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If I'd Known You Were Coming
Author/Editor: Milliken, Kate
Images of Contemporary Iceland
Author/Editor: Palsson, Gisli; Durrenberger, E. Paul
Images of Contemporary Iceland: Everyday Lives and Global Contexts
Author/Editor: Gísli Pálsson,E. Paul Durrenberger
Images of Germany in American Literature
Author/Editor: Zacharasiewicz, Waldemar
In Defense of Nature
Author/Editor: Hay, John
The Indians of Iowa
Author/Editor: Foster, Lance M
India's Organic Farming Revolution
Author/Editor: Thottathil, Sapna E
India's Organic Farming Revolution: What It Means for Our Global Food System
Author/Editor: Sapna E. Thottathil
Industrial Poetics
Author/Editor: Amato, Joe
Industrial Poetics: Demo Tracks for a Mobile Culture
Author/Editor: Joe Amato,Alan Golding,Lynn Keller,Adalaide Morris
In Dylan Town
Author/Editor: Gaines, David
In Dylan Town: A Fan's Life
Author/Editor: DAVID GAINES
In Earshot of Water
Author/Editor: Lindholdt, Paul
In Earshot of Water: Notes from the Columbia Plateau
Author/Editor: Paul Lindholdt
An Infuriating American
Author/Editor: Crowther, Hal
An Infuriating American: The Incendiary Arts of H. L. Mencken
Author/Editor: Hal Crowther
In Gatsby's Shadow
Author/Editor: Haeg, Larry
In Gatsby's Shadow: The Story of Charles Macomb Flandrau
Author/Editor: LARRY HAEG
Author/Editor: Alexander, Pamela
In Rare Form
Author/Editor: Firstenberger, W. A
In Rare Form: A Pictorial History of Baseball Evangelist Billy Sunday
Author/Editor: W. A. Firstenberger
In the Memory of the Map
Author/Editor: Norment, Christopher
In the Memory of the Map: A Cartographic Memoir
Author/Editor: Christopher Norment,Patricia Hampl,Carl H. Klaus
In the Tree Where the Double Sex Sleeps
Author/Editor: Schlegel, Rob
Intimate With Walt
Author/Editor: Schmidgall, Gary
Intimate With Walt: Whitmans Conversataions With Horace Traubel
Author/Editor: Gary Schmidgall
Intricate Relations
Author/Editor: Weyler, Karen A
Intricate Relations: Sexual and Economic Desire in American Fiction, 1789-1814
Author/Editor: KAREN A. WEYLER
Inverse Sky
Author/Editor: Isles, John
Invisible Criticism
Author/Editor: Nadel, Alan
Invisible Criticism: Ralph Ellison and the American Canon
Author/Editor: Alan Nadel
Invisible Darkness
Author/Editor: Larson, Charles R
Invisible Darkness: Jean Toomer and Nella Larsen
Author/Editor: Charles R. Larson
Invisible Hawkeyes
Author/Editor: Hill, Lena M.; Hill, Michael D
Invisible Hawkeyes: African Americans at the University of Iowa during the Long Civil Rights Era
In Visible Movement
Author/Editor: Noel, Urayoan
In Visible Movement: Nuyorican Poetry from the Sixties to Slam
Author/Editor: Urayoán Noel,Alan Golding,Lynn Keller,Adalaide Morris
Author/Editor: Pourciau, Glen
Author/Editor: Schwieder, Dorothy
Iowa Farm in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: Murray, Kirk
Iowa Farm in Your Pocket: A Beginner's Guide
Author/Editor: KIRK MURRAY
Iowa Gems and Minerals in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: Garvin, Paul; Plaut, Anthony
Iowa History Reader
Author/Editor: Bergman, Marvin
The Iowa Lakeside Laboratory
Author/Editor: Lannoo, Michael J
The Iowa Lakeside Laboratory: A Century of Discovering the Nature of Nature
Author/Editor: Michael J. Lannoo
Iowa Past to Present
Author/Editor: Schwieder, Dorothy; Morain, Thomas; Nielsen, Lynn
Iowa Past to Present: The People and the Prairie, Revised Third Edition
Author/Editor: Dorothy Schwieder,Thomas Morain,Lynn Nielsen,William B. Friedricks
The Iowa Precinct Caucuses
Author/Editor: Winebrenner, Hugh; Goldford, Dennis J
The Iowa Precinct Caucuses: The Making of a Media Event, Third Edition
Author/Editor: Hugh Winebrenner,Dennis J. Goldford
Iowa Railroads
Author/Editor: Grant, H. Roger
Iowa Railroads: The Essays of Frank P. Donovan, Jr.
Author/Editor: Frank P. Donovan Jr.,H. ROGER GRANT
Iowa's Archaeological Past
Author/Editor: Alex, Lynn M
An Iowa Schoolma’am
Author/Editor: Gerber, Philip L.; Wright, Charlotte M
An Iowa Schoolma’am
Author/Editor: Gerber, Philip L.; Wright, Charlotte M
An Iowa Schoolma’am: Letters of Elizabeth “Bess" Corey, 1904–1908
Iowa's Forgotten General
Author/Editor: Lyftogt, Kenneth L
Iowa's Forgotten General: Matthew Mark Trumbull and the Civil War
Author/Editor: Kenneth L. Lyftogt
Iowa'S Geological Past
Author/Editor: Anderson, Wayne I
Iowa'S Geological Past: Three Billion Years Of Change
Author/Editor: Wayne I. Anderson
The Iowa State Fair
Author/Editor: Ullrich, Kurt
Iowa: The Middle Land
Irish on the Move: Performing Mobility in American Variety Theatre
Author/Editor: Michelle Granshaw
Author/Editor: Steinberg, Ellen Fitzsimmons
Irma: A Chicago Woman's Story, 1871-1966
Author/Editor: Ellen FitzSimmons Steinberg
It's Just the Normal Noises
Author/Editor: Gray, Timothy
It's Just the Normal Noises: Marcus, Guralnick, No Depression, and the Mystery of Americana Music
Author/Editor: Timothy Gray