Education and Equality in Japan
Author/Editor: Cummings, William K
Education and Military Leadership. A Study of the ROTC
Author/Editor: Masland, John Wesley; Lyons, Gene Martin
Education and Political Development. (SPD-4)
Author/Editor: Coleman, James Smoot
Education and Political Development. (SPD-4), Volume 4
Author/Editor: Coleman, James Smoot
Education and Responsibility
Author/Editor: TUNIS ROMEIN
Education and Social Transition in the Third World
Author/Editor: Carnoy, Martin; Samoff, Joel
Education for Tragedy
Author/Editor: KENNETH D. BENNE
The Education of Barack Obama
Author/Editor: Kloppenberg, James T
The Education of Barack Obama, DGO - Digital original
Edward Elgar and His World
Author/Editor: Adams, Byron
Edward M. Almond and the US Army: From the 92nd Infantry Division to the X Corps
Author/Editor: Michael E. Lynch
Edward S. Corwin's Constitution and What It Means Today
Author/Editor: Corwin, Edward S.; Chase, Harold W.; Ducat, Craig R
Efficiency Wages
Author/Editor: Weiss, Andrew
Efficiently Inefficient
Author/Editor: Pedersen, Lasse Heje
Efficiently Inefficient: How Smart Money Invests and Market Prices Are Determined
Author/Editor: Tignor, Robert L
Egypt after Mubarak
Author/Editor: Rutherford, Bruce K
Egypt after Mubarak
Author/Editor: Rutherford, Bruce K
Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times
Author/Editor: Donald B. Redford
The Egypt of Nasser and Sadat
Author/Editor: Waterbury, John
Eicosanoids and Related Compounds in Plants and Animals
Author/Editor: Rowley, A. F.; Kühn, Hartmut; Schewe, T
Eicosanoids in Invertebrate Signal Transduction Systems
Author/Editor: Stanley, David W
The Eighteenth-Century Revolution in Spain
Author/Editor: Herr, Richard
Eight Preposterous Propositions: From the Genetics of Homosexuality to the Benefits of Global Warming
Author/Editor: Robert Ehrlich
Einstein and Religion
Author/Editor: Jammer, Max
Einstein and the Quantum
Author/Editor: Stone, A. Douglas
Einstein and the Quantum
Author/Editor: Stone, A. Douglas
An Einstein Encyclopedia
Author/Editor: Calaprice, Alice; Kennefick, Daniel; Schulmann, Robert
Einstein in Bohemia
Author/Editor: Gordin, Michael D
Einstein in Spain
Author/Editor: Glick, Thomas F
Einstein on Einstein: Autobiographical and Scientific Reflections
Einstein on Politics
Author/Editor: Einstein, Albert; Rowe, David E.; Schulmann, Robert
Einstein's German World: New Edition, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: FRITZ STERN
Einstein's Jury
Author/Editor: Crelinsten, Jeffrey
Einstein's Other Theory: The Planck-Bose-Einstein Theory of Heat Capacity
Author/Editor: Donald W. Rogers
Einstein Was Right: The Science and History of Gravitational Waves
Author/Editor: Jed Z. Buchwald
Eisenhower and Cambodia
Author/Editor: WILLIAM J. RUST,George C. Herring,Andrew L. Johns,Kathryn C. Statler
Eisenhower and Landrum-Griffin
Author/Editor: R. ALTON LEE
Eisenstein Cohomology for GLN and the Special Values of Rankin-Selberg L-Functions
Author/Editor: Raghuram, Anantharam; Harder, Günter
Eisenstein Cohomology for GLN and the Special Values of Rankin-Selberg L-Functions: (AMS-203)
Author/Editor: Günter Harder,A. Raghuram
Elaborations on Emptiness
Author/Editor: Donald S. Lopez Jr.
