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Obama at War
Author/Editor: Ryan C. Hendrickson
The Obama Portraits
Author/Editor: Powell, Richard; Caragol, Taína; Moss, Dorothy
Objects in Exile: Modern Art and Design across Borders, 1930–1960
Author/Editor: Robin Schuldenfrei
The Obligation of Empire
Author/Editor: JAMES J. HENTZ
Obligations of Citizenship and Demands of Faith: Religious Accommodation in Pluralist Democracies
Author/Editor: Nancy L. Rosenblum
Oblomov and his Creator
Author/Editor: Ehre, Milton
Occupied City
Author/Editor: GERALD M. CAPERS
Ocean Biogeochemical Dynamics
Author/Editor: Sarmiento, Jorge L
Oceanic Birds of the World
Author/Editor: G., Howell Steve N.; Zufelt, Kirk
Ocean Life in the Time of Dinosaurs
Author/Editor: Nathalie Bardet ,Alexandra Houssaye ,Stéphane Jouve ,Peggy Vincent ,Alain Bénéteau ,Mark Epstein
The Ocean of Truth
Author/Editor: Menard, Henry William
The Oceans
Author/Editor: Rohling, Eelco
Odd Couples
Author/Editor: Fairbairn, Daphne J
The Odd Quantum
Author/Editor: Treiman, Sam
The Odd Quantum, Vol. 141
Author/Editor: SAM TREIMAN ,Helen Quinn
The Odyssey of Style in Ulysses
Author/Editor: Lawrence, Karen
Of Divers Arts, Vol. 8
Author/Editor: NAUM GABO
Of Empires and Citizens
Author/Editor: Jamal, Amaney A
Office Hours with a Geometric Group Theorist
Author/Editor: Matt Clay,Dan Margalit
Office of Ambassador
Author/Editor: DONALD E. QUELLER
The Office of Management and Budget and the Presidency, 1921-1979
Author/Editor: Berman, Larry
Office of the Prime Minister
Author/Editor: Carter, Byrum E
Offshore Sea Life ID Guide
Author/Editor: Howell, Steve N. G.; Sullivan, Brian L
Offshore Sea Life ID Guide
Author/Editor: Howell, Steve N. G.; Sullivan, Brian L
Author/Editor: Markovits, Andrei S.; Hellerman, Steven L
Off the Ground
Off with Their Heads!: Fairy Tales and the Culture of Childhood
Author/Editor: Maria Tatar
Of Heretics and Martyrs in Meiji Japan: Buddhism and Its Persecution
Author/Editor: James Edward Ketelaar
Of Privacy and Power
Author/Editor: Farrell, Henry; Newman, Abraham L
Of Rule and Office: Plato's Ideas of the Political
Author/Editor: Melissa Lane
Of Sand or Soil
Author/Editor: Samin, Nadav
Of Time, Passion, and Knowledge
Author/Editor: J. T. FRASER
Of War and Law
Author/Editor: Kennedy, David
Of Woods and Waters
Author/Editor: Ron Ellis,Nick Lyons
Of Words and the World
Author/Editor: Ellison, David R
The Ohio Frontier
Author/Editor: EMILY FOSTER
The Oil Curse
Author/Editor: Ross, Michael L
OKAGAMI, The Great Mirror
Author/Editor: McCullough, Helen Craig
Old Burnside, 1
The Old Dominion and the New Nation
Author/Editor: RICHARD R. BEEMAN
The Old Enemy: Satan and the Combat Myth
Author/Editor: NEIL FORSYTH
Older Rural Americans
Author/Editor: E. Grant Youmans
The Old Fashioned
Author/Editor: Albert W. A. Schmid,John Peter Laloganes
Old Masters and Young Geniuses
Author/Editor: Galenson, David W
Olivia de Havilland: Lady Triumphant
Author/Editor: Victoria Amador
The Olmsted Parks of Louisville
Author/Editor: Patricia Dalton Haragan,Susan Wilson,Chris Bidwell
Olympia: A Cultural History
Author/Editor: Judith M. Barringer
The Olympics and Philosophy
Author/Editor: Heather L. Reid,Michael W. Austin
Oman Since 1856
Author/Editor: Landen, Robert Geran
On Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations
Author/Editor: Fleischacker, Samuel
On Beauty and Being Just
