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Macroeconomic Policies and the Development of Markets in Transition Economies
Author/Editor: Fabrizio Coricelli
Making A Great Ruler: Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania
Author/Editor: Giedre Mickūnaite
Making and Breaking the Yugoslav Working Class: The Story of Two Self-Managed Factories
Author/Editor: Goran Musić
The Making of a Nation in the Balkans
The Making of Mămăligă: Transimperial Recipes for a Romanian National Dish
Author/Editor: Alex Drace-Francis
Making Sense of Dictatorship: Domination and Everyday Life in East Central Europe after 1945
Author/Editor: Celia Donert ,Ana Kladnik ,Martin Sabrow
The Man of Many Devices, Who Wandered Full Many Ways: Festschrift in Honor of János M. Bak
Author/Editor: Balázs Nagy ,Marcell Sebők
The Many Lives of a Jesuit, Freemason, and Philanthropist: The Story of Töhötöm Nagy
Author/Editor: Éva Petrás
Martin Kačur: The Biography of an Idealist
Author/Editor: Ivan Cankar,John K. Cox
Masterpieces of History
Author/Editor: Blanton, Tom
The Meaning of Liberalism - East and West
Author/Editor: Zdeněk Suda ,Jiří Musil
Measuring Time, Making History
Author/Editor: Hunt, Lynn
Meddling in Middle Europe
Author/Editor: Lojko, Miklos
Media Constrained by Context
Author/Editor: Jusic, Tarik; Irion, Kristina
Media Freedom and Pluralism
Author/Editor: Klimkiewicz, Beata
Media, Nationalism and European Identities
Author/Editor: Jakubowicz, Karol; Sükösd, Miklós
Medicine, Law, and the State in Imperial Russi
Author/Editor: Becker, Elisa M
Memory Crash: Politics of History in and around Ukraine, 1980s–2010s
Author/Editor: Georgiy Kasianov
Men at the Center
Author/Editor: Jordan, William Chester
Minimum Wages in Central and Eastern Europe: From Protection to Destitution
Author/Editor: Guy Standing ,Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead ,The International Labour Office Central and Eastern European Team (ILO-CEET}
Mission Accomplished
Author/Editor: Prochazka, Radoslav
Mobility of Imagination: A companion guide to international cultural cooperation
Author/Editor: DRAGAN KLAIC
Mobilizing Romani Ethnicity: Romani Political Activism in Argentina, Colombia and Spain
Author/Editor: Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka ,Ethel Brooks
Modern Hungarian Society in the Making: The Unfinished Experience
Author/Editor: Ersoy, Ahmet; Gorny, Maciej; Kechriotis, Vangelis
Author/Editor: Ersoy, Ahmet; Gorny, Maciej; Kechriotis, Vangelis
The Moulding of Ukraine
Author/Editor: Wolczuk, Kataryna
Multicultural Cities of the Habsburg Empire, 1880–1914: Imagined Communities and Conflictual Encounters
Multiple Meanings of Gender Equality
Author/Editor: Verloo, Mieke
Muslim Land, Christian Labor
Author/Editor: Anna M. Mirkova