Electing the Senate
Author/Editor: Schiller, Wendy J.; Stewart III, Charles
Electoral Behavior in Unreformed England
Author/Editor: Phillips, John A
Electoral Change in Advanced Industrial Democracies
Electoral Violence, Corruption, and Political Order
Author/Editor: Sarah Birch
Electric Salome
Author/Editor: Garelick, Rhonda K
Electromagnetic Processes
Author/Editor: ROBERT J. GOULD
Electronic Elections
Author/Editor: Alvarez, R. Michael; Hall, Thad E
Electron Micrographs of Limestones and Their Nannofossils
Author/Editor: Reid, R
Elementary Differential Topology. (AM-54)
Author/Editor: James R. Munkres
Elementary Differential Topology. (AM-54), Volume 54
Author/Editor: Munkres, James R
Elementary Particle Physics in a Nutshell
Author/Editor: Tully, Christopher G
Elementary Particles
Author/Editor: Yang, Chen Ning
Elementary Statistical Analysis
Author/Editor: Wilks, Samuel Stanley
The Elements of Library Research
Author/Editor: George, Mary W
The Elements of Library Research, STU - Student edition
Author/Editor: Mary W. George
Elements of Mathematics
Author/Editor: Stillwell, John
Elements of Mathematics: From Euclid to Gödel
Author/Editor: John Stillwell
The Elements of Social Theory
Author/Editor: Barnes, Barry
Author/Editor: Fuller, Errol
Eleusis and the Eleusinian Mysteries
Author/Editor: Mylonas, George Emmanuel
Eleusis: Archetypal Image of Mother and Daughter
Author/Editor: Carl Kerényi,Ralph Manheim
Elie Cartan and Albert Einstein
Author/Editor: Debever, Robert
Elie Cartan and Albert Einstein: Letters on Absolute Parallelism, 1929-1932
Author/Editor: Jules LEROY,Jim RITTER,Robert DEBEVER
Eliot in His Time
Author/Editor: Litz, A. Walton
Elites Against Democracy
Author/Editor: Struve, Walter
Elites and Change in the Kentucky Mountains
Author/Editor: H. Dudley Plunkett,Mary Jean Bowman
Elites in French Society
Author/Editor: Suleiman, Ezra N
Elites in French Society: The Politics of Survival
Author/Editor: EZRA N. SULEIMAN
Elizabethan Revenge Tragedy, 1587-1642
Author/Editor: Bowers, Fredson Thayer
Elizabeth Bishop and Marianne Moore
Author/Editor: Diehl, Joanne Feit
Elizabeth I: War and Politics, 1588-1603
Author/Editor: Wallace T. MacCaffrey
Eliza Calvert Hall
Author/Editor: Lynn E. Niedermeier
Author/Editor: Richard Taylor
Elliptic Curves. (MN-40), Volume 40
Author/Editor: Knapp, Anthony W
Elliptic Partial Differential Equations and Quasiconformal Mappings in the Plane (PMS-48)
Author/Editor: Astala, Kari; Iwaniec, Tadeusz; Martin, Gaven
Elliptic Tales
Author/Editor: Ash, Avner; Gross, Robert
Eloquent Reticence
Author/Editor: Leona Toker
Elusive Togetherness
Author/Editor: Lichterman, Paul
The Elusive Transformation
Author/Editor: Skolnikoff, Eugene B
The Emancipation of Europe's Muslims
Author/Editor: Laurence, Jonathan
Emancipation of Russian Nobility, 1762-1785
Author/Editor: Jones, Robert E
Embattled Garrisons
Author/Editor: Calder, Kent E
The Embattled Past
Author/Editor: Edward M. Coffman
Embedded Autonomy
Author/Editor: Evans, Peter B
The Embedded Corporation
Author/Editor: Jacoby, Sanford M
Emblems of Pluralism
Author/Editor: Weisbrod, Carol
Emergence of a Bureaucracy
Author/Editor: Litchfield, R. Burr
The Emergence of Globalism
Author/Editor: Or Rosenboim
The Emergence of Modern Universities In France, 1863-1914
Author/Editor: Weisz, George
The Emergence of Organizations and Markets
Author/Editor: Padgett, John F.; Powell, Walter W
The Emergence of Standard English, 1
Author/Editor: John H. Fisher
Emergency Chronicles
Author/Editor: Prakash, Gyan
Emergency Chronicles: Indira Gandhi and Democracy's Turning Point