Author/Editor: Scarry, Elaine
On Being Me: A Personal Invitation to Philosophy
Author/Editor: J. David Velleman,Emily C. Bernstein
On Belonging and Not Belonging: Translation, Migration, Displacement
Author/Editor: MARY JACOBUS
On British Islam
Author/Editor: Bowen, John R
On Bullshit
Author/Editor: Frankfurt, Harry G
A Once Charitable Enterprise
Author/Editor: Rosner, David
Once They Were Eagles
Author/Editor: FRANK E. WALTON
On Compromise and Rotten Compromises
Author/Editor: Margalit, Avishai
On Conan Doyle
Author/Editor: Dirda, Michael
On Constitutional Ground
Author/Editor: Ely, John Hart
On Czeslaw Milosz: Visions from the Other Europe, Vol. 14
Author/Editor: EVA HOFFMAN
One Day in the Life of the English Language
Author/Editor: Cioffi, Frank L
One Day That Shook the Communist World
Author/Editor: Lendvai, Paul
One Economics, Many Recipes
Author/Editor: Rodrik, Dani
One for All
Author/Editor: Hardin, Russell
One Hundred Semesters
Author/Editor: Chace, William M
On Elizabeth Bishop
Author/Editor: Tóibín, Colm
On Empson
Author/Editor: Wood, Michael
One Nation Undecided
Author/Editor: Schuck, Peter H
One Nation Under Siege
Author/Editor: Jocelyn Jones Evans
One of Morgan's Men
Author/Editor: JOHN M. PORTER,Kent Masterson Brown
One-Party Government in the Ivory Coast
Author/Editor: Zolberg, Aristide R
On Equal Terms: The Constitutional Politics of Educational Opportunity
Author/Editor: Douglas S. Reed
One Quarter of the Nation: Immigration and the Transformation of America
Author/Editor: NANCY FONER
One Soul We Divided: A Critical Edition of the Diary of Michael Field
Author/Editor: Michael Field ,Carolyn Dever
One True God
Author/Editor: Stark, Rodney
One United People
The One vs. the Many
Author/Editor: Woloch, Alex
On Fact and Fraud
Author/Editor: Goodstein, David
On Four Modern Humanists
Author/Editor: Evans, Arthur R
On Freedom
Author/Editor: CASS R. SUNSTEIN
On Gaia
Author/Editor: Tyrrell, Toby
On Gaslighting
Author/Editor: KATE ABRAMSON
Author/Editor: Weinberg, Kurt
On Global Justice
Author/Editor: Risse, Mathias
On Gravity
Author/Editor: Zee, A
On Group-Theoretic Decision Problems and Their Classification. (AM-68), Volume 68
Author/Editor: Miller, Charles F
On Henry Miller
Author/Editor: Burnside, John
On Hollywood
Author/Editor: Scott, Allen J
On Human Nature
Author/Editor: Scruton, Roger
On Inequality
Author/Editor: Frankfurt, Harry G
On Jordan's Banks, 1
Author/Editor: DARREL E. BIGHAM
On Justification: Economies of Worth
Author/Editor: Luc Boltanski ,Laurent Thévenot ,Catherine Porter
On King Lear
Author/Editor: Danson, Lawrence
On Knots. (AM-115), Volume 115
Author/Editor: Kauffman, Louis H
Only Connect
Author/Editor: Shearman, John K.G
Only Connect: Art and the Spectator in the Italian Renaissance, Vol. 37
Author/Editor: JOHN SHEARMAN
The Only Woman in the Room: Golda Meir and Her Path to Power
Author/Editor: PNINA LAHAV
Only Yesterday
Author/Editor: Agnon, S. Y
On Mercy
Author/Editor: Malcolm Bull
On Myself, and Other, Less Important Subjects
Author/Editor: Hare, Caspar
On Nineteen Eighty-Four
Author/Editor: Gleason, Abbott; Goldsmith, Jack; Nussbaum, Martha C
On Not Being Able to Sleep: Psychoanalysis and the Modern World
Author/Editor: Jacqueline Rose
On Physics and Philosophy
Author/Editor: Bernard d’Espagnat
On Psychological and Visionary Art
Author/Editor: Jung, C. G.; Stephenson, Craig E
On Psychological Prose
