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101 Tips to Getting the Residency You Want
Author/Editor: Canady, John
924 Elementary Problems and Answers in Solar System Astronomy
Author/Editor: Van Allen, James A
The Adventures of Cancer Bitch
Author/Editor: Wisenberg, S. L
The Afterlives of Specimens
Author/Editor: Tuggle, Lindsay
After the End of History
Author/Editor: Cohen, Samuel
After the Program Era
Author/Editor: Glass, Loren
After the West Was Won
Author/Editor: Nelson, Paula M
Against the Gallows
Author/Editor: Jones, Paul Christian
Against the Grain
Author/Editor: Dana, Robert
Aggregate of Disturbances
Author/Editor: Glazer, Michele
Alcott in Her Own Time
Author/Editor: Shealy, Daniel
All Black Everything
Author/Editor: SHANE BOOK
All Contraries Confounded: The Lyrical Fiction of Virginia Woolf, Djuna Barnes, and Marguerite Duras
Author/Editor: Karen Kaivola
All Is Leaf: Essays and Transformations
Author/Editor: JOHN T. PRICE
All That Work and Still No Boys
Author/Editor: Ma, Kathryn
All Will Yet Be Well
Author/Editor: Bunkers, Suzanne L
Always Put in a Recipe and Other Tips for Living from Iowa's Best-Known Homemaker
Author/Editor: Birkby, Evelyn
Ambiguity and Gender in the New Novel of Brazil and Spanish America
Author/Editor: Payne, Judith A.; Fitz, Earl E
America in the Round
Author/Editor: Galella, Donatella
American Gothic
Author/Editor: Martin, Robert K.; Savoy, Eric
The American H.D
Author/Editor: Debo, Annette
American Idyll
Author/Editor: Liu, Catherine
American Literature and Culture in an Age of Cold War
Author/Editor: Belletto, Steven; Grausam, Daniel
The American Negro Theatre and the Long Civil RIghts Era
Author/Editor: Shandell, Jonathan
The American Sonnet: An Anthology of Poems and Essays
American Spikenard
Author/Editor: Vap, Sarah
American Theater in the Culture of the Cold War
Author/Editor: Mcconachie, Bruce A
American Unexceptionalism
Author/Editor: Knapp, Kathy
Among Friends
Author/Editor: Dewey, Anne; Rifkin, Libbie
Andean Expressions
Author/Editor: Lau, George F
And the Monkey Learned Nothing
Author/Editor: Lutz, Tom
Angel De Cora, Karen Thronson, and the Art of Place: How Two Midwestern Women Used Art to Negotiate Migration and Dispossession
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Sutton
Anthem Speed
Author/Editor: Christopher Bolin
Author/Editor: Alvarado, Beth
The Anthropology of Iceland
Author/Editor: Durrenberger, E. Paul; Palsson, Gisli
Antipodes: Stories
Author/Editor: holly goddard jones
The Archaeological Guide to Iowa
Author/Editor: Whittaker, William E.; Alex, Lynn M.; De La Garza, Mary
Author/Editor: Isles, John
Art Essays: A Collection
Author/Editor: Alexandra Kingston-Reese ,SAMUEL COHEN
Art Quilts the Midwest
Author/Editor: McCray, Linzee Kull
Ascension Theory
Author/Editor: Bolin, Christopher
Athenian Tragedy in Performance
Author/Editor: Powers, Melinda
At the Brink of Infinity
Author/Editor: von der Heydt, James E
The Attic
Author/Editor: Harnack, Curtis
Attributed to the Harrow Painter
Author/Editor: Twemlow, Nick
The Auburn Conference
Author/Editor: TOM PIAZZA
August Wilson
Author/Editor: Nadel, Alan
Aussie Fans: Uniquely Placed in Global Popular Culture
Author/Editor: Celia Lam,Jackie Raphael
Author/Editor: Luetkenhaus, Holly; Weinstein, Zoe
Bachelor Bess
Author/Editor: Gerber, Philip L
Bad Land Pastoralism in Great Plains Fiction
Author/Editor: Cella, Matthew J. C
Ball Hawks
Author/Editor: Harwood, Tim
The Beckoning World: A Novel
Author/Editor: DOUGLAS BAUER
Behind the Big House: Reconciling Slavery, Race, and Heritage in the U.S. South
Author/Editor: Jodi Skipper
Behind the Lines
Author/Editor: Metres, Philip
Benjamin Shambaugh and the Intellectual Foundations of Public Hisory
Author/Editor: Conard, Rebecca
The Best Specimen of a Tyrant
Author/Editor: Doherty, Thomas
Between Gravity and What Cheer
Author/Editor: Phipps, Barry
Between Urban and Wild
Author/Editor: Jones, Andrea M
