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Nabokov and the Real World: Between Appreciation and Defense
Author/Editor: ROBERT ALTER
Nabokov's Art of Memory and European Modernism
Author/Editor: Foster, John Burt
Nabokov's Otherworld
Author/Editor: Alexandrov, Vladimir E
Nabokov's Pale Fire
Author/Editor: Boyd, Brian
Nano Comes to Life
Author/Editor: Contera, Sonia
Nano Comes to Life: How Nanotechnology Is Transforming Medicine and the Future of Biology
Author/Editor: Sonia Contera
Napoleon III and the Rebuilding of Paris
Author/Editor: DAVID H. PINKNEY
Narnia and the Fields of Arbol
Author/Editor: Matthew Dickerson,David O’Hara
Narrative Economics
Author/Editor: Shiller, Robert J
Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events
Author/Editor: Robert J. Shiller
The Narrative Imagination
Nart Sagas
Nart Sagas from the Caucasus
Nasser's Gamble
Author/Editor: Ferris, Jesse
Nathalie Sarraute: A Life Between
Author/Editor: Ann Jefferson
National Conflict in Czechoslovakia
Author/Editor: Leff, Carol Skalnik
National Development and Local Reform
Author/Editor: Ashford, Douglas Elliott
The National Interest and the Human Interest
Author/Editor: Johansen, Robert C
Nationalist Politics and Everyday Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town
Author/Editor: Brubaker, Rogers; Feischmidt, Margit; Fox, Jon
National Leadership and Foreign Policy
Author/Editor: Rosenau, James N
The National Origins of Policy Ideas
Author/Editor: Campbell, John L.; Pedersen, Ove K
National Security and United States Policy Toward Latin America
Author/Editor: Schoultz, Lars
National Wealth of the United States in the Postwar Period
Author/Editor: Goldsmith, Raymond William
Nation Building
Author/Editor: Wimmer, Andreas
Nation-Building and Community in Israel
Author/Editor: Willner, Dorothy
Nation Building: Why Some Countries Come Together While Others Fall Apart
Author/Editor: Andreas Wimmer
Nation, Language, and the Ethics of Translation
Author/Editor: Bermann, Sandra; Wood, Michael
Nation, Language, and the Ethics of Translation, STU - Student edition
The Nation-State in Question
Author/Editor: T. V. Paul,G. John Ikenberry,John A. Hall
Nation-States and the Multinational Corporation
Author/Editor: Jensen, Nathan M
Nations under God
Author/Editor: Grzymała-Busse, Anna
Native Americans on Film
Author/Editor: M. Elise Marubbio,Eric L. Buffalohead
Nativism Reborn?
Author/Editor: Raymond Tatalovich
NATO and American Security
Author/Editor: Knorr, Klaus Eugen
NATO in Afghanistan
Author/Editor: Auerswald, David P.; Saideman, Stephen M
Natural Complexity
Author/Editor: Paul Charbonneau
A Natural History of Families
Author/Editor: Forbes, Scott
Naturalism in American Fiction
Author/Editor: John J. Conder
Natural Rights and the New Republicanism
Author/Editor: Zuckert, Michael P
Natural Selection in the Wild. (MPB-21), Volume 21
Author/Editor: JOHN A. ENDLER
Author/Editor: Vermeij, Geerat J
Nature Embodied
Author/Editor: Corbeill, Anthony
Nature, Human Nature, and Human Difference
Author/Editor: Smith, Justin E. H
The Nature of Natural History
Author/Editor: Bates, Marston
The Nature of Nutrition
Author/Editor: Simpson, Stephen J.; Raubenheimer, David
The Nature of Rationality