Author/Editor: Ginzburg, Lydia
On Purpose
Author/Editor: Ruse, Michael
On Quality in Art: Criteria of Excellence, Past and Present, Vol. 13
On Reading
Author/Editor: Thoreau, Henry David; Shanley, J. Lyndon
On Rumors
Author/Editor: Sunstein, Cass R
On Sacrifice
Author/Editor: Halbertal, Moshe
On Settling
Author/Editor: Goodin, Robert E
On Stalin's Team
Author/Editor: Fitzpatrick, Sheila
On Task: How Our Brain Gets Things Done
Author/Editor: David Badre
On Task: How Our Brain Gets Things Done, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: David Badre
On the Art of Medieval Arabic Literature
Author/Editor: Hamori, Andras
On the Art of the No Drama: The Major Treatises of Zeami
Author/Editor: Zeami,J. Thomas Rimer,Yamazaki Masakazu
On the Cohomology of Certain Non-Compact Shimura Varieties (AM-173)
Author/Editor: Morel, Sophie
On the Currency of Egalitarian Justice, and Other Essays in Political Philosophy
Author/Editor: Cohen, G. A.; Otsuka, Michael
On the Edge of Anarchy
Author/Editor: Simmons, A. John
On the Edge of Earth
Author/Editor: Steven Lambakis
On the Future
Author/Editor: Rees, Martin
On the Future: Prospects for Humanity
Author/Editor: MARTIN REES
On the Iliad
On the Laws of the Poetic Art, Vol. 41
Author/Editor: Anthony Hecht
On the Life of Galileo
Author/Editor: Gattei, Stefano
On the Medieval Origins of the Modern State
Author/Editor: Strayer, Joseph R
On the Move
Author/Editor: Garip, Filiz
On the Muslim Question
Author/Editor: Norton, Anne
On the Nature of the Psyche: (From Collected Works Vol. 8)
Author/Editor: C. G. JUNG,R. F. C. HULL
On Theology and Psychology: The Correspondence of C. G. Jung and Adolf Keller
Author/Editor: Marianne Jehle-Wildberger,Heather McCartney,John Peck
On the Origins of Jewish Self-Hatred
Author/Editor: Reitter, Paul
On the Side of the Angels
Author/Editor: Rosenblum, Nancy L
On the Tangent Space to the Space of Algebraic Cycles on a Smooth Algebraic Variety. (AM-157)
Author/Editor: Green, Mark; Griffiths, Phillip A
On the Use of Philosophy
Author/Editor: Maritain, Jacques
On the Uses of Military Power in the Nuclear Age
Author/Editor: Knorr, Klaus Eugen
On the Wings of Time: Rome, the Incas, Spain, and Peru
Author/Editor: Sabine MacCormack
On Troublesome Creek: Stories
Author/Editor: James Still
On Understanding Japanese Religion
Author/Editor: Joseph M. Kitagawa
On Uniformization of Complex Manifolds
Author/Editor: Gunning, Robert C
On Victory and Defeat
Author/Editor: von Clausewitz, Carl
On War
Author/Editor: von Clausewitz, Carl
On War and Democracy
Author/Editor: Kutz, Christopher
On War and Leadership
Author/Editor: Connelly, Owen
On War and Morality
Author/Editor: Holmes, Robert L
On Weaving
Author/Editor: Albers, Anni
On Whitman
Author/Editor: Williams, C. K
On Wordsworth's Prelude
Author/Editor: Lindenberger, Herbert Samuel
Open Borders, Nonalignment, and the Political Evolution of Yugoslavia
Author/Editor: Zimmerman, William
The Open Boundary of History and Fiction
Author/Editor: Gearhart, Suzanne
Open Democracy: Reinventing Popular Rule for the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Hélène Landemore
Open-Economy Politics: The Political Economy of the World Coffee Trade
Author/Editor: Robert H. Bates
The Open Sea
Author/Editor: Manning, J. G
The Open Society and Its Enemies
Author/Editor: Popper, Karl R
The Open Society and Its Enemies, Vol. 115