Author/Editor: GYAN PRAKASH
Emergency Politics
Author/Editor: Honig, Bonnie
Emergent Actors in World Politics: How States and Nations Develop and Dissolve
Author/Editor: Lars-Erik Cederman
The Emerging Republican Majority
Author/Editor: Phillips, Kevin P
The Emerging Republican Majority, STU - Student edition
Author/Editor: Kevin Phillips
Author/Editor: Barish, Evelyn
Emerson as Poet
Author/Editor: Waggoner, Hyatt Howe
Emerson's Romantic Style
Author/Editor: Ellison, Julie K
Author/Editor: Crews, Frederick Campbell
Emile Cohl, Caricature, and Film
Author/Editor: Crafton, Donald
Emotion and Virtue
The Emperor Nero
Author/Editor: Barrett, Anthony A.; Fantham, Elaine; Yardley, John C
Empire and Revolution
Author/Editor: Bourke, Richard
Empire for Liberty
Author/Editor: Immerman, Richard H
Empire of Words
Author/Editor: Willinsky, John
Empires of the Silk Road
Author/Editor: Beckwith, Christopher I
Empires of the Weak
Author/Editor: Sharman, Jason
Empires of the Weak: The Real Story of European Expansion and the Creation of the New World Order
Author/Editor: J. C. Sharman
Empires of Vice
Author/Editor: Kim, Diana
Empire to Commonwealth: Consequences of Monotheism in Late Antiquity
Author/Editor: Garth Fowden
The Empire Trap
Author/Editor: Maurer, Noel
Empowered Participation
Author/Editor: Fung, Archon
Empty Houses
Author/Editor: Kurnick, David
An Enchanted Modern
Author/Editor: Deeb, Lara
Enchantment and Disenchantment
Author/Editor: Li, Wai-yee
The Enchantment of Modern Life
Author/Editor: Jane Bennett
Enclaves of America
Author/Editor: Robin, Ron Theodore
Encountering Development
Author/Editor: Escobar, Arturo
Encountering Mary
Author/Editor: Zimdars-Swartz, Sandra L
The Enculturated Gene
Author/Editor: Fullwiley, Duana
The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Potter, Karl H
The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 2: Indian Metaphysics and Epistemology: The Tradition of Nyaya-Vaisesika up to Gangesa
Author/Editor: KARL H. POTTER
The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Potter, Karl H
The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 4
Author/Editor: Larson, Gerald James; Bhattacharya, Ram Shankar; Potter, Karl H
The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 5
Author/Editor: Coward, Harold G.; Raja, K. Kunjunni
The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 6
Author/Editor: Potter, Karl H.; Bhattacharya, Sibajiban
The Encyclopedia of Louisville, 1
The Encyclopedia of Northern Kentucky
Author/Editor: Paul A. Tenkotte,James C. Claypool
The End Crowns All
Author/Editor: Hodgdon, Barbara
Author/Editor: STEPHEN G. FRITZ
Endless Novelty
Author/Editor: Scranton, Philip
The End of American Childhood
Author/Editor: Fass, Paula S
The End of American Childhood: A History of Parenting from Life on the Frontier to the Managed Child
Author/Editor: Paula S. Fass
The End of the Bronze Age: Changes in Warfare and the Catastrophe ca. 1200 B.C. - Third Edition, Ed. 3
Author/Editor: Robert Drews
The End of the Old Order in Rural Europe
Author/Editor: Blum, Jerome
The End of the Old Regime in Europe, 1776-1789, Part I
Author/Editor: Venturi, Franco
The End of the Old Regime in Europe, 1776-1789, Part II
Author/Editor: Venturi, Franco
The End of Theory
Author/Editor: Bookstaber, Richard
The End of Theory: Financial Crises, the Failure of Economics, and the Sweep of Human Interaction
Author/Editor: Richard Bookstaber
The End of the Russian Imperial Army
Author/Editor: Wildman, Allan K
The End of the Russian Imperial Army, Volume II
Author/Editor: Wildman, Allan K
