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Saints of the Christianization Age of Central Europe
Author/Editor: Klaniczay, Gabor
Science of the Swastika
Author/Editor: Mees, Bernard
Screening Trafficking
Author/Editor: Hashamova, Yana
Screening Trafficking: Prudent or Perilous
Author/Editor: Yana Hashamova
Secrets and Truth
Author/Editor: Verdery, Katherine
Secrets and Truth, NED - New edition, 1
Author/Editor: Katherine Verdery
Seeking the Best Master: State Ownership in the Varieties of Capitalism
Author/Editor: Miklós Szanyi
Self-Financing Genocide
Author/Editor: Kadar, Gabor; Vagi, Zoltan
Serbian Orthodox Fundamentals
Author/Editor: Mylonas, Christos
Shifting Obsessions: Three Essays on the Politics of Anticorruption
Shortcut or Piecemeal
Author/Editor: Winiecki, Jan
Shortcut or Piecemeal, NED - New edition, 1
Author/Editor: Jan Winiecki
Socialism: An Analysis of Its Past and Future
Author/Editor: Erzsébet Szalai
The Socialist Way of Life in Siberia
Author/Editor: Melissa Chakars
The Socialist Way of Life in Siberia, NED - New edition, 1
Author/Editor: Melissa Chakars
Soviet Occupation of Romania, Hungary, and Austria 1944/45–1948/49, NED - New edition, 1
Author/Editor: Csaba Békés,László Borhi,Peter Ruggenthaler,Ottmar Traşcã,Silke Stern,Alex J. Kay,Matthew William Caples,Cãtãlin Cristoloveanu,Otmar Binder,Julija Schellander
Soviet Occupation of Romania, Hungary, and Austria 1944/45–1948/49
Author/Editor: Bekes, Csaba; Borhi, Laszlo; Ruggenthaler, Peter
Space and Pluralism
Author/Editor: Stefano Moroni,David Weberman
Spirit of the Place
Author/Editor: Gyorgy, Peter
Stalinism Revisited
Author/Editor: Tismaneanu, Vladimir
Stalinism Revisited, NED - New edition, 1
State-building: A Comparative Study of Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia
Author/Editor: Verena Fritz
The Stranger, the Tears, the Photograph, the Touch: Divine Presence in Spain and Europe since 1500
Author/Editor: William A. Christian Jr.
Strengthening Bodies, Building a Nation: The Social History of the Child Health Welfare in Greece (1890–1940)
Author/Editor: Vassiliki Theodorou,Despina Karakatsani
Struggle over Identity
Author/Editor: Bekus, Nelly
Struggle over Identity, NED - New edition, 1
Author/Editor: NELLY BEKUS
Stubborn Structures
Author/Editor: Magyar, Balint
Stubborn Structures: Reconceptualizing Postcommunist Regimes
Author/Editor: Bálint Magyar,Henry E. Hale
Studies on the Illuminated Chronicle
Author/Editor: Bak, Janos; Veszpémi, Laszlo
Subversive Stages
Author/Editor: Ileana Alexandra Orlich