Author/Editor: Karl Popper ,George Soros ,Alan Ryan ,E. H. Gombrich
Opera in the Development of German Critical Thought
Author/Editor: Flaherty, Gloria
Operator Techniques in Atomic Spectroscopy
Author/Editor: Judd, Brian R
Opinion and Reform in Hume's Political Philosophy
Author/Editor: Stewart, John B
The Opinion of Mankind
Author/Editor: Sagar, Paul
Opposition to Louis XIV
Author/Editor: Rothkrug, Lionel
The Oprah Phenomenon
Author/Editor: Jennifer Harris,Elwood Watson,ROBERT J. THOMPSON
The Oprah Phenomenon, 2
Author/Editor: Jennifer Harris,Elwood Watson
Opt Art: From Mathematical Optimization to Visual Design
Author/Editor: Robert Bosch
The Optics of Life
Author/Editor: Johnsen, Sönke
Optima for Animals: Revised Edition
Author/Editor: R. McNeill Alexander
Optimal Imperfection?: Domestic Uncertainty and Institutions in International Relations
Optimal Transport Methods in Economics
Author/Editor: Galichon, Alfred
Author/Editor: Brinkhuis, Jan; Tikhomirov, Vladimir
Author/Editor: Neustadt, Lucien W
Optimization Algorithms on Matrix Manifolds
Author/Editor: Absil, P.-A.; Mahony, R.; Sepulchre, Rodolphe
Oranges and Snow
Author/Editor: Djordjević, Milan
Order and Artifice in Hume's Political Philosophy
Order and Innovation in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Jordan, William Chester; McNab, Bruce; Ruiz, Teofilo F
Order in Chaos
Author/Editor: HERMANN BALCK,David T. Zabecki,Dieter J. Biedekarken,Carlo D’Este
Ordering of the Arts in Eighteenth-Century England
Author/Editor: Lipking, Lawrence I
Orderly Fashion
Author/Editor: Aspers, Patrik
The Order of Terror
Author/Editor: Sofsky, Wolfgang
Order-Preserving Maps and Integration Processes. (AM-31), Volume 31
Author/Editor: McShane, Edward J
The Ordinary Business of Life: A History of Economics from the Ancient World to the Twenty-First Century - New Edition, Ed. NED - New edition
Ordinary Jews
Author/Editor: EVGENY FINKEL
Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times: The Citizenry and the Breakdown of Democracy
Author/Editor: Nancy Bermeo
The Org
Author/Editor: Fisman, Ray; Sullivan, Tim
The Organic City
Organization and Revolution
Author/Editor: Noyes, P. H
Organized Business in France
Author/Editor: Ehrmann, Henry Walter
Organized Social Complexity
Author/Editor: La Porte, Todd R
Organizing America
Author/Editor: Perrow, Charles
Organizing for Defense
Author/Editor: Hammond, Paul Y
Organizing the Breathless
Author/Editor: ROBERT E. BOTSCH
The Origenist Controversy
Author/Editor: Clark, Elizabeth A
Origin Africa: A Natural History
The Original Bambi: The Story of a Life in the Forest
The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
Author/Editor: Grimm, Jacob; Grimm, Wilhelm
Origin of Civilized Societies
Author/Editor: Coulborn, Rushton
The Origin of Modern Humans and the Impact of Chronometric Dating
Author/Editor: Aitken, Martin Jim; Stringer, Chris B.; Mellars, Paul A
The Origin of the Idea of Crusade
Author/Editor: Erdmann, Carl
The Origin of the Jews
Author/Editor: Steven Weitzman
The Origins and History of Consciousness
Origins of American Political Parties
Author/Editor: John F. Hoadley
The Origins of Citizenship in Ancient Athens
Author/Editor: Manville, Philip Brook
Origins of Containment: A Psychological Explanation
Author/Editor: Deborah Welch Larson
The Origins of Criticism
Author/Editor: Ford, Andrew
Origins of Democratic Culture: Printing, Petitions, and the Public Sphere in Early-Modern England