Author/Editor: Nozick, Robert
Nature of Roman Comedy
Author/Editor: Duckworth, George E
The Nature of Socialist Economics
Author/Editor: Murrell, Peter
The Nature of Space and Time
Author/Editor: Hawking, Stephen; Penrose, Roger
The Nature of Space and Time (New in Paper)
Author/Editor: Hawking, Stephen; Penrose, Roger
Nature's Compass
Author/Editor: Gould, James L.; Gould, Carol Grant
Navaho Religion
Author/Editor: Reichard, Gladys Amanda
Naval Strategy and National Security
Author/Editor: Miller, Steven E.; Van Evera, Stephen
Nazi Germany's New Aristocracy
Author/Editor: Ziegler, Herbert F
The Nazi Impact on a German Village, 1
Author/Editor: Walter Rinderle,Bernard Norling
A Nazi Past
Author/Editor: David A. Messenger,Katrin Paehler
Nazism, Liberalism, and Christianity
Author/Editor: Kenneth C. Barnes
The Nazi War on Cancer
Author/Editor: Proctor, Robert N
The Neanderthal Legacy
Author/Editor: Mellars, Paul A
Near-Earth Objects
Author/Editor: Yeomans, Donald K
Near-Earth Objects
Author/Editor: Yeomans, Donald K
Near Eastern Culture and Society
Author/Editor: T. CUYLER YOUNG
A Necessary Engagement
Author/Editor: Nakhleh, Emile
The Necessary Nation
Author/Editor: Jusdanis, Gregory
Negative Math
Author/Editor: Martínez, Alberto A
Negotiating Peace
Author/Editor: Pillar, Paul R
The Negro in France
Author/Editor: SHELBY T. McCLOY
The Negro in the French West Indies
Author/Editor: SHELBY T. McCLOY
The Negro's Image in the South
Author/Editor: CLAUDE H. NOLEN
Neighborhood Organization and Interest-Group Processes
Author/Editor: O'Brien, David J
Author/Editor: Gross, Jan
The Neighbors Respond
Author/Editor: Polonsky, Antony; Michlic, Joanna B
Author/Editor: OMAR CALABRESE,Charles Lambert,Umberto Eco
Neoclassical Finance
Author/Editor: Ross, Stephen A
The Neolithic Transition and the Genetics of Populations in Europe
Author/Editor: Ammerman, Albert J.; Cavalli-Sforza, Luigi Luca
A Neotropical Companion
Author/Editor: Kricher, John
A Neotropical Companion: An Introduction to the Animals, Plants, and Ecosystems of the New World Tropics. Illustrated by Andrea S. LeJeune
Nest Building and Bird Behavior
Author/Editor: Collias, Nicholas E.; Collias, Elsie C
The Neumann Problem for the Cauchy-Riemann Complex. (AM-75)
Author/Editor: G. B. FOLLAND,J. J. KOHN
The Neumann Problem for the Cauchy-Riemann Complex. (AM-75), Volume 75
Author/Editor: Folland, Gerald B.; Kohn, Joseph John
Neural Networks and Animal Behavior
Author/Editor: Enquist, Magnus; Ghirlanda, Stefano
Author/Editor: Rose, Nikolas; Abi-Rached, Joelle M
The Neuroscience of Emotion
Author/Editor: Adolphs, Ralph; Anderson, David J
The Neuroscience of Emotion: A New Synthesis
Author/Editor: Ralph Adolphs,David J. Anderson
Neutralization and World Politics
Author/Editor: Black, Cyril E.; Falk, Richard A
The Neutrino. (IP-5)
Author/Editor: Allen, James Smith
Neverending Stories
Author/Editor: Fehn, Ann; Hoesterey, Ingeborg; Tatar, Maria
Never Say Die
Author/Editor: James C. Nicholson,Pete Best
The New American Judaism
Author/Editor: Wertheimer, Jack
The New American Judaism: How Jews Practice Their Religion Today
The New and Collected Poems of Jane Gentry
Author/Editor: Julia Johnson,Mary Ann Taylor-Hall