Beyond Ridiculous: Making Gay Theatre with Charles Busch in 1980s New York
Author/Editor: Kenneth Elliott
The Biographical Dictionary of Iowa
Author/Editor: Hudson, David; Bergman, Marvin; Horton, Loren
Birds of an Iowa Dooryard
Author/Editor: Sherman, Althea R
Biting through the Skin
Author/Editor: Furstenau, Nina Mukerjee
Bjarki, Not Bjarki: On Floorboards, Love, and Irreconcilable Differences
Author/Editor: MATTHEW J. C. CLARK
Black Eagle Child
Author/Editor: Young Bear, Ray A
Bodies on the Line
Author/Editor: Allison, Raphael
The Body of Brooklyn
Author/Editor: Lazar, David
Author/Editor: Roveto, Vanessa
The Book of a Hundred Hands
Author/Editor: Swensen, Cole
The Book of Jane
Author/Editor: Jennifer Habel
Booming from the Mists of Nowhere
Author/Editor: Hoch, Greg
Botanical Companions
Author/Editor: Knobloch, Frieda
The Boundaries of Their Dwelling
Author/Editor: Blake Sanz
Brave New Words
Author/Editor: Ammons, Elizabeth
A Brighter Word Than Bright
Author/Editor: Beachy-Quick, Dan
Broken Heartland
Author/Editor: Davidson, Osha Gray
A Broken Thing
Author/Editor: Rosko, Emily; Vander Zee, Anton
Bub: Essays from Just North of Nashville
Author/Editor: DREW BRATCHER
Buddhism for Western Children
Author/Editor: Allio, Kirstin
Building Their Own Waldos
Author/Editor: Habich, Robert D
Butcher's Work: True Crime Tales of American Murder and Madness
The Butterflies of Iowa
Author/Editor: Schlicht, Dennis W.; Downey, John C.; Nekola, Jeffrey C
Author/Editor: Schwieder, Dorothy; Hraba, Joseph; Schwieder, Elmer
Cahuachi in the Ancient Nasca World
Author/Editor: Silverman, Helaine
Author/Editor: Niles, Susan A
Campaign Inc
Author/Editor: De Sio. Jr., Henry F
Cardinal Points
Author/Editor: Pettit, Michael
Carnival in the Countryside
Author/Editor: Rasmussen, Chris
Central Standard
Author/Editor: Irelan, Patrick
Challenging Pregnancy: A Journey through the Politics and Science of Healthcare in America
Author/Editor: Genevieve Grabma
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Author/Editor: Rudd, Jill; Gough, Val
Chasing the White Whale
Author/Editor: Dowling, David
China Lake
Author/Editor: Baumgart, Barret
Choreography Observed
Author/Editor: Anderson, Jack
Circling Back
Author/Editor: Truett, Joe C
Cities of Farmers
Author/Editor: Dawson, Julie C.; Morales, Alfonso
City Watch
Author/Editor: Anderson, Jon
The City We Make Together: City Council Meeting's Primer for Participation
Civil War Nurse Narratives, 1863-1870
Author/Editor: Wardrop, Daneen
Classical Greek Theatre
Author/Editor: Ashby, Clifford
Clock and Compass: How John Byron Plato Gave Farmers a Real Address
Author/Editor: Mark Monmonier
Cloud of Ink
Author/Editor: Klatt, L. S
Cobble Circles and Standing Stones
Author/Editor: Quilter, Jeffrey
The Collaborative Artist's Book: Evolving Ideas in Contemporary Poetry and Art
Author/Editor: ALEXANDRA J. GOLD
Collusions of Fact and Fiction: Performing Slavery in the Works of Suzan-Lori Parks and Kara Walker
Coloring Locals
Author/Editor: Shaker, Bonnie James
Coming Close
Author/Editor: L'Esperance, Mari; Morin, Tomas Q
A Community of Writers
Author/Editor: Dana, Robert
The Company of Heaven
Author/Editor: Phipps-Kettlewell, Marilène
Complex Sleep
Author/Editor: Tost, Tony
Confessions of a Gay Priest: A Memoir of Sex, Love, Abuse, and Scandal in the Catholic Seminary
Author/Editor: TOM RASTRELLI
Confessions of a Left-Handed Man
Author/Editor: Selgin, Peter
Author/Editor: Book, Shane
Conserving Walt Whitman's Fame
Author/Editor: Schmidgall, Gary
Contemporary Novelists and the Aesthetics of Twenty-First Century American Life
Author/Editor: Alexandra Kingston-Reese
Contested City
Author/Editor: Bendiner-Viani, Gabrielle
Contested Terrain: Suburban Fiction and U.S. Regionalism, 1945-2020
Author/Editor: Keith Wilhite
The Continuing Presence of Walt Whitman
Author/Editor: Martin, Robert K
Control Bird Alt Delete
Author/Editor: Peary, Alexandria
Cosmopolitical Claims