The End of the Russian Imperial Army, Volume II: The Road to Soviet Power and Peace
Author/Editor: ALLAN K. WILDMAN
The End of the West
Author/Editor: Marquand, David
The End of the West
Author/Editor: Marquand, David
The Enduring Reagan
Author/Editor: Charles W. Dunn
Enemies to Allies
The Enemy in Our Hands
Author/Editor: Robert C. Doyle
Enemy in the Mirror
Author/Editor: Euben, Roxanne L
Energy and Security in the Industrializing World
Energy and the National Defense
Author/Editor: Howard Bucknell III
Energy From Alcohol
Author/Editor: Harry Rothman,Rod Greenshields,Francisco Rosillo Callé
Energy Landscapes, Inherent Structures, and Condensed-Matter Phenomena
Author/Editor: Stillinger, Frank H
Engagement with the Past
Author/Editor: William Palmer
Engaging the Enemy
Author/Editor: Zisk, Kimberly Marten
Engineering Corporate Success: A Memoir
Author/Editor: James Hardymon,Terry L. Birdwhistell
Engineering Dynamics
Author/Editor: Kasdin, N. Jeremy; Paley, Derek A
Engineering Dynamics: A Comprehensive Introduction
Author/Editor: N. Jeremy Kasdin,Derek A. Paley
Engineering in American Society
Author/Editor: Raymond H. Merritt
Engineering the Revolution
Author/Editor: Alder, Ken
Engineers of Happy Land
Author/Editor: Mrázek, Rudolf
Engineers of Jihad
Author/Editor: Gambetta, Diego; Hertog, Steffen
Engineers of Jihad: The Curious Connection between Violent Extremism and Education, Ed. REV - Revised
England's Rare Mosses and Liverworts
Author/Editor: Porley, Ron D
English Congregational Hymns in the Eighteenth Century
Author/Editor: Madeleine Forell Marshall,Janet Todd
English Criticism in Japan
Author/Editor: Miner, Earl Roy
English Literature, 1660-1800
Author/Editor: Zimansky, Curt Arno
English Literature, 1660-1800: A Bibliography of Modern Studies: Volume VI: 1966-1970
Author/Editor: Ronald S. Crane,CURT ARNO ZIMANSKY,Charles N. Fifer,Donald T. Torchiana,O M Brack Jr.,William J. Farrell,CURT ARNO ZIMANSKY
English Literature, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Landa, Louis A
English Literature, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Landa, Louis A
The English Lyric from Wyatt to Donne
Author/Editor: Peterson, Douglas L
English Lyric from Wytt to Donne
Author/Editor: Peterson, Douglas L
Series Title: Princeton Legacy Library
English Poetry of the First World War
Author/Editor: Johnston, John H
English Zionists and British Jews
Author/Editor: Cohen, Stuart
Author/Editor: Bernard F. Dick
Enhancing Evolution
Author/Editor: Harris, John
Enid Yandell: Kentucky's Pioneer Sculptor
Author/Editor: JUILEE DECKER
Enigmas of Identity
Author/Editor: Brooks, Peter
The Enjoyment of Math
Author/Editor: Rademacher, Hans; Toeplitz, Otto
Enjoyment of Mathematics
Author/Editor: Rademacher, Hans; Toeplitz, Otto
Enlightening Symbols
Author/Editor: Mazur, Joseph
The Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Ferrone, Vincenzo
Enlightenment against Empire
Author/Editor: Muthu, Sankar
The Enlightenment as Social Criticism
Author/Editor: Kitromilides, Paschalis M
The Enlightenment Bible
Author/Editor: Sheehan, Jonathan
The Enlightenment: History of an Idea - Updated Edition, Ed. REV - Revised
Author/Editor: Vincenzo Ferrone,Elisabetta Tarantino
Enlightenment in the Colony
Author/Editor: Mufti, Aamir R
Enlightenment, Romanticism, and the Blind in France
Author/Editor: Paulson, William R
The Enneads of Plotinus
Author/Editor: Kalligas, Paul
Series Title: Default Book Series
The Enneads of Plotinus, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Kalligas, Paul
Enough to Say It's Far
Author/Editor: Pak, Chaesam
Entailment, Vol. II
