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The Waiting
Author/Editor: Johnson, Megan
Waking Sleeping Beauty
Author/Editor: Trites, Roberta S
Waking Sleeping Beauty: Feminist Voices in Children's Novels
Wallace Stevens And The Apocalyptic Mode
Author/Editor: Woodland, Malcolm
Walt Whitman
Author/Editor: Folsom, Ed
Walt Whitman
Author/Editor: Genoways, Ted
Walt Whitman and the Class Struggle
Author/Editor: Lawson, Andrew
Walt Whitman and the Earth
Author/Editor: Killingsworth, M. Jimmie
Walt Whitman and the Earth: A Study of Ecopoetics
Walt Whitman and the World
Author/Editor: Allen, Gay Wilson; Folsom, Ed
Walt Whitman's Reconstruction
Author/Editor: Buinicki, Martin T
Walt Whitman's Reconstruction: Poetry and Publishing between Memory and History
Author/Editor: Martin T. Buinicki
Walt Whitman's Selected Journalism
Author/Editor: Whitman, Walt; Noverr, Douglas A.; Stacy, Jason
Walt Whitman's Song of Myself
Author/Editor: Miller, Edwin Haviland
Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself": A Mosaic of Interpretations
Walt Whitman's Songs of Male Intimacy and Love
Author/Editor: Erkkila, Betsy; Whitman, Walt
Walt Whitman's Songs of Male Intimacy and Love: "Live Oak, with Moss" and "Calamus"
Author/Editor: Betsy Erkkila,ED FOLSOM
Walt Whitman: The Centennial Essays
Author/Editor: Ed Folsom,Guido Villa
Walt Whitman: The Correspondence, Volume VII
Author/Editor: Ted Genoways,Ed Folsom
Warblers in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: Gardner, Dana
Warblers in Your Pocket: A Guide to Wood-Warblers of the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Dana Gardner
The Water Diviner and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Pietersz Vilhauer, Ruvanee
A Watershed Year
Author/Editor: Mutel, Cornelia F
A Watershed Year: Anatomy of the Iowa Floods of 2008
Author/Editor: Cornelia F. Mutel
Weathering Winter
Author/Editor: Klaus, Carl H
Weathering Winter: A Gardener's Daybook
Author/Editor: Carl H. Klaus
Weaving a Future
Author/Editor: Zorn, Elayne
Weaving a Future: Tourism, Cloth, and Culture on an Andean Island
Author/Editor: ELAYNE ZORN
We Have All Gone Away
Author/Editor: Harnack, Curtis
The West Side of Any Mountain
Author/Editor: Bryson, J. Scott
The West Side of Any Mountain: Place, Space, and Ecopoetry
Author/Editor: J. Scott Bryson
Wet Places at Noon
Author/Editor: Abbott, Lee K
What Counts as Love
Author/Editor: Crotty, Marian
What Happens Next?
Author/Editor: Bauer, Douglas
What Happens Next?: Matters of Life and Death
Author/Editor: Douglas Bauer
What Is Your Quest?
Author/Editor: Salter, Anastasia
What Is Your Quest?: From Adventure Games to Interactive Books
Author/Editor: Anastasia Salter
When Mystical Creatures Attack!
Author/Editor: Founds, Kathleen
When War Becomes Personal
Author/Editor: Anderson, Donald
When War Becomes Personal: Soldiers' Accounts from the Civil War to Iraq
Author/Editor: Donald Anderson
When You Learn the Alphabet
Author/Editor: Allen, Kendra
Where Do Birds Live?