Author/Editor: Mani, B. Venkat
A Country So Full of Game
Author/Editor: Dinsmore, James J
The Courtship of Eva Eldridge
Author/Editor: Simmons, Diane
Cracking Up: Black Feminist Comedy in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century United States
Author/Editor: Katelyn Hale Wood
The Creative Writer's Survival Guide
Author/Editor: McNally, John
Currency of the Heart
Author/Editor: Nichols, Donald
Czech Theatre Design in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Brandesky, Joe
Dakota in Exile
Author/Editor: Clemmons, Linda M
A Damned Iowa Greyhound
Author/Editor: Elder III, Donald C
Dancing in the Movies
Author/Editor: Boswell, Robert
Death of a Writer
Author/Editor: Smith, Rod
Deep Nature
Author/Editor: Linda Scarth,Robert Scarth,John Pearson
Deep Travel
Author/Editor: Leff, David K
Demands of the Dead
Author/Editor: Ryan, Katy
Democratic Vistas
Author/Editor: Whitman, Walt; Folsom, Ed
Desert Gothic
Author/Editor: Waters, Don
The Desert Year
Author/Editor: Krutch, Joseph Wood
Detailing Trauma
Author/Editor: Zwartjes, Arianne
Dickinson in Her Own Time
Author/Editor: Eberwein, Jane Donahue; Farrar, Stephanie; Miller, Cristanne
A Dictionary of Iowa Place-Names
Author/Editor: Savage, Tom
Dinner Roles
Author/Editor: Inness, Sherrie A
Disbound: Poems
Author/Editor: Hajar Hussaini
Disney's Star Wars
Author/Editor: Proctor, William; McCulloch, Richard
Distant Provinces in the Inka Empire
Author/Editor: Malpass, Michael A.; Alconini, Sonia
Disturbing the Universe
Author/Editor: Trites, Roberta S
The Diver
Author/Editor: SAMSUN KNIGHT
Domestic Architecture, Ethnicity, and Complementarity in the South-Central Andes
Author/Editor: Aldenderfer, Mark S
Douglass in His Own Time
Author/Editor: Ernest, John
Down from the Mountaintop
Author/Editor: Dolezal, Joshua
The Drake Relays
Author/Editor: Peterson, David
Dreaming Out Loud
Author/Editor: Porter, Horace
Dream Not of Other Worlds
Author/Editor: Diehl, Huston
Dubuque's Forgotten Cemetery
Author/Editor: Lillie, Robin M.; Mack, Jennifer E
Duffy's Iowa Caucus Cartoons
Author/Editor: Duffy, Brian
Early Settlement and Subsistence in the Casma Valley, Peru
Author/Editor: Pozorski, Shelia; Pozorski, Thomas
Ecological Restoration in the Midwest
Author/Editor: Lenhart, Christian; Smiley Jr., Peter C
The Ecology and Management of Prairies in the Central United States
Author/Editor: Helzer, Chris
Author/Editor: Hume, Angela; Osborne, Gillian
Ecospatiality: A Place-Based Approach to American Literature
Author/Editor: LOWELL WYSE
Edge Effects
Author/Editor: Anderson, Chris
Educating For Professionalism
Author/Editor: Wear, Delese
Embalming Mom
Author/Editor: Burroway, Janet
The Emerald Horizon
Author/Editor: Mutel, Cornelia F
Emerson in His Own Time
Author/Editor: Bosco & Myerson, Ronald A. & Joel; Bosco, Ronald A
Emo: How Fans Defined a Subculture
Engaging the Age of Jane Austen
Author/Editor: Draxler, Bridget; Spratt, Danielle
Engaging with Shakespeare
Author/Editor: Novy, Marianne L
The Enigma of Ethnicity
Author/Editor: Zelinsky, Wilbur
Entitled to the Pedestal
Author/Editor: Lewis, Nghana tamu
E Pluribus Unum
Author/Editor: Harris, W. C
Equal Before the Law
Author/Editor: Witosky, Tom; Hansen, Marc
Esther's Town
Author/Editor: Lee, Deemer
The Ethics and Poetics of Alterity in Asian American Poetry
Author/Editor: Zhou, Xiaojing
Everybody Hurts
Author/Editor: Williams, Rebecca
Every Hour, Every Atom: A Collection of Walt Whitman's Early Notebooks and Fragments
Author/Editor: Zachary Turpin,Matt Miller
The Evolution of Walt Whitman
Author/Editor: Asselineau, Roger
Author/Editor: Haverty, Charles
Exploiting Fandom
Author/Editor: Stanfill, Mel
Exploring Buried Buxton
Author/Editor: Gradwohl, David M.; Osborn, Nancy M
The Extraordinary Work of Ordinary Writing
Author/Editor: Sinor, Jennifer
The Face of Exile
Author/Editor: Melton, Judith M
Faculty Brat: A Memoir of Abuse
Author/Editor: Dominic Bucca