Author/Editor: Anderson, Alan Ross; Belnap, Nuel D.; Dunn, J. Michael
Entangled by White Supremacy
Author/Editor: Janet G. Hudson
Entangling Relations: American Foreign Policy in Its Century
Author/Editor: David A. Lake
Enterprise Guidance in Eastern Europe
Author/Editor: Granick, David
Enterprise Guidance in Eastern Europe: A Comparison of Four Socialist Economies
Author/Editor: DAVID GRANICK
Entire Holomorphic Mappings in One and Several Complex Variables. (AM-85)
Entire Holomorphic Mappings in One and Several Complex Variables. (AM-85), Volume 85
Author/Editor: Griffiths, Phillip A
Author/Editor: Lena, Jennifer C
The Entrepreneurial Group
Author/Editor: Ruef, Martin
Entrepreneurship in Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union
Author/Editor: Guroff, Gregory; Carstensen, Fred V
Author/Editor: Greven, Andreas; Keller, Gerhard; Warnecke, Gerald
Ents, Elves, and Eriador
Author/Editor: Matthew Dickerson,Jonathan Evans
Environmental Systems
Author/Editor: Bennett, Robert John; Chorley, Richard J
The Environmental Vision of Thomas Merton
Author/Editor: Monica Weis,JAMES CONNER
Environment, Scarcity, and Violence
Author/Editor: Homer-Dixon, Thomas F
Envisioning Africa, 1
Author/Editor: Peter Edgerly Firchow
Envy in Politics
Author/Editor: McClendon, Gwyneth H
Eocene-Oligocene Climatic and Biotic Evolution
Author/Editor: Prothero, Donald R.; Berggren, William A
Epic and Empire: Politics and Generic Form from Virgil to Milton
Author/Editor: David Quint
Epic Geography
Author/Editor: Seidel, Michael A
Epidemics and Mortality in Early Modern Japan
Author/Editor: Jannetta, Ann Bowman
Epigram in the English Renaissance
Author/Editor: Hudson, Hoyt Hopewell
Episcopalians and Race, 1
Author/Editor: Gardiner H. Shattuck Jr.
Epistemic Angst
Author/Editor: Pritchard, Duncan
Author/Editor: Sosa, Ernest
The Epistolary Moment
Author/Editor: Dowling, William C
Equality and Education
Author/Editor: Rebell, Michael A.; Block, Arthur R
Equal Recognition
Author/Editor: Patten, Alan
The Equidistribution Theory of Holomorphic Curves. (AM-64)
Author/Editor: HUNG-HSI WU
The Equidistribution Theory of Holomorphic Curves. (AM-64), Volume 64
Author/Editor: Wu, Hung-his
Equity: In Theory and Practice
Author/Editor: H. Peyton Young
The Era of the Individual
Author/Editor: Renaut, Alain
The Era of the Individual: A Contribution to a History of Subjectivity
Author/Editor: Renaut, Alain
Series Title: New French Thought Series
Author/Editor: Omer Bartov
Erasmus and the Age of Reformation
Author/Editor: Huizinga, Johan
Erasmus, Man of Letters
Author/Editor: Jardine, Lisa
Erasmus, Man of Letters
Author/Editor: Jardine, Lisa
Erasmus, Man of Letters, REV - Revised
Author/Editor: Lisa Jardine
Eratosthenes' Geography
Author/Editor: Eratosthenes
The Ergodic Theory of Lattice Subgroups (AM-172)
Author/Editor: Gorodnik, Alexander; Nevo, Amos
Erie Water West
Author/Editor: RONALD E. SHAW
Erin's Heirs, 1
Author/Editor: DENNIS CLARK
Ernest Hemingway
Author/Editor: Hanneman, Audre
Ernest Hemingway. Supplement to Ernest Hemingway
Author/Editor: Hanneman, Audre
Ernst Cassirer
Author/Editor: Skidelsky, Edward
Ernst Kantorowicz
Author/Editor: Lerner, Robert
Author/Editor: Graham, Jorie
Eros the Bittersweet
Author/Editor: Carson, Anne
Escalation and Nuclear Option
Author/Editor: Brodie, Bernard
Escape from Hitler's Europe
Author/Editor: George Watt
Escape from Rome
Author/Editor: Scheidel, Walter
Escape from Rome: The Failure of Empire and the Road to Prosperity
Eskimo Boyhood
Author/Editor: Charles C. Hughes
An Essay on Man
Author/Editor: Pope, Alexander; Jones, Tom
