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Safe Third Countries: Extending the EU Asylum and Immigration Policies to Central and Eastern Europe
Author/Editor: Sandra Lavenex
Saints of the Christianization Age of Central Europe
Author/Editor: Klaniczay, Gabor
The Sanctity of the Leaders: Holy Kings, Princes, Bishops and Abbots from Central Europe (11th to 13th Centuries), Ed. CRI - Critical
Author/Editor: Gábor Klaniczay ,Ildikó Csepregi ,Cristian Gaşpar ,János M. Bak ,Nora Berend ,Marina Miladinov [Schumann] ,Gábor Bradács ,Cristian Gaşpar ,Gábor Kla
Science of the Swastika
Author/Editor: Mees, Bernard
Screening Trafficking
Author/Editor: Hashamova, Yana
Secrets and Truth
Author/Editor: Verdery, Katherine
Secularism and Its Ambiguities: Four Case Studies
Author/Editor: Carlo Ginzburg
The Seeds of Triumph: Church and State in Gomulka's Poland
Author/Editor: Hanna Diskin
Seeking the Best Master: State Ownership in the Varieties of Capitalism
Author/Editor: Miklós Szanyi
Self-Financing Genocide
Author/Editor: Kadar, Gabor; Vagi, Zoltan
Serbian Orthodox Fundamentals
Author/Editor: Mylonas, Christos
Shifting Obsessions: Three Essays on the Politics of Anticorruption
Shortcut or Piecemeal
Author/Editor: Winiecki, Jan
Small Privatization: The Transformation of Retail Trade and Consumer Services in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland
Author/Editor: JOHN S. EARLE ,ROMAN FRYDMAN ,ANDRZEJ RAPACZYNSKI ,JOEL TURKEWITZ ,Carla Kruger ,Jan Mládek ,Tatiana Nemeth ,Anthony Sinclair
The Smell of