Fame and Fandom: Functioning On and Offline
Author/Editor: Celia Lam ,Jackie Raphael ,Renee Middlemost ,Jessica Balanzategui
Family Bible
Author/Editor: Delbridge, Melissa J
Family Feeling
Author/Editor: Justice, Jean Ross
Fandom as Classroom Practice
Author/Editor: Howell, Katherine Anderson
Fandom, Now in Color: A Collection of Voices
Author/Editor: RUKMINI PANDE
Fandom, the Next Generation
Author/Editor: Bridget Kies ,Megan Connor
The Fan Fiction Studies Reader
Author/Editor: Hellekson, Karen; Busse, Kristina
Author/Editor: Larsen, Katherine; Zubernis, Lynn S
Fangs Of Malice
Author/Editor: Wikander, Matthew H
Fan Sites: Film Tourism and Contemporary Fandom
Author/Editor: ABBY S. WAYSDORF
A Fan Studies Primer: Method, Research, Ethics
Author/Editor: Paul Booth ,Rebecca Williams
Fantasies of Empire
Author/Editor: Donohue, Joseph
The Farm at Holstein Dip
Author/Editor: Engelhardt, Carroll
Farm House
Author/Editor: Atherly, Mary E
Fauna and Flora, Earth and Sky
Author/Editor: Dittmar, Trudy
The Feminist Avant-Garde in American Poetry
Author/Editor: Frost, Elisabeth A
Feminist Fabulation
Author/Editor: Barr, Marleen S
Feminist Rehearsals: Gender at the Theatre in Early Twentieth-Century Argentina and Mexico
Fiction Sets You Free
Author/Editor: Berman, Russell A
Field Guide to Wildflowers of Nebraska and the Great Plains
Author/Editor: Farrar, Jon
Field of Vision
Author/Editor: Knopp, Lisa
Fifty Common Birds of the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Nancy Overcott,Dana Gardner
Fifty Uncommon Birds of the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Dana Gardner,Nancy Overcott
The Fighting Horse of the Stanislaus
Figures of Speech
Author/Editor: Cassedy, Tim
Finding Bix
Author/Editor: Wolfe, Brendan
Fire Road
Author/Editor: Anderson, Donald
First We Read, Then We Write
Author/Editor: Richardson, Robert D
The Fix
Author/Editor: Wells, Lisa
Flight Dreams
Author/Editor: Knopp, Lisa
The Fluency of Light
Author/Editor: Sabatini Sloan, Aisha
The Folks
Author/Editor: Suckow, Ruth
Food Waste, Food Insecurity, and the Globalization of Food Banks
Author/Editor: Daniel N. Warshawsky
Forest and Shade Trees of Iowa
Author/Editor: van der Linden, Peter J.; Farrar, Donald R
For Love of the World
Author/Editor: Paul, Sherman
Form from Form
Author/Editor: Bolin, Christopher
For Single Mothers Working as Train Conductors
Author/Editor: Wolfson, Laura Esther
For Us, What Music?
Author/Editor: Harp, Jerry
Fourteen Landing Zones
Author/Editor: Jason, Philip K
Fragile Giants
Author/Editor: Mutel, Cornelia F
Framing Fan Fiction
Author/Editor: Busse, Kristina
Franklin in His Own Time
Author/Editor: Hayes, Kevin J.; Bour, Isabelle
French Theatre Today
Author/Editor: Turk, Edward Baron
Author/Editor: Michele Glazer
Friendly Fire
Author/Editor: Chetkovich, Kathryn
Frogs and Toads in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: VanDeWalle, Terry
From Androboros to the First Amendment
Author/Editor: Davis, Peter A
From Beacon Hill to the Crystal Palace
Author/Editor: Berbineau, Lorenza Stevens; Kilcup, Karen L
From Blue Mills to Columbia
Author/Editor: Lyftogt, Kenneth L
From Six-on-Six to Full Court Press
Author/Editor: Beran, Janice A
From Warm Center to Ragged Edge
Author/Editor: Lauck, Jon K
Frontier Forts of Iowa
Author/Editor: Whittaker, William E
Full Catastrophe Living
Author/Editor: Savich, Zach
Fuller in Her Own Time
Author/Editor: Myerson, Joel
Full Moon at Noontide
Author/Editor: Putnam, Ann
The Future of Family Farms
Author/Editor: Opheim, Teresa
Gaming Masculinity
Author/Editor: Condis, Megan
Gardening the Amana Way
Author/Editor: Rettig, Lawrence L
Gardening with Native Plants in the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Nauseef, Judy
Garland in His Own Time
Author/Editor: Newlin, Keith
Gary Snyder and the Pacific Rim
Author/Editor: Gray, Timothy
Gathering Noise from My Life
Author/Editor: Anderson, Donald
Genre Fission
Author/Editor: Barr, Marleen S
