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The Sacred Cause of Union
Author/Editor: Baker, Thomas R
The Sacred Cause of Union: Iowa in the Civil War
Author/Editor: THOMAS R. BAKER
Safe as Houses
Author/Editor: Bertino, Marie-Helene
Salamanders in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: VanDeWalle, Terry
Salamanders in Your Pocket: A Guide to Caudates of the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Terry VanDeWalle,Suzanne L. Collins
Salem Is My Dwelling Place
Author/Editor: Miller, Edwin Haviland
Salem Is My Dwelling Place: Life Of Nathaniel Hawthorne
Author/Editor: Edwin Haviland Miller
Salt Lantern
Author/Editor: Morgan, William Towner
Salt Lantern: Traces of an American Family
Author/Editor: William Towner Morgan
Sarah's Seasons
Author/Editor: Davis, Martha Moore
Sarah's Seasons: An Amish Diary and Conversation
Author/Editor: Martha Moore Davis
The Sawdust Trail
Author/Editor: Sunday, William A
The Sawdust Trail: Billy Sunday in His Own Words
Author/Editor: William A. “Billy” Sunday,Robert F. Martin
The Scientific Nomenclature of Birds in the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Sandrock, James; Prior, Jean C
Screenwriting for Neurotics
Author/Editor: Sublett, Scott Winfield
Screenwriting for Neurotics: A Beginner's Guide to Writing a Feature-Length Screenplay from Start to Finish
Seasons of Plenty
Author/Editor: Hoppe, Emilie
Seasons of Plenty: Amana Communal Cooking
A Secret To Be Burried
Author/Editor: Lensink, Judy Nolte
A Secret To Be Burried: Diary Emily Hawley Gillespie
Author/Editor: Judy Nolte Lensink
See You in the Streets
Author/Editor: Sergel, Ruth
See You in the Streets: Art, Action, and Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Author/Editor: RUTH SERGEL
The Selected Letters of Elizabeth Stoddard
Author/Editor: Putzi, Jennifer; Stockton, Elizabeth
Selected Letters of Walt Whitman
Author/Editor: Miller, Edwin Haviland
A Self Made of Words
Author/Editor: Klaus, Carl H
A Self Made of Words: Crafting a Distinctive Persona in Nonfiction Writing
Author/Editor: CARL H. KLAUS
Sentimental Readers
Author/Editor: Halpern, Faye
Sentimental Readers: The Rise, Fall, and Revival of a Disparaged Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Faye Halpern
Service in a Time of Suspicion
Author/Editor: Sandhoff, Michelle
Service in a Time of Suspicion: Experiences of Muslims Serving in the U.S. Military Post-9/11
Seven Wheelchairs
Author/Editor: Presley, Gary
Seven Wheelchairs: A Life beyond Polio
Author/Editor: Gary Presley
Sex for Sale
Author/Editor: Johnson, Katie N
Sex for Sale: Six Progressive-Era Brothel Dramas
Author/Editor: Katie N. Johnson
Shadow Girl
Author/Editor: Abramson, Deb
Shadow Girl: A Memoir Of Attachment
Author/Editor: Deb Abramson
Shakespeare and Chekhov in Production and Reception
Author/Editor: Tulloch, John
Shakespeare and Chekhov in Production and Reception: Theatrical Events and Their Audiences
Author/Editor: John Tulloch
Shakespeare on the American Yiddish Stage
Author/Editor: Berkowitz, Joel
The Shape of Inca History
Author/Editor: Niles, Susan A
The Shape of Inca History: Narrative and Architecture in an Andean Empire
Author/Editor: Susan A. Niles
A Shared Life
Author/Editor: Soniat, Katherine
Sherlock's World
Author/Editor: McClellan, Ann K
Sherlock's World: Fan Fiction and the Reimagining of BBC's Sherlock
Author/Editor: Ann K. McClellan
Shiny Objects
Author/Editor: Benedict, Dianne
Shrubs and Vines of Iowa
Author/Editor: van der Linden, Peter J.; Farrar, Donald R
Signs in America's Auto Age
Author/Editor: Jakle & Sculle, John A. & Keith A
Signs in America's Auto Age: Signatures of Landscape and Place
Sitting In
Author/Editor: Carruth, Hayden
Sitting In: Selected Writings on Jazz, Blues, and Related Topics
Skull in the Ashes
Author/Editor: Kaufman, Peter
Skull in the Ashes: Murder, a Gold Rush Manhunt, and the Birth of Circumstantial Evidence in America
Author/Editor: PETER KAUFMAN
Sky Dance of the Woodcock
Author/Editor: Hoch, Greg
Sky Dance of the Woodcock: The Habits and Habitats of a Strange Little Bird
Author/Editor: greg hoch
Slavery in American Children's Literature, 1790-2010
Author/Editor: Connolly, Paula T
Small Boat
Author/Editor: Lewis, Lesle
The Small-Town Midwest
Author/Editor: Couch, Julianne
The Small-Town Midwest: Resilience and Hope in the Twenty-First Century
Snakes and Lizards in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: VanDeWalle, Terry
Snakes and Lizards in Your Pocket: A Guide to Reptiles of the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Terry VanDeWalle,Suzanne L. Collins