The New Arab Man
Author/Editor: Inhorn, Marcia C
A New Aristotle Reader
Author/Editor: Ackrill, J. L
The New Bourgeoisie and the Limits of Dependency
Author/Editor: Becker, David G
The New Constitutional Order
Author/Editor: Tushnet, Mark
New Covenant Bound
Author/Editor: T. Crunk
The New Deal
Author/Editor: Kiran Klaus Patel
New Deal and States
Author/Editor: Patterson, James T
The New Deal and the Problem of Monopoly
Author/Editor: Hawley, Ellis Wayne
The New Deal Lawyers
Author/Editor: Peter H. Irons
New Departures
Author/Editor: Anthony Perl
The New Division of Labor
Author/Editor: Levy, Frank; Murnane, Richard J
The New Dramatists of Mexico 1967--1985
Author/Editor: Ronald D. Burgess
The New Dynamic Public Finance
Author/Editor: Kocherlakota, Narayana R
The New Ecology
Author/Editor: Schmitz, Oswald J
The New Economics One Decade Older
Author/Editor: Tobin, James
New England State Politics
Author/Editor: Lockard, Duane
New Essays by De Quincey
Author/Editor: Tave, Stuart M
New Estimates of Fertility and Population in the United States
Author/Editor: Coale, Ansley Johnson; Zelnik, Melvin
New Faces, New Voices
Author/Editor: Abrajano, Marisa; Alvarez, R. Michael
The New Financial Order
Author/Editor: Shiller, Robert J
New French Thought
Author/Editor: Lilla, Mark
New French Thought: Political Philosophy
Author/Editor: Lilla, Mark
The New Gilded Age
Author/Editor: Bartels, Larry M
The New Gilded Age, DGO - Digital original
Author/Editor: LARRY M. BARTELS
The New Global Rulers
Author/Editor: Büthe, Tim; Mattli, Walter
The New History
Author/Editor: Theodore K. Rabb,Robert I. Rotberg,Peter H. Smith,Jacques Julliard,Peter Clarke,Jacques Revel,Lawrence Stone,Miles F. Shore,David Herlihy,Allan G. Bogue,Peter Temin,Barry Supple,E. A. Wrigley,Bernard S. Cohn,John W. Adams,Natalie Z. Davis,Carlo Ginzburg,W
A New History of Classical Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Kennedy, George A
A New History of Kentucky
Author/Editor: Lowell H. Harrison,James C. Klotter
New Impressions of Africa
Author/Editor: Roussel, Raymond
The New Industrial State
Author/Editor: Galbraith, John Kenneth
The New Industrial State, Ed. REV - Revised
Author/Editor: John Kenneth Galbraith,James K. Galbraith
The New Inflation
Author/Editor: Slawson, W. David
The New Left and the Origins of the Cold War
Author/Editor: Maddox, Robert James
The New Lombard Street
Author/Editor: Mehrling, Perry
The New Map of the World
Author/Editor: Mazzotta, Giuseppe
The New Mind Readers
Author/Editor: Poldrack, Russell A
The New Mind Readers: What Neuroimaging Can and Cannot Reveal about Our Thoughts
The New Monuments and the End of Man
Author/Editor: Slifkin, Robert
The New Monuments and the End of Man: U.S. Sculpture between War and Peace, 1945–1975
The New Neotropical Companion
Author/Editor: Kricher, John
New Order of the Ages
Author/Editor: Lienesch, Michael
New Perspectives in German Literary Criticism
Author/Editor: Amacher, Richard E.; Lange, Victor
New Perspectives on Race and Slavery in America
Author/Editor: Robert H. Abzug,Stephen E. Maizlish
The New Southern University
Author/Editor: Charles J. Holden
The Newspaper Press in Kentucky, 1
Author/Editor: HERNDON J. EVANS,Barry Bingham Sr.