Gentlemen on the Prairie
Author/Editor: Harnack, Curtis
Ghostly Figures
Author/Editor: Keniston, Ann
The Ghosts of NASCAR
Author/Editor: Havick, John
The Global Frontier: Postwar Travel in American Literature
Author/Editor: ERIC STRAND
Good Apples
Author/Editor: Futrell, Susan
The Good Doctor
Author/Editor: Mates, Susan Onthank
Good Food, Strong Communities
Author/Editor: Ventura, Steve; Bailkey, Martin
Gothic Passages
Author/Editor: Edwards, Justin D
Grammar Lessons
Author/Editor: Morano, Michele
Grand & Arsenal
Author/Editor: Webster, Kerri
Grand Excursions on the Upper Mississippi River
Author/Editor: Roseman & Roseman, Curtis C. & Elizabeth M
Grasses in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: Gardner, Anna B.; Hurst, Michael; Lewis, Deborah
The Great Chain of Life
Author/Editor: Krutch, Joseph Wood
Great Expectation
Author/Editor: Roche, Dan
Green Chili and Other Impostors
Author/Editor: Nina Mukerjee Furstenau
Green, Fair, and Prosperous: Paths to Sustainable Iowa
Author/Editor: Charles E. Connerly
The Greening Of Literary Scholarship
Author/Editor: Rosendale, Steven
Grove Karl Gilbert
Author/Editor: Pyne, Stephen J
Growing Up Ethnic
Author/Editor: Japtok, Martin
Growing Up with the Town
Author/Editor: Schwieder, Dorothy Hubbard
The Guide to Iowa's State Preserves
Author/Editor: Herzberg, Ruth; Pearson, John A
The Guide to Oklahoma Wildflowers
Author/Editor: Folley, Patricia
Half a Million Strong
Author/Editor: Arnold, Gina
Author/Editor: Root, Robert
Author/Editor: Harleman, Ann
Happy Like This
Author/Editor: Wurzbacher, Ashley
Hard Places
Author/Editor: Francaviglia, Richard V
Harvest of Hazards
Author/Editor: Oden, Derek S
Haunted by Waters
Author/Editor: Hayashi, Robert T
Hawthorne in His Own Time
Author/Editor: Bosco, Ronald A; Murphy, Jillmarie
Heart Stays Country
Author/Editor: Lantz, Gary
Heir to the Crescent Moon
Author/Editor: Sufiya Abdur-Rahman
The Hemophiliac's Motorcycle
Author/Editor: Andrews, Tom
Her America
Author/Editor: Glaspell, Susan; Bryan, Patricia L.; Carpentier, Martha C
Here Beneath Low-Flying Planes
Author/Editor: Feitell, Merrill
Heretical Fictions
Author/Editor: BERKOVE, LAWRENCE I.; Csicsila, Joseph
Her Kind of Want
Author/Editor: Davis, Jennifer S
A Hero Perished
Author/Editor: Baender, Paul
Hewing to Experience
Author/Editor: Paul, Sherman
Hidden Prairie: Photographing Life in One Square Meter
Author/Editor: Chris Helzer,Holly Carver
High Ground Coward
Author/Editor: Mountain, Alicia
History Matters
Author/Editor: Sadoff, Ira
History, Memory, and the Literary Left
Author/Editor: Lowney, John
History, Power, and Identity
Author/Editor: Hill, Jonathan D
Hog Wild
Author/Editor: Waltz, Lynn
Home Ice
Author/Editor: Cunningham, Kevin
A Home in the West
Author/Editor: Rockwell, M. Emilia; Wood, Sharon E
Homosexual Tradition in American Poetry
Author/Editor: Martin, Robert K
Hope Isn't Stupid
Author/Editor: Grattan, Sean Austin
A House on Stilts
Author/Editor: Becker, Paula
How to Leave Hialeah
Author/Editor: Crucet, Jennine Capó
How to Live, What to Do
Author/Editor: Richardson, Joan
How to Revise a True War Story
Author/Editor: Young, John K
I Always Carry My Bones
Author/Editor: Felicia Zamora
If I'd Known You Were Coming
Author/Editor: Milliken, Kate
Images of Contemporary Iceland
Author/Editor: Palsson, Gisli; Durrenberger, E. Paul
Images of Germany in American Literature
Author/Editor: Zacharasiewicz, Waldemar
In Defense of Nature
Author/Editor: Hay, John
The Indians of Iowa
Author/Editor: Foster, Lance M
India's Organic Farming Revolution
Author/Editor: Thottathil, Sapna E
Industrial Poetics
Author/Editor: Amato, Joe
In Dylan Town
Author/Editor: Gaines, David
In Earshot of Water
Author/Editor: Lindholdt, Paul
An Influencer's World: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Social Media Influencers and Creators
An Infuriating American
Author/Editor: Crowther, Hal
In Gatsby's Shadow