Author/Editor: David Zaret
The Origins of Happiness
Author/Editor: Clark, Andrew; Flèche, Sarah; Layard, Richard
The Origins of Happiness
Author/Editor: Clark, Andrew; Flèche, Sarah; Layard, Richard
The Origins of Liberty: Political and Economic Liberalization in the Modern World
Author/Editor: Paul W. Drake ,Mathew D. McCubbins
The Origins of Monsters
Author/Editor: Wengrow, David
Origins of Soviet American Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Browder, Robert Paul
The Origins of the Center for Hellenic Studies
Author/Editor: Lindquist, Eric N
The Origins of the Cold War in the Near East
Author/Editor: Kuniholm, Bruce Robellet
The Origins of the Grand Alliance
Author/Editor: WILLIAM T. JOHNSEN,Roger Cirillo
Origins Of The Gulag
Origins of the Just War: Military Ethics and Culture in the Ancient Near East
Author/Editor: Rory Cox
Origins of the Kabbalah
Origins of the Kabbalah
Author/Editor: Scholem, Gershom Gerhard
The Origins of the Lloyd George Coalition
Author/Editor: Scally, Robert James
The Origins of the Platonic Academy of Florence
Author/Editor: Field, Arthur M
The Origins of the Urban Crisis
Author/Editor: Sugrue, Thomas J
The Origins of the Urban Crisis
Author/Editor: Sugrue, Thomas J
The Origin Then and Now
Author/Editor: Reznick, David N
Orlando di Lasso's Imitation Magnificats for Counter-Reformation Munich
Author/Editor: Crook, David
Ornamentation and Improvisation in Mozart
Author/Editor: Frederick Neumann
Ornamentation in Baroque and Post-Baroque Music, with Special Emphasis on J.S. Bach
Author/Editor: Frederick Neumann
Ornament, Fantasy, and Desire in Nineteenth-Century French Literature
Author/Editor: Gordon, Rae Beth
Orphans Of Versailles
Orphan Warriors: Three Manchu Generations and the End of the Qing World
Author/Editor: Pamela Kyle Crossley
Orpheus and Power
Author/Editor: Hanchard, Michael G
The Osier Cage
Author/Editor: ROBERT O. EVANS
Osip Mandelstam and the Modernist Creation of Tradition
Author/Editor: Cavanagh, Clare
Osip Mandelstam's Stone
Author/Editor: OSIP MANDELSTAM,Robert Tracy
Author/Editor: Stephen G. Fritz
The Ostrich Communal Nesting System
Author/Editor: Bertram, Brian C.R
The Other Alliance
Author/Editor: Klimke, Martin
The Other Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Hesse, Carla
Other Icons: Art and Power in Byzantine Secular Culture
Author/Editor: Eunice Dauterman Maguire ,Henry Maguire
The Other Invisible Hand
Author/Editor: Le Grand, Julian
The Other Mirror: Grand Theory through the Lens of Latin America
Author/Editor: Miguel Angel Centeno,Fernando López-Alves
Author/Editor: J. Hillis Miller
The Other Side of Zen: A Social History of Sōtō Zen Buddhism in Tokugawa Japan, Vol. 10
The Other Walls
Author/Editor: Saunders, Harold H
The Other Within
Author/Editor: Yovel, Yirmiyahu
Other Women
Author/Editor: Levy, Anita
The Other Women's Movement
Author/Editor: Cobble, Dorothy Sue
Ottoman Baroque
Author/Editor: Rustem, Unver
Ottoman Civil Officialdom
Author/Editor: Findley, Carter Vaughn
Ottoman Rule in Damascus, 1708-1758
Author/Editor: Barbir, Karl K
The Ottoman Slave Trade and Its Suppression
Author/Editor: Toledano, Ehud R
Our Affair with El Niño
Author/Editor: Philander, S. George
Our Appalachia
Author/Editor: Laurel Shackelford,Bill Weinberg,DONALD R. ANDERSON
Our Army
Author/Editor: Dempsey, Jason K
Our Bodies, Whose Property?