Social Responsibilities of the Businessman
Author/Editor: Bowen, Howard R
Soft Canons
Author/Editor: Kilcup, Karen L
Soft Canons: American Women Writers
Author/Editor: Karen L. Kilcup
Soldier Boy
Author/Editor: Popchock, Barry
Soldier Boy: The Civil War Letters of Charles O. Musser, 29th Iowa
Author/Editor: Barry Popchock
Soldiers Once and Still
Author/Editor: Vernon, Alex
Soldiers Once and Still: Ernest Hemingway, James Salter, and Tim O'Brien
Solidarity and Survival
Author/Editor: Stromquist, Shelton
Solidarity and Survival: An Oral History of Iowa Labor in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Shelton Stromquist
(some of) The Adventures of Carlyle, My Imaginary Friend
Author/Editor: Hazners, Dainis
something has to happen next
Author/Editor: roberts, andrew michael
Something We Have That They Don't
Author/Editor: Clark & Ford, Steve & Mark
Something We Have That They Don't: British and American Poetic Relations since 1925
Song of Myself
Author/Editor: Whitman, Walt
Song of Myself: With a Complete Commentary
Author/Editor: Walt Whitman,Ed Folsom,Christopher Merrill
A Sourcebook of Nasca Ceramic Iconography
Author/Editor: Proulx, Donald A
A Sourcebook of Nasca Ceramic Iconography: Reading a Culture through Its Art
Author/Editor: DONALD A. PROULX
Author/Editor: Volkman, Karen
Squee from the Margins
Author/Editor: Pande, Rukmini
Squee from the Margins: Fandom and Race
Author/Editor: RUKMINI PANDE
Stagestruck Filmmaker
Author/Editor: Mayer, David
Stagestruck Filmmaker: D. W. Griffith and the American Theatre
Author/Editor: David Mayer
Staging Postcommunism: Alternative Theatre in Eastern and Central Europe after 1989
Author/Editor: Vessela S. Warner,Diana Manole
Stamford '76
Author/Editor: Hart, JoeAnn
Stamford '76: A True Story of Murder, Corruption, Race, and Feminism in the 1970s
Author/Editor: JoeAnn Hart
Standards of Value
Author/Editor: Germana, Michael
Standards of Value: Money, Race, and Literature in America
Author/Editor: Michael Germana
Stanton in Her Own Time
Author/Editor: Baker, Noelle A
Stanton in Her Own Time: A Biographical Chronicle of Her Life, Drawn from Recollections, Interviews, and Memoirs by Family, Friends, and Associates
Author/Editor: Noelle A. Baker
Star Attractions: Twentieth-Century Movie Magazines and Global Fandom
Star Ledger
Author/Editor: Hull, Lynda
Status and Conservation of Midwestern Amphibians
Author/Editor: Lannoo, Michael J
A Store Almost in Sight
Author/Editor: Bremer, Jeff
A Store Almost in Sight: The Economic Transformation of Missouri from the Lousiana Purchase to the Civil War
Author/Editor: JEFF BREMER
Stories From Under The Sky
Author/Editor: Madson, John
Stories We Tell Ourselves
Author/Editor: Herman, Michelle
Stories We Tell Ourselves: "Dream Life" and "Seeing Things"
Author/Editor: Michelle Herman
Stowe in Her Own Time
Author/Editor: Belasco, Susan
Stowe in Her Own Time: A Biographical Chronicle of Her Life, Drawn from Recollections, Interviews, and Memoirs by Family, F
Author/Editor: Susan Belasco
Straight Korean Female Fans and Their Gay Fantasies
Author/Editor: Kwon, Jungmin
Strange Duets
Author/Editor: Marra, Kim
Strange Duets: Impresarios and Actresses in the American Theatre, 1865-1914
Author/Editor: KIM MARRA
Struggling With Iowas Pride
Author/Editor: Warren, Wilson J
Struggling With Iowas Pride: Labor Relations, Unionism, and Politics in the Rural Midwest since 1877
Author/Editor: WILSON J. WARREN
Study for Necessity
Author/Editor: Kwiatek, JoEllen
A Sugar Creek Chronicle
Author/Editor: Mutel, Cornelia F
A Sugar Creek Chronicle: Observing Climate Change from a Midwestern Woodland
Author/Editor: CORNELIA F. MUTEL
Sum of the Parts
Author/Editor: Ryden, Kent C
Sum of the Parts: The Mathematics and Politics of Region, Place, and Writing
Author/Editor: kent c. ryden,wayne franklin
Sunday Houses the Sunday House
Author/Editor: Hughey, Elizabeth
Superhero Thought Experiments
Author/Editor: Gavaler, Chris; Goldberg, Nathaniel
Supplement to “Walt Whitman
Author/Editor: Myerson, Joel
Supplement to “Walt Whitman
Author/Editor: Myerson, Joel
Supplement to “Walt Whitman: A Descriptive Bibliography"
Author/Editor: Joel Myerson
Supply Chain
Author/Editor: Triplett, Pimone
Susan Glaspell's Poetics and Politics of Rebellion
Author/Editor: Jouve, Emeline
Author/Editor: Grearson, Jessie Carroll
Swaying: Essays on Intercultural Love
Author/Editor: Jessie Carroll Grearson,Lauren B. Smith
Sweet Will
Author/Editor: Levine, Philip
System of Ghosts
Author/Editor: Tigue, Lindsay