Author/Editor: Haeg, Larry
In Kind
Author/Editor: Maggie Queeney
Author/Editor: Alexander, Pamela
In Rare Form
Author/Editor: Firstenberger, W. A
In the Memory of the Map
Author/Editor: Norment, Christopher
In the Tree Where the Double Sex Sleeps
Author/Editor: Schlegel, Rob
Intimate With Walt
Author/Editor: Schmidgall, Gary
Intricate Relations
Author/Editor: Weyler, Karen A
Inverse Sky
Author/Editor: Isles, John
Invisible Criticism
Author/Editor: Nadel, Alan
Invisible Darkness
Author/Editor: Larson, Charles R
Invisible Hawkeyes
Author/Editor: Hill, Lena M.; Hill, Michael D
In Visible Movement
Author/Editor: Noel, Urayoan
Author/Editor: Pourciau, Glen
Author/Editor: Schwieder, Dorothy
Iowa Farm in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: Murray, Kirk
Iowa Gems and Minerals in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: Garvin, Paul; Plaut, Anthony
Iowa History Reader
Author/Editor: Bergman, Marvin
The Iowa Lakeside Laboratory
Author/Editor: Lannoo, Michael J
Iowa Past to Present
Author/Editor: Schwieder, Dorothy; Morain, Thomas; Nielsen, Lynn
The Iowa Precinct Caucuses
Author/Editor: Winebrenner, Hugh; Goldford, Dennis J
Iowa Railroads
Author/Editor: Grant, H. Roger
Iowa's Archaeological Past
Author/Editor: Alex, Lynn M
Iowa's Changing Wildlife: Three Decades of Gain and Loss
Author/Editor: James J. Dinsmore ,Stephen J. Dinsmore
An Iowa Schoolma’am
Author/Editor: Gerber, Philip L.; Wright, Charlotte M
An Iowa Schoolma’am: Letters of Elizabeth “Bess" Corey, 1904–1908
Iowa's Forgotten General
Author/Editor: Lyftogt, Kenneth L
Iowa'S Geological Past
Author/Editor: Anderson, Wayne I
Iowa's Remarkable Soils: The Story of Our Most Vital Resource and How We Can Save It
Author/Editor: Kathleen Woida
The Iowa State Fair
Author/Editor: Ullrich, Kurt
Irish on the Move: Performing Mobility in American Variety Theatre
Author/Editor: Michelle Granshaw
Author/Editor: Steinberg, Ellen Fitzsimmons
It's Just the Normal Noises
Author/Editor: Gray, Timothy
The JAB Anthology: Selections from the Journal of Artists' Books, 1994-2020
Author/Editor: Johanna Drucker ,Brad Freeman
James Merrill, Postmodern Magus
Author/Editor: Smith, Evans Lansing
James Van Allen
Author/Editor: Foerstner, Abigail
James Weldon Johnson's Modern Soundscapes
Author/Editor: Morrissette, Noelle
Jazz Country
Author/Editor: Porter, Horace A
The Jefferson Highway
Author/Editor: Henry, Lyell D., Jr
Jefferson in His Own Time
Author/Editor: Hayes, Kevin J
Jews and the Making of Modern German Theatre
Author/Editor: Malkin, Jeanette R.; Rokem, Freddie
Johnny Cash International: How and Why Fans Love the Man in Black
Author/Editor: Michael Hinds,Jonathan Silverman
Khabaar: An Immigrant Journey of Food, Memory, and Family
Author/Editor: Madhushree Ghosh
Kicking Ass in a Corset: Jane Austen’s 6 Principles for Living and Leading from the Inside Out
Author/Editor: Andrea Kayne
The Kindness of Strangers
Author/Editor: TOM LUTZ
The Kind of Things Saints Do
Author/Editor: Valeri, Laura
Kindred Hands
Author/Editor: Cognard-Black, Jennifer; MacLeod Walls, Elizabeth
King James and Letters of Homoerotic Desire
Author/Editor: Bergeron, David M
Kinship with the Land
Author/Editor: Burns, E. Bradford
Kitchen Sink Realisms
Author/Editor: Chansky, Dorothy
Knowing Where It Comes From
Author/Editor: Parasecoli, Fabio
Author/Editor: Webber, Philip E
La Far
Author/Editor: Linsker, Eric
Landscape With Figures
Author/Editor: Ryden, Kent C
The Last Unkillable Thing
Author/Editor: Emily Pittinos
Leaves of Grass, 1860
Author/Editor: Whitman, Walt; Stacy, Jason
Leaving the Pink House
Author/Editor: Randolph, Ladette
Author/Editor: Wheeler, Susan
The Legacy of David Foster Wallace
Author/Editor: Cohen, Samuel; Konstantinou, Lee
The Lengest Neoi
Lester Higata's 20th Century
Author/Editor: Hamby, Barbara
Letters to Kate
Author/Editor: Klaus, Carl H
Liberal Education and the Public Interest
Author/Editor: Freedman, James O