A New Stoicism
Author/Editor: Becker, Lawrence C
A New Stoicism
Author/Editor: Becker, Lawrence C
A New Stoicism, REV - Revised
Author/Editor: Lawrence C. Becker
New Strangers in Paradise, 1
Author/Editor: Gilbert H. Muller
The News under Russia's Old Regime
Author/Editor: McReynolds, Louise
The New Terrain of International Law
Author/Editor: Alter, Karen J
New Theory of Beauty
Author/Editor: Sircello, Guy
New Times in Modern Japan
Author/Editor: Tanaka, Stefan
Newton and the Origin of Civilization
Author/Editor: Buchwald, Jed Z; Feingold, Mordechai
Newton Demands the Muse
Author/Editor: Nicolson, Marjorie Hope
Newton the Alchemist
Author/Editor: Newman, William
The New Urban History
Author/Editor: Schnore, Leo Francis
New Urban Immigrants
Author/Editor: Kim, Illsoo
New Wealth for Old Nations
Author/Editor: Coyle, Diane; Alexander, Wendy; Ashcroft, Brian
The New World
Author/Editor: Turner, Frederick W
New World Babel
Author/Editor: Gray, Edward G
New World Monkeys: The Evolutionary Odyssey
Author/Editor: Alfred L. Rosenberger
A New World Order
Author/Editor: Slaughter, Anne-Marie
The New World Primates
Author/Editor: Moynihan, Martin
The New Worlds of Thomas Robert Malthus
Author/Editor: Bashford, Alison; Chaplin, Joyce E
The New York Nobody Knows
Author/Editor: Helmreich, William B
The Next Catastrophe
Author/Editor: Perrow, Charles
Next Door to the Dead
Author/Editor: Kathleen Driskell
The Next Great Globalization
Author/Editor: Mishkin, Frederic S
The Next Justice
Author/Editor: Eisgruber, Christopher L
Niche Construction
Author/Editor: Odling-Smee, F. John; Laland, Kevin N.; Feldman, Marcus W
Author/Editor: Kaufmann, Walter A
Author/Editor: Kaufmann, Walter
Nietzsche, Godfather of Fascism?
Author/Editor: Golomb, Jacob; Wistrich, Robert S
Nietzsche's Great Politics
Author/Editor: Drochon, Hugo
Nietzsche's Jewish Problem
Author/Editor: Holub, Robert C
Nietzsche's Jewish Problem: Between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Judaism
Author/Editor: Robert C. Holub
Nietzsche's Political Skepticism
Author/Editor: Shaw, Tamsin
Nietzsche, STU - Student edition
Author/Editor: WALTER KAUFMANN,Alexander Nehamas
Nietzsche's Zarathustra
Author/Editor: Jung, C. G.; Jarrett, James L
Nigerian Political Parties
Author/Editor: Sklar, Robert L
The Night
Author/Editor: Saenz, Jaime
Night Journey
Author/Editor: Negroni, María
Night Talk and Other Poems
Author/Editor: Pevear, Richard
Nilpotence and Periodicity in Stable Homotopy Theory. (AM-128), Volume 128
Author/Editor: Ravenel, Douglas C
Nilpotence and Periodicity in Stable Homotopy Theory. (AM-128)
Author/Editor: Douglas C. Ravenel
Nine Algorithms That Changed the Future
Author/Editor: MacCormick, John
Nine Crazy Ideas in Science
Author/Editor: Ehrlich, Robert
Nine Seventeenth-Century Organ Transcriptions from the Operas of Lully
Author/Editor: ALMONTE C. HOWELL JR.