Essays and Reviews
Author/Editor: Williams, Bernard
Essays by Rosemond Tuve
Author/Editor: Tuve, Rosemond
Essays by Rosemond Tuve: On Spenser, Herbert and Milton
Essays in Biochemistry, Volume 33
Author/Editor: Higgins, S. J
Essays in Economic Sociology
Essays in Eighteenth-Century English Literature
Author/Editor: Louis A. Landa
Essays in International Economics
Author/Editor: Kenen, Peter B
Essays in Mathematical Economics, in Honor of Oskar Morgenstern
Author/Editor: Shubik, Martin
Essays in Medieval Culture
Author/Editor: Robertson, Durant Waite
The Essays of Erich Neumann, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Neumann, Erich
The Essays of Erich Neumann, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Neumann, Erich
Essays on a Mature Economy
Author/Editor: McCloskey, Donald N
Essays on China's Legal Tradition
Author/Editor: Jerome Alan Cohen,R. Randle Edwards,Fu-mei Chang Chen
Essays on Chinese Civilization
Author/Editor: Bodde, Derk; Leblanc, Charles
Essays on Contemporary Events
Author/Editor: Jung, C. G
Essays on English and American Literature
Author/Editor: Spitzer, Leo
Essays on European Literature
Author/Editor: Curtius, Ernst Robert
Essays on Fielding Miscellanies
Essays on Fourier Analysis in Honor of Elias M. Stein (PMS-42)
Author/Editor: Fefferman, Charles; Fefferman, Robert; Wainger, Stephen
Essays on Giordano Bruno
Author/Editor: Gatti, Hilary
Essays on Roman Satire
Author/Editor: Anderson, William S
Essays on Shakespeare
Author/Editor: Chapman, Gerald Wester
Essays on the Great Depression
Author/Editor: Bernanke, Ben S
Essays on the Intellectual History of Economics
Author/Editor: Viner, Jacob; Irwin, Douglas A
An Essay Toward a Unified Theory of Special Functions. (AM-18)
Author/Editor: C. TRUESDELL
An Essay Toward a Unified Theory of Special Functions. (AM-18), Volume 18
Author/Editor: Truesdell, Clifford
The Essential Agrarian Reader
Author/Editor: Norman Wirzba,BARBARA KINGSOLVER
The Essential Cult TV Reader, 1
Author/Editor: David Lavery
The Essential Goethe
Author/Editor: von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Bell, Matthew
The Essential HBO Reader
Author/Editor: Gary R. Edgerton,Jeffrey P. Jones
The Essential Hirschman
Author/Editor: Hirschman, Albert O.; Adelman, Jeremy
The Essential John Nash
The Essential Jung
Author/Editor: Jung, C. G
The Essential Kierkegaard
Author/Editor: Kierkegaard, Søren; Hong, Howard V.; Hong, Edna H
Essential Radio Astronomy
Author/Editor: Condon, James J.; Ransom, Scott M
Essential Radio Astronomy, SCH - School edition
Author/Editor: James J. Condon,Scott M. Ransom
The Essential Science Fiction Television Reader
Author/Editor: J. P. Telotte
The Essential Sopranos Reader
Author/Editor: David Lavery,Douglas L. Howard,Paul Levinson,David Bianculli
Esthetics as Nightmare
Author/Editor: Moser, Charles A
Estimates of the Neumann Problem. (MN-19)
Author/Editor: Greiner, Peter Charles
Estimates of the Neumann Problem. (MN-19), Volume 19
Author/Editor: Greiner, Peter Charles
Estimating Economic Capacity
Author/Editor: Richard E. Gift
Etale Cohomology (PMS-33)
Author/Editor: J. S. Milne
Etale Homotopy of Simplicial Schemes. (AM-104)
Etale Homotopy of Simplicial Schemes. (AM-104), Volume 104
Author/Editor: Friedlander, Eric M
The Eternal City
Author/Editor: Graber, Kathleen
The Eternal Crossroads
Author/Editor: Leon V. Driskell,Joan T. Brittain
e: The Story of a Number
Author/Editor: Maor, Eli
Ethical Life
Author/Editor: Keane, Webb
Ethics and the Beast
Author/Editor: Zamir, Tzachi
Ethics for Adversaries
Author/Editor: Applbaum, Arthur Isak