Author/Editor: McGehee, Claudia
Where The Sky Began
Author/Editor: Madson, John
Where The Sky Began: Land of the Tallgrass Prairie
Author/Editor: JOHN MADSON,Dycie Madson
Whitman among the Bohemians
Author/Editor: Levin, Joanna; Whitley, Edward
Whitman and the Irish
Author/Editor: Krieg, Joann P
A Whitman Chronology
Author/Editor: Krieg, Joann P
Whitman & Dickinson
Author/Editor: Athenot, Éric; Miller, Cristanne
Whitman & Dickinson: A Colloquy
Author/Editor: Éric Athenot,Cristanne Miller
Whitman East and West
Author/Editor: Folsom, Ed
Whitman East and West: New Contexts for Reading Walt Whitman
Author/Editor: ED FOLSOM
Whitman Noir
Author/Editor: Wilson, Ivy
Whitman Noir: Black America and the Good Gray Poet
Author/Editor: IVY G. WILSON
The Whitman Revolution: Sex, Poetry, and Politics
Author/Editor: Betsy Erkkila
Whitman's Drift
Author/Editor: Cohen, Matt
Whitman's Drift: Imagining Literary Distribution
Author/Editor: MATT COHEN
Whose World Is This?
Author/Editor: Montgomery, Lee
Wildflowers and Other Plants of Iowa Wetlands, 2nd edition
Author/Editor: Runkel, Sylvan T.; Roosa, Dean M
Wildflowers of Iowa Woodlands
Author/Editor: Runkel, Sylvan T.; Bull, Alvin F
Wildflowers of the Tallgrass Prairie
Author/Editor: Runkel, Sylvan T.; Roosa, Dean M
Wildflowers of the Tallgrass Prairie: The Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Sylvan T. Runkel,Dean M. Roosa,Thomas Rosburg,John Madson
William Gibson and the Future of Contemporary Culture
With Wings Extended: A Leap into the Wood Duck's World
Author/Editor: greg hoch
Wm & H'ry
Author/Editor: Hallman, J. C
Wm & H'ry: Literature, Love, and the Letters between Wiliam and Henry James
Author/Editor: J. C. HALLMAN
Woman Suffrage and Citizenship in the Midwest, 1870-1920
Author/Editor: Egge, Sara
Women Adapting
Author/Editor: Wood, Bethany
Women Adapting: Bringing Three Serials of the Roaring Twenties to Stage and Screen
Author/Editor: Bethany Wood
Women in Agriculture
Author/Editor: Ambrose, Linda M.; Jensen, Joan M
Women in Agriculture: Professionalizing Rural Life in North America and Europe, 1880-1965
Author/Editor: Linda M. Ambrose,Joan M. Jensen
Women, Money, and the Law
Author/Editor: Warren, Joyce W
Women, Money, and the Law: Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Gender, and the Courts
Author/Editor: Joyce W. Warren
Workshops of Empire
Author/Editor: Bennett, Eric
Workshops of Empire: Stegner, Engle, and American Creative Writing during the Cold War
Author/Editor: ERIC BENNETT
Author/Editor: Schiff, Robyn
The WPA Guide to 1930s Iowa
Author/Editor: Federal Writers Project, Joseph Frazier
A Wrestling Life
Author/Editor: Gable, Dan; Schulte, Scott
A Wrestling Life 2
Author/Editor: Gable, Dan
A Wrestling Life 2: More Inspiring Stories of Dan Gable
A Wrestling Life: The Inspiring Stories of Dan Gable
Writing Not Writing
Author/Editor: Fisher, Tom
Writing Not Writing: Poetry, Crisis, and Responsibility
Author/Editor: Tom Fisher
Writing the Lost Generation
Author/Editor: Monk, Craig
Writing the Lost Generation: Expatriate Autobiography and American Modernism
Author/Editor: CRAIG MONK
Writing the Trail
Author/Editor: Lawrence, Deborah
Writing the Trail: Five Women's Frontier Narratives
Author/Editor: Deborah Lawrence
Writing Vietnam, Writing Life
Author/Editor: Herzog, Tobey C
Writing Vietnam, Writing Life: Caputo, Heinemann, O'Brien, Butler
Author/Editor: Tobey C. Herzog