Nineteenth-Century Southern Literature
Author/Editor: J. V. Ridgely
Nishi Amane and Modern Japanese Thought
Author/Editor: Havens, Thomas R.H
Nitric Oxide and the Cell
Author/Editor: Moncada, S.; Nisticò, G.; Bagetta, G
Nixon's Back Channel to Moscow
Author/Editor: Richard A. Moss,James Stavridis,George C. Herring,Andrew L. Johns,Kathryn C. Statler
The Nobel Factor
Author/Editor: Offer, Avner; Söderberg, Gabriel
The Nobel Factor: The Prize in Economics, Social Democracy, and the Market Turn
The Nobility of the Election of Bayeux, 1463-1666
Author/Editor: Wood, James B
The Nobility of theElection of Bayeux, 1463-1666
Author/Editor: Wood, James B
Series Title: Princeton Legacy Library
No Enchanted Palace
Author/Editor: Mazower, Mark
No End in Sight
Author/Editor: Nathan E. Busch
Noh Drama and The Tale of the Genji
Author/Editor: Goff, Janet Emily
Noir Urbanisms
Author/Editor: Prakash, Gyan
No Joke
Author/Editor: Wisse, Ruth R
No Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal
Author/Editor: Espenshade, Thomas J.; Radford, Alexandria Walton
No Man's Land
Author/Editor: Hahamovitch, Cindy
Non-Abelian Minimal Closed Ideals of Transitive Lie Algebras. (MN-25)
Author/Editor: Conn, Jack Frederick
Non-Archimedean Tame Topology and Stably Dominated Types
Author/Editor: Ehud Hrushovski,François Loeser
Non-Archimedean Tame Topology and Stably Dominated Types (AM-192)
Author/Editor: Hrushovski, Ehud; Loeser, François
Noncooperative Game Theory
Author/Editor: Hespanha, João P
Nonintervention and International Order
Author/Editor: Vincent, R. J
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Control
Author/Editor: Haddad, Wassim M.; Chellaboina, VijaySekhar
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Control: A Lyapunov-Based Approach
Author/Editor: Wassim M. Haddad,VijaySekhar Chellaboina
Nonlinear Optimization
Author/Editor: Ruszczynski, Andrzej
Nonlinear Oscillations in Physical Systems
Author/Editor: Hayashi, Chihiro
Nonnegative and Compartmental Dynamical Systems
Author/Editor: Haddad, Wassim M.; Chellaboina, VijaySekhar; Hui, Qing
Nonparametric Comparative Statics and Stability
Author/Editor: Hale, Douglas; Lady, George; Maybee, John
Author/Editor: Havil, Julian
A Non-Random Walk Down Wall Street
Author/Editor: Lo, Andrew W.; MacKinlay, A. Craig
Non-standard Analysis
Author/Editor: Abraham Robinson
Nonstate Warfare: The Military Methods of Guerillas, Warlords, and Militias
No Religion Higher Than Truth
Author/Editor: Carlson, Maria
Norito: A Translation of the Ancient Japanese Ritual Prayers - Updated Edition, Ed. REV - Revised
Author/Editor: Donald L. Philippi,Joseph M. Kitagawa
Normal Accidents
Author/Editor: Perrow, Charles
Normal Two-Dimensional Singularities. (AM-71)
Author/Editor: HENRY B. LAUFER
Normal Two-Dimensional Singularities. (AM-71), Volume 71
Author/Editor: Laufer, Henry B
Normandy to Victory
Author/Editor: William C. Sylvan,Francis G. Smith Jr.,John T. Greenwood
The Norm Residue Theorem in Motivic Cohomology
Author/Editor: Haesemeyer, Christian; Weibel, Charles A
Northern Kentucky University
Author/Editor: THOMAS R. SCHIFF
North Korea and the World
Author/Editor: Walter C. Clemens Jr.,Shiping Hua
North Korean Military Proliferation in the Middle East and Africa
Author/Editor: BRUCE E. BECHTOL JR.