Life and Adventures of Jack Engle
Author/Editor: Whitman, Walt
Life And Death At Paloma
Author/Editor: Quilter, Jeffrey
The Life and Writings of Julio C. Tello
Author/Editor: Burger, Richard L
The Life of a Hunter
Author/Editor: Robinson, Michelle
A Life on the Middle West's Never-Ending Frontier
Author/Editor: Boyd, Willard L
The Lightning Jar
Author/Editor: Felt, Christian
Like a Sea
Author/Editor: Amadon, Samuel
Lincoln in His Own Time
Author/Editor: Bush, Harold K
The Lines
Author/Editor: Varallo, Anthony
A Literary History of Iowa
Author/Editor: Andrews, Clarence A
Literature and the Child
Author/Editor: Mcgavran, James Holt
Little Big World
Author/Editor: Hammond, Jeffrey
A Little Middle of the Night
Author/Editor: Brodak, Molly
Author/Editor: Melissa Crowe
London in a Box
Author/Editor: Johnson, Odai
London's West End Actresses and the Origins of Celebrity Charity, 1880-1920
Author/Editor: Hindson, Catherine
Looking Glasses and Neverlands
Author/Editor: Coats, Karen
Lost and
Author/Editor: Griffin, Jeff
Lost in the Customhouse
Author/Editor: Loving, Jerome
The Lost Region
Author/Editor: Lauck, Jon K
Love amid the Turmoil
Author/Editor: Elder III, Donald C
Love in a Global Village
Author/Editor: Grearson, Jessie Carroll; Smith, Lauren B
The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons
Author/Editor: Slomski, Heather A
Love Song to the Demon-Possessed Pigs of Gadara
Author/Editor: William Fargason
A Lucky American Childhood
Author/Editor: Engle, Paul
Lug Your Careless Body out of the Careful Dusk
Author/Editor: Wilkinson, Joshua Marie
Lungs Full of Noise
Author/Editor: Mellas, Tessa
The Made-Up Self
Author/Editor: Klaus, Carl H
Mad Men Unzipped
Author/Editor: Dill-Shackleford, Karen E.; Vinney, Cynthia; Hogg, Jerri Lynn
Main Street Public Library
Author/Editor: Wiegand, Wayne A
Main Street Revisited
Author/Editor: Francaviglia, Richard V
Making Americans
Author/Editor: Schmidt, Gary D
Making Local Food Work
Author/Editor: Janssen, Brandi
The Making of a Black Scholar
Author/Editor: Porter, Horace A
The Making of Theatrical Reputations
Author/Editor: Zarhy-Levo, Yael
Male Sexuality under Surveillance
Author/Editor: Thompson, Graham
Mapping the Invisible Landscape
Author/Editor: Ryden, Kent C
Marginal Sights
Author/Editor: Moy, James S
Mark Twain Speaking
Author/Editor: Fatout, Paul
Mary Jane's Ghost
Author/Editor: Gregory, Ted
Mass Authorship and the Rise of Self-Publishing
Author/Editor: Laquintano, Timothy
Master Class
Author/Editor: Bunge, Nancy
Author/Editor: Ramke, Bin
May All Your Fences Have Gates
Author/Editor: Nadel, Alan
The Meaning of Rivers
Author/Editor: McMillin, T. S
The Meanings of J. Robert Oppenheimer
Author/Editor: Banco, Lindsey Michael
Meat Makes People Powerful
Author/Editor: Warren, Wilson J
Melodramatic Formations
Author/Editor: Mcconachie, Bruce A
Melville in His Own Time
Author/Editor: Olsen-Smith, Steven
Author/Editor: Wheeler, Susan
Memoirs Of A Cold War Son
Author/Editor: Gaines, Post, Jr
Memorandum from the Iowa Cloud Appreciation Society: A Novel
Author/Editor: Joseph G. Peterson
The Men in My Country
Author/Editor: Abildskov, Marilyn
The Messenger
Author/Editor: Pippin, Stephanie
Author/Editor: Starre, Alexander
Author/Editor: Talbot, Jill
Author/Editor: Wilson, Emily
Millennial Ecuador
Author/Editor: Whitten, Norman E
Millennial Fandom
Author/Editor: Stein, Louisa Ellen
Miss Stephen's Apprenticeship
Author/Editor: Brackenbury, Rosalind
Modern Czech Theatre
Author/Editor: Burian, Jarka M
Modern Hamlets & Soliloquies
Author/Editor: Maher, Mary Z
Molière, the French Revolution, and the Theatrical Afterlife
Author/Editor: Leon, Mechele
Montane Foragers
Author/Editor: Aldenderfer, Mark S
The Most American Thing in America
Author/Editor: Canning, Charlotte M
Moths in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: Durbin, Jim; Olsen, Frank; Jantscher, Tom
Mountains Of Memory
Author/Editor: Scheese, Don
