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The Adventures of Cancer Bitch
Author/Editor: Wisenberg, S. L
The Afterlives of Specimens
Author/Editor: Tuggle, Lindsay
The Afterlives of Specimens: Science, Mourning, and Whitman's Civil War
Author/Editor: Lindsay Tuggle
After the End of History
Author/Editor: Cohen, Samuel
After the End of History: American Fiction in the 1990s
Author/Editor: Samuel Cohen
After the Program Era
Author/Editor: Glass, Loren
After the Program Era: The Past, Present, and Future of Creative Writing in the University
Author/Editor: LOREN GLASS
After the West Was Won
Author/Editor: Nelson, Paula M
After the West Was Won: Homesteaders and Town-Builders in Western South Dakota, 1900-1917
Author/Editor: PAULA M. NELSON
Against the Gallows
Author/Editor: Jones, Paul Christian
Against the Gallows: Antebellum American Writers and the Movement to Abolish Capital Punishment
Author/Editor: Paul Christian Jones
Against the Grain
Author/Editor: Dana, Robert
Against the Grain: Interviews with Maverick American Publishers
Author/Editor: Robert Dana
Aggregate of Disturbances
Author/Editor: Glazer, Michele
Alcott in Her Own Time
Author/Editor: Shealy, Daniel
Alcott in Her Own Time: A Biographical Chronicle of Her LIfe, Drawn from Recollections, Interviews, and Memoirs by Family, Friends, and Associates
Author/Editor: Daniel Shealy
All That Work and Still No Boys
Author/Editor: Ma, Kathryn
All Will Yet Be Well
Author/Editor: Bunkers, Suzanne L
All Will Yet Be Well: The Diary of Sarah Gillespie Huftalen, 1873-1952
Author/Editor: Suzanne L. Bunkers
Always Put in a Recipe and Other Tips for Living from Iowa's Best-Known Homemaker
Author/Editor: Birkby, Evelyn
Ambiguity and Gender in the New Novel of Brazil and Spanish America: A Comparative Assessment
Ambiguity and Gender in the New Novel of Brazil and Spanish America
Author/Editor: Payne, Judith A.; Fitz, Earl E
America in the Round
Author/Editor: Galella, Donatella
America in the Round: Capital, Race, and Nation at Washington D.C.'s Arena Stage
American Gothic
Author/Editor: Martin, Robert K.; Savoy, Eric
American Gothic: New Interventions in a National Narrative
Author/Editor: Robert K. Martin,Eric Savoy
The American H.D
Author/Editor: Debo, Annette
American Idyll
Author/Editor: Liu, Catherine
American Idyll: Academic Antielitism as Cultural Critique
Author/Editor: catherine liu
American Literature and Culture in an Age of Cold War
Author/Editor: Belletto, Steven; Grausam, Daniel
American Literature and Culture in an Age of Cold War: A Critical Reassessment
The American Negro Theatre and the Long Civil RIghts Era
Author/Editor: Shandell, Jonathan
American Spikenard
Author/Editor: Vap, Sarah
American Theater in the Culture of the Cold War
Author/Editor: Mcconachie, Bruce A
American Theater in the Culture of the Cold War: Producing and Contesting Containment, 1947-1962
Author/Editor: Bruce McConachie
American Unexceptionalism
Author/Editor: Knapp, Kathy
American Unexceptionalism: The Everyman and the Suburban Novel after 9/11
Author/Editor: Kathy Knapp
Among Friends
Author/Editor: Dewey, Anne; Rifkin, Libbie
Among Friends: Engendering the Social Site of Poetry
Author/Editor: ANNE DEWEY,LIBBIE RIFKIN,Alan Golding,Lynn Keller,Adalaide Morris
Andean Expressions
Author/Editor: Lau, George F
Andean Expressions: Art and Archaeology of the Recuay Culture
Author/Editor: George F. Lau,Katharina Schreiber
And the Monkey Learned Nothing
Author/Editor: Lutz, Tom
And the Monkey Learned Nothing: Dispatches from a Life in Transit
Author/Editor: TOM LUTZ,Patricia Hampl,Carl H. Klaus
Angel De Cora, Karen Thronson, and the Art of Place: How Two Midwestern Women Used Art to Negotiate Migration and Dispossession
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Sutton
Author/Editor: Alvarado, Beth
Anthropologies: A Family Memoir
Author/Editor: Beth Alvarado,Patricia Hampl,Carl H. Klaus
The Anthropology of Iceland
Author/Editor: Durrenberger, E. Paul; Palsson, Gisli
The Archaeological Guide to Iowa
Author/Editor: Whittaker, William E.; Alex, Lynn M.; De La Garza, Mary
Author/Editor: Isles, John
Art Quilts the Midwest
Author/Editor: McCray, Linzee Kull
Ascension Theory
Author/Editor: Bolin, Christopher
Athenian Tragedy in Performance
Author/Editor: Powers, Melinda
Athenian Tragedy in Performance: A Guide to Contemporary Studies and Historical Debates
Author/Editor: Melinda Powers
At the Brink of Infinity
Author/Editor: von der Heydt, James E
At the Brink of Infinity: Poetic Humility in Boundless American Space
Author/Editor: James E. von der Heydt
The Attic
Author/Editor: Harnack, Curtis
The Attic: A Memoir
Author/Editor: Curtis Harnack
Attributed to the Harrow Painter
Author/Editor: Twemlow, Nick
August Wilson
Author/Editor: Nadel, Alan
August Wilson: Completing the Twentieth-Century Cycle
Aussie Fans: Uniquely Placed in Global Popular Culture
Author/Editor: Celia Lam,Jackie Raphael
Author/Editor: Luetkenhaus, Holly; Weinstein, Zoe
Austentatious: The Evolving World of Jane Austen Fans
Author/Editor: Holly Luetkenhaus,Zoe Weinstein,Paul Booth,Katherine Larsen