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Titles start with H (26) Information
Author/Editor: Root, Robert
Author/Editor: Harleman, Ann
Hard Places
Author/Editor: Francaviglia, Richard V
Harvest of Hazards
Author/Editor: Oden, Derek S
Haunted by Waters
Author/Editor: Hayashi, Robert T
Hawthorne in His Own Time
Author/Editor: Bosco, Ronald A; Murphy, Jillmarie
Heart Stays Country
Author/Editor: Lantz, Gary
The Hemophiliac's Motorcycle
Author/Editor: Andrews, Tom
Her America
Author/Editor: Glaspell, Susan; Bryan, Patricia L.; Carpentier, Martha C
Here Beneath Low-Flying Planes
Author/Editor: Feitell, Merrill
Heretical Fictions
Author/Editor: BERKOVE, LAWRENCE I.; Csicsila, Joseph
Her Kind of Want
Author/Editor: Davis, Jennifer S
A Hero Perished
Author/Editor: Baender, Paul
Hewing to Experience
Author/Editor: Paul, Sherman
High Ground Coward
Author/Editor: Mountain, Alicia
History Matters
Author/Editor: Sadoff, Ira
History, Memory, and the Literary Left
Author/Editor: Lowney, John
History, Power, and Identity
Author/Editor: Hill, Jonathan D
Hog Wild
Author/Editor: Waltz, Lynn
Home Ice
Author/Editor: Cunningham, Kevin
A Home in the West
Author/Editor: Rockwell, M. Emilia; Wood, Sharon E
Homosexual Tradition in American Poetry
Author/Editor: Martin, Robert K
Hope Isn't Stupid
Author/Editor: Grattan, Sean Austin
How to Leave Hialeah
Author/Editor: Crucet, Jennine Capó
How to Live, What to Do
Author/Editor: Richardson, Joan
How to Revise a True War Story
Author/Editor: Young, John K