Mushrooms and Other Fungi of the Midcontinental United States
Author/Editor: Huffman, Donald M.; Tiffany, Lois H.; Knaphaus, George
Music for the Melodramatic Theatre in Nineteenth-Century London and New York
Author/Editor: Pisani, Michael V
The Music of Thought in the Poetry of George Oppen and William Bronk
Author/Editor: Weinfield, Henry
Must a Violence
Author/Editor: Buchanan, Oni
My Body To You
Author/Editor: Searle, Elizabeth
My Business Is to Create
Author/Editor: Wilson, Eric G
Myself and Some Other Being
Author/Editor: Robinson, Daniel
The Mythical Bill
Author/Editor: McAuliffe, Jody
Mythical River
Author/Editor: Sevigny, Melissa L
The Myth of Emptiness and the New American Literature of Place
Author/Editor: Harding, Wendy
My Victorians: Lost in the Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: ROBERT CLARK
Narratives, Nerdfighters, and New Media
Author/Editor: Jennifer Burek Pierce
Nathaniel Mackey, Destination Out: Essays on His Work
Author/Editor: Jeanne Heuving
The Natural History of the Snakes and Lizards of Iowa
Author/Editor: Terry VanDeWalle
Natural Selections
Author/Editor: Campana, Joseph
Nature and Culture in the Northern Forest
Author/Editor: Cenkl, Pavel
Necessary Courage
Author/Editor: Soike, Lowell J
Neighboring on the Air
Author/Editor: Birkby, Evelyn
Neocolonial Fictions of the Global Cold War
Author/Editor: Belletto, Steven; Keith, Joseph
Networks of Modernism
Author/Editor: Beal, Wesley
The New Existence
Author/Editor: Michael Collins
New Visions of Community in Contemporary American Fiction
Author/Editor: Michael, Magali Cornier
Night in Erg Chebbi and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Hamlin, Edward
Nineteenth Century Home Architecture of Iowa City: A Silver Anniversary Edition
Author/Editor: MARGARET N. KEYES ,Irving B. Weber
The Ninth Decade: An Octogenarian’s Chronicle
Author/Editor: Carl H. Klaus
Author/Editor: Hemley, Robin
No Such Country
Author/Editor: Lueth, Elmar
Not a Thing to Comfort You
Author/Editor: Wortman-Wunder, Emily
Notations Of The Wild
Author/Editor: Voros, Gyorgyi
No Use Pretending
Author/Editor: Thomas A. Dodson
The Novel and the American Left
Author/Editor: Casey, Janet Galligani
Novel Subjects: Authorship as Radical Self-Care in Multiethnic American Narratives
Author/Editor: LEAH A. MILNE
November Storm
Author/Editor: Oldshue, Robert
Odd Bloom Seen from Space
Author/Editor: Welch, Timothy Daniel
Of Men and Marshes
Author/Editor: Errington, Paul
Of This New World
Author/Editor: Hyde, Allegra
Of Wilderness and Wolves
Author/Editor: Errington, Paul L.; Sivils, Matthew Wynn
Okoboji Wetlands
Author/Editor: Lannoo, Michael J
Old Capitol
Author/Editor: Keyes, Margaret N
On Behalf of the Family Farm
Author/Editor: Devine, Jenny Barker
One Dog Happy
Author/Editor: McNett, Molly
Oneota Flow
Author/Editor: Faldet, David S
The Only Efficient Instrument
Author/Editor: Cane, Aleta Feinsod; Alves, Susan
On Tact, & the Made Up World
Author/Editor: Glazer, Michele
On the Origin of Superheroes
Author/Editor: Gavaler, Chris
On the Shoreline of Knowledge
Author/Editor: Arthur, Chris
On the Viking Trail
Author/Editor: Lago, Don
Oppenheimer Is Watching Me
Author/Editor: Porter, Jeff
The Orange Wire Problem and Other Tales from the Doctor’s Office
Author/Editor: Watts, David
The Orange Wire Problem and Other Tales from the Doctor’s Office
Author/Editor: Watts, David
Origins Of Magnetospheric Physics
Author/Editor: Van Allen, James A
Othello and Interpretive Traditions
Author/Editor: Pechter, Edward
Others Had It Worse
Author/Editor: Covert, Vetra Melrose Padget; Baker, Chris D
Outer Sunset
Out Home
Author/Editor: Madson, John; McIntosh, Michael
Out of the Girls' Room and into the Night
Author/Editor: Thisbe Nissen
Out of This World
Author/Editor: Swander, Mary
Outside Is the Ocean
Author/Editor: Lansburgh, Matthew
Paracritical Hinge
Author/Editor: Mackey, Nathaniel
Patient Listening
Author/Editor: Herwaldt, Loreen