Author/Editor: Lindgren, Raymond E
No Shadow of a Doubt
Author/Editor: Kennefick, Daniel
No Shadow of a Doubt: The 1919 Eclipse That Confirmed Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Author/Editor: Daniel Kennefick
Not Born Yesterday
Author/Editor: Mercier, Hugo
Not Born Yesterday: The Science of Who We Trust and What We Believe
Author/Editor: HUGO MERCIER
Note Book
Author/Editor: Nunokawa, Jeff
The Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 4
Author/Editor: Coleridge, Samuel Taylor; Coburn, Kathleen; Christensen, M
The Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 4
Author/Editor: Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
The Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 4: 1819-1826: Notes
Author/Editor: Kathleen Coburn,Merton Christensen
The Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 4: 1819-1826: Text
Author/Editor: Samuel Taylor Coleridge,Kathleen Coburn,Merton Christensen
Notes from the Balkans
Author/Editor: Green, Sarah F
Notes on Cobordism Theory
Author/Editor: Stong, Robert E
Notes on Crystalline Cohomology. (MN-21)
Author/Editor: Berthelot, Pierre; Ogus, Arthur
Notes on Prosody and Abram Gannibal
Author/Editor: Nabokov, Vladimir
Notes on Sontag
Author/Editor: Lopate, Phillip
Not Even Past
Author/Editor: Sugrue, Thomas J
Not for Profit
Author/Editor: Nussbaum, Martha C
Not For Profit
Author/Editor: Nussbaum, Martha C
Not for Profit
Author/Editor: Nussbaum, Martha C
Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities - Updated Edition, Ed. REV - Revised
Nothing is Lost
Author/Editor: Kocbek, Edvard
Nothing Less than Victory
Author/Editor: Lewis, John David
Nothing Less Than War
Author/Editor: Justus D. Doenecke
Nothing Like an Ocean
Author/Editor: Jim Tomlinson
Nothing to Do with Dionysos?: Athenian Drama in Its Social Context
Not in the Heavens
Author/Editor: Biale, David
The Notorious John Morrissey
Not Working
Author/Editor: Blanchflower, David G
Not Working: Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?
Author/Editor: David G. Blanchflower
Not Working: Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: David G. Blanchflower
The Novel Histories of Galdos
Author/Editor: Urey, Diane Faye
The Novel of Worldliness
Author/Editor: Brooks, Peter
Novel Relations
Author/Editor: Christoff, Alicia Mireles
Novel Relations: Victorian Fiction and British Psychoanalysis
Novels of Flaubert
Author/Editor: Brombert, Victor H
The Novels of Worldliness
Author/Editor: Brooks, Peter
The NSA Report
Author/Editor: The President's Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies, President's Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies; Clarke, Richard A.; Morell, Michael J
The Nuclear Borderlands
Author/Editor: Masco, Joseph
The Nuclear Borderlands: The Manhattan Project in Post–Cold War New Mexico | New Edition, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Joseph Masco
Nuclear Logics
Author/Editor: Solingen, Etel
Nuclear Physics in a Nutshell
Author/Editor: Bertulani, Carlos A
Nuclear Physics in a Nutshell, STU - Student edition
Author/Editor: Carlos A. Bertulani
Nuclear Politics
Author/Editor: Jasper, James M
Nuclear Strategy in the Modern Era
Author/Editor: Narang, Vipin
Nuclear Structure
Author/Editor: Eisenbud, Leonard; Wigner, Eugene P
Number 7
Author/Editor: Boyd, Julian P
Author/Editor: Nahin, Paul J
Numbers Rule
Author/Editor: Szpiro, George
Numerical Algorithms for Personalized Search in Self-organizing Information Networks
Author/Editor: Kamvar, Sep
Numerical Analysis
Author/Editor: Scott, L. Ridgway
Numerical Calculus
Author/Editor: Milne, William Edmund
Numerical Methods for Stochastic Computations
Author/Editor: Xiu, Dongbin
Nurses in Nazi Germany: Moral Choice in History
Author/Editor: Bronwyn Rebekah McFarland-Icke
Nutrient Cycling and Limitation
Author/Editor: Vitousek, Peter M
Nutrition and Economic Development in the Eighteenth-Century Habsburg Monarchy
Author/Editor: Komlos, John