Ethics in an Age of Terror and Genocide
Author/Editor: Monroe, Kristen Renwick
Ethics in a World of Power
Author/Editor: Sterling, Richard W
Ethics in the Real World
Author/Editor: Singer, Peter
Ethics in the Real World: 82 Brief Essays on Things That Matter, Ed. REV - Revised
Author/Editor: PETER SINGER
The Ethics of Identity
Author/Editor: Appiah, Kwame Anthony
The Ethics of Reading in Manuscript Culture
Author/Editor: Dagenais, John
The Ethics of Voting
Author/Editor: Brennan, Jason
The Ethics of Voting
Author/Editor: Brennan, Jason
The Ethics of Voting (New in Paper)
Author/Editor: Brennan, Jason
Ethnic Conflict and International Security
Author/Editor: Brown, Michael E
Ethnicity and Class Conflict in Rural Mexico
Author/Editor: Schryer, Frans J
Ethnic Politics in Europe
Author/Editor: Kelley, Judith G
Ethnobiological Classification
Author/Editor: Berlin, Brent
Ethnography and Virtual Worlds
Author/Editor: Boellstorff, Tom; Nardi, Bonnie; Pearce, Celia
Author/Editor: Connor, Walker
Eugene Onegin
Author/Editor: Pushkin, Aleksandr
Eugene Onegin: A Novel in Verse: Commentary (Vol. 2)
Author/Editor: Aleksandr Pushkin ,Vladimir Nabokov
Eugene Onegin: A Novel in Verse: Text (Vol. 1)
Author/Editor: Aleksandr Pushkin,Vladimir Nabokov,Brian Boyd
Eugenio Montale's Poetry
Author/Editor: Cambon, Glauco
Euler's Gem
Author/Editor: Richeson, David S
Euler's Gem
Author/Editor: Richeson, David S
Euler's Gem: The Polyhedron Formula and the Birth of Topology
Author/Editor: David S. Richeson
Euler Systems. (AM-147)
Author/Editor: Rubin, Karl
Euler Systems. (AM-147), Volume 147
Author/Editor: Rubin, Karl
Euripides and the Politics of Form
Author/Editor: Wohl, Victoria
The Euro and the Battle of Ideas
Author/Editor: Brunnermeier, Markus K.; James, Harold; Landau, Jean-Pierre
The European Administrative Elite
Author/Editor: Armstrong, John Alexander
Europe and the Islamic World
Author/Editor: Tolan, John; Laurens, Henry; Veinstein, Gilles
The European Economy since 1945
Author/Editor: Eichengreen, Barry
The European Guilds
Author/Editor: Sheilagh Ogilvie,Joel Mokyr
The Europeanization of the World
Author/Editor: Headley, John M
European Literature and the Latin Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Curtius, Ernst Robert
European Peasants and Their Markets
Author/Editor: Parker, William N.; Jones, Eric L
European Peasants and Their Markets: Essays in Agrarian Economic History
Author/Editor: William N. Parker,Eric L. Jones
Europe in the Era of Two World Wars
Author/Editor: Berghahn, Volker R
Europe's Dragonflies
Author/Editor: Smallshire, Dave; Swash, Andy
Europe's Dragonflies: A field guide to the damselflies and dragonflies
Author/Editor: Dave Smallshire,Andy Swash
Europe since 1989
Author/Editor: Ther, Philipp
Europe's Orphan
Author/Editor: Sandbu, Martin
Europe's Orphan, REV - Revised
Author/Editor: MARTIN SANDBU
Europe's Sea Mammals Including the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde: A field guide to the whales, dolphins, porpoises and seals
Author/Editor: Robert Still,Hugh Harrop,Tim Stenton,Luís Dias
Europe's Sea Mammals Including the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde
Author/Editor: Still, Robert; Harrop, Hugh; Dias, Luís
Evaluating Public Programs
Author/Editor: Larkey, Patrick D
Evaluating Public Programs: The Impact of General Revenue Sharing on Municipal Government
Author/Editor: Patrick D. Larkey
Eva Palmer Sikelianos
Author/Editor: Leontis, Artemis
Eva Palmer Sikelianos: A Life in Ruins
Author/Editor: Artemis Leontis
Even As We Breathe: A Novel
Author/Editor: Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle
