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Race and Time
Author/Editor: Gray, Janet
Race Sounds
Author/Editor: Furlonge, Nicole Brittingham
Radical Vernacular
Author/Editor: Willis, Elizabeth
Author/Editor: Karras, John; Karras, Ann
The Rainy Season
Author/Editor: Messitt, Maggie
Author/Editor: McCollough, Aaron
The Raptors of Iowa
Author/Editor: Roosa, Dean M; Stravers, Jon W.; Ehresman, Bruce
Raw Goods Inventory
Author/Editor: Rosko, Emily
Raymond Carver
Author/Editor: Halpert, Sam
Reading as Collective Action
Author/Editor: Hengen Fox, Nicholas
Reading as Therapy
Author/Editor: Aubry, Timothy
Reading Capitalist Realism
Author/Editor: Shonkwiler, Alison; La Berge, Leigh Claire
Reading Duncan Reading
Author/Editor: Collis, Stephen; Lyons, Graham
Reading Inca History
Author/Editor: Julien, Catherine
Reading Project
Author/Editor: Pressman, Jessica; Marino, Mark C.; Douglass, Jeremy
Reading the Middle Generation Anew
Author/Editor: Haralson, Eric
Reading The Social Body
Author/Editor: Burroughs, Catherine B
Reconstituting Authority
Author/Editor: Moddelmog, William E
The Recurrence of Fate
Author/Editor: Golub, Spencer Jay
Rediscovering Nancy Drew
Author/Editor: Dyer, Carolyn Stewart
Rediscovering The New World
Author/Editor: Fitz, Earl E
Author/Editor: Gander, Forrest; Kinsella, John
Reflecting the Audience
Author/Editor: Davis, Jim; Emeljanow, Victor
Reforming the World
Author/Editor: Sanchez, Maria Carla
Reinventing the Peabody Sisters
Author/Editor: Elbert, Monika M.; Hall, Julie E.; Rodier, Katharine
Representing the Past
Author/Editor: Canning, Charlotte M.; Postlewait, Thomas
Restoring the Tallgrass Prairie
Author/Editor: Shirley, Shirley
Return to Warden's Grove
Author/Editor: Norment, Christopher
Author/Editor: Schiff, Robyn
Richard Ford and the Ends of Realism
Author/Editor: McGuire, Ian
The Rise of Women Farmers and Sustainable Agriculture
Author/Editor: Sachs, Carolyn; Barbercheck, Mary; Braiser, Kathryn
Roman Holidays
Author/Editor: Martin, Robert K.; Person, Leland S
Author/Editor: Pichaske, David R
The Roots of Theatre
Author/Editor: Rozik, Eli
Rows of Memory
Author/Editor: Sanchez, Saul
Running to the Fire
Author/Editor: Bascom, Tim
A Ruth Suckow Omnibus
Author/Editor: Suckow, Ruth