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Darwin’s Footprint
Author/Editor: Zarimis, Maria
Darwin’s Footprint
Author/Editor: Zarimis, Maria
Debating the Past
Author/Editor: Daskalov, Roumen
Deficit and Debt in Transition
Author/Editor: Istvan Benczes
Defining Latvia: Recent Explorations in History, Culture, and Politics
Author/Editor: Michael Loader ,Siobhan Hearne ,Matthew Kott
The Demise of Yugoslavia
Author/Editor: Mesic, Stipe
Democracy Fatigue: An East European Epidemy
Author/Editor: Carlos García-Rivero
Democratization and the Politics of Constitution-Making in Turkey
Author/Editor: Genckaya, Omer F.; Ozbudun, Ergun
Demographic Avant-Garde
Author/Editor: Vobecka, Jana
Demography and Nation
Author/Editor: Baloutzova, Svetla
Denial and Repression of Anti-Semitism
Author/Editor: Byford, Jovan
Denial and Repression of Antisemitism
Author/Editor: Byford, Jovan
Dilemmas of Dissidence in East-Central Europe
Author/Editor: Falk, Barbara
Discourses of Collective Identity in Central and Southeast Europe 1770–1945, Vol. IV
Author/Editor: Mishkova, Diana; Turda, Marius; Trencsenyi, Balazs
Discussing Hitler
Author/Editor: Tibor, Frank
Disinflation in Transition Economies
Author/Editor: Marek Dabrowski
Divide and Pacify
Author/Editor: Vanhuysse, Pieter
Divide, Provide and Rule
Author/Editor: Zimmermann, Susan
Divine Presence in Spain and Western Europe 1500–1960
Author/Editor: Christian, William A. Jr
Duty to Respond
Author/Editor: Dimitrijevic, Nenad
Dynamics of an Authoritarian System: Hungary, 2010–2021
Author/Editor: Maria Csanádi ,Márton Gerő ,Miklós Hajdu ,Imre Kovách ,Mihály Laki ,István János Tóth
Dynamics of Class and Stratification in Poland
Author/Editor: Tomescu-Dubrow, Irina; Tomescu-Dubrow, Irina; Kjerulf Dubrow, Joshua