The Event of Postcolonial Shame
Author/Editor: Bewes, Timothy
The Everett Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Author/Editor: Barrett, Jeffrey A.; Byrne, Peter
The Everlasting Empire
Author/Editor: Pines, Yuri
Ever the Leader
Author/Editor: Bowen, William G.; Guthrie, Kevin M
Ever the Leader: Selected Writings, 1995-2016
Author/Editor: William G. Bowen,Kevin M. Guthrie,Hanna Holborn Gray
Ever the Teacher
Author/Editor: Bowen, William G
Everyday Calculus
Author/Editor: Fernandez, Oscar E
Everyday Calculus
Author/Editor: Fernandez, Oscar
Everyday Calculus: Discovering the Hidden Math All around Us, Ed. REV - Revised
Everyday Sectarianism in Urban Lebanon
Author/Editor: Nucho, Joanne Randa
Every Hill a Burial Place: The Peace Corps Murder Trial in East Africa
Author/Editor: Peter H. Reid
Every Leaf a Mirror
Author/Editor: Morris Allen Grubbs,Mary Ellen Miller,Robert Morgan,Silas House
Everything In Its Place
Author/Editor: Perin, Constance
Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More
Author/Editor: Yurchak, Alexei
Evidence for Hope
Author/Editor: Sikkink, Kathryn
Evidence for Hope: Making Human Rights Work in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Kathryn Sikkink
Evil Incarnate
Author/Editor: Frankfurter, David
Evil in Modern Thought
Author/Editor: Neiman, Susan
Evil in Modern Thought: An Alternative History of Philosophy, Ed. REV - Revised
Author/Editor: SUSAN NEIMAN
Evil Necessity, 1
Author/Editor: Harold D. Tallant
Evolution and Escalation: An Ecological History of Life
Author/Editor: GEERAT J. VERMEIJ
Evolution and Ethics
Author/Editor: Paradis, James G.; Williams, George Christopher
Evolutionary Biology of Parasites. (MPB-15), Volume 15
Author/Editor: PETER W. PRICE
Evolutionary Community Ecology
Author/Editor: MARK A. MCPEEK
Evolutionary Community Ecology, Volume 58
Author/Editor: McPeek, Mark A
Evolutionary Ecology across Three Trophic Levels: Goldenrods, Gallmakers, and Natural Enemies (MPB-29)
Evolutionary Ecology of Parasites
Author/Editor: Poulin, Robert
The Evolution Controversy in America, 1
Author/Editor: George E. Webb
Evolution in Changing Environments: Some Theoretical Explorations. (MPB-2)
The Evolution of a Nation
Author/Editor: Berkowitz, Daniel; Clay, Karen B
The Evolution of Animal Communication
Author/Editor: Searcy, William A.; Nowicki, Stephen
The Evolution of Animal Communication: Reliability and Deception in Signaling Systems
Author/Editor: Searcy, William A.; Nowicki, Stephen
Series Title: Monographs in Behavior and Ecology
The Evolution of Complexity by Means of Natural Selection
Author/Editor: John Tyler Bonner
The Evolution of Culture in Animals
Author/Editor: Bonner, John Tyler
The Evolution of Individuality
Author/Editor: Buss, Leo W
The Evolution of Knowledge
Author/Editor: Renn, Jürgen
Evolution of North America
Author/Editor: King, Philip Burke
The Evolution of Parental Care
Author/Editor: T. H. CLUTTON-BROCK,Dafila Scott
The Evolution of the French Novel, 1641-1782
Author/Editor: Showalter, Elaine
Evolution of the Igneous Rocks
Author/Editor: Yoder, Hatten Schuyler
Evolution of the Igneous Rocks: Fiftieth Anniversary Perspectives
Author/Editor: H. S. YODER JR.
The Evolution of the International Economic Order
Author/Editor: Lewis, William Arthur
The Evolution of Theodosius Dobzhansky
Author/Editor: Adams, Mark B
The Evolution of the Trade Regime
Author/Editor: Barton, John H.; Goldstein, Judith L.; Josling, Timothy E
Evolution's Bite
Author/Editor: Ungar, Peter
Evolution's Bite: A Story of Teeth, Diet, and Human Origins
Author/Editor: PETER S. UNGAR