Author/Editor: Phillips, Anne
Our Compelling Interests
Author/Editor: Lewis, Earl; Cantor, Nancy
Our Cosmic Habitat
Author/Editor: Rees, Martin
Our Cosmic Habitat
Author/Editor: Rees, Martin
Our Great Purpose
Author/Editor: Hanley, Ryan Patrick
Our Kentucky, 2
Author/Editor: James C. Klotter
Our Lives Before the Law
Author/Editor: Baer, Judith A
Our Minds, Our Selves
Author/Editor: Oatley, Keith
Our Politics, Our Selves?
Author/Editor: Digeser, Peter
Our Rightful Place: A History of Women at the University of Kentucky, 1880--1945
Ourselves Alone, 1
Author/Editor: JANET A. NOLAN
Our Underachieving Colleges
Author/Editor: Bok, Derek
Outer Billiards on Kites (AM-171)
Author/Editor: Schwartz, Richard Evan
Outlawed Party
Author/Editor: Lidtke, Vernon L
Out of Ashes
Author/Editor: Jarausch, Konrad H
Out of Eden
Author/Editor: Kahn, Paul W
Out Of Kentucky Kitchens
Author/Editor: Marion W. Flexner
Out of Many Faiths
Author/Editor: Patel, Eboo
Out of Many Faiths
Author/Editor: Patel, Eboo
Out of Place
Author/Editor: Baucom, Ian
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind, 1
Author/Editor: YVONNE M. VISSING
Out of the Inferno
Author/Editor: RICHARD C. LUKAS
Out of the Inkwell
Author/Editor: Richard Fleischer,Leonard Maltin
Outside Ethics
Author/Editor: Geuss, Raymond
Outside Lobbying: Public Opinion and Interest Group Strategies
Author/Editor: Ken Kollman
The Outsider: Prejudice and Politics in Italy
Author/Editor: Paul M. Sniderman,Pierangelo Peri,Rui J. P. de Figueiredo Jr.,Thomas Piazza
The Outsiders: Refugees in Europe since 1492
Outsiders Together
Author/Editor: Rosenfeld, Natania
Outside the Box: How Globalization Changed from Moving Stuff to Spreading Ideas
Author/Editor: MARC LEVINSON
Outside the Fold: Conversion, Modernity, and Belief
Author/Editor: Gauri Viswanathan
Outsourcing Empire: How Company-States Made the Modern World
Author/Editor: Andrew Phillips,J. C. Sharman
Overcome by Modernity
Author/Editor: Harootunian, Harry D
Overload: How Good Jobs Went Bad and What We Can Do about It
Author/Editor: Erin L. Kelly,Phyllis Moen
Overload: How Good Jobs Went Bad and What We Can Do about It, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Erin L. Kelly ,Phyllis Moen
Author/Editor: Edwards, George C
Author/Editor: Minta, Michael D
Author/Editor: Lee, Maurice S
Ovid's Heroidos
Author/Editor: Jacobson, Howard
Ovid's Toyshop of the Heart
Author/Editor: Verducci, Florence
Owlet Caterpillars of Eastern North America
Author/Editor: Wagner, David L.; Schweitzer, Dale F.; Sullivan, J. Bolling
Author/Editor: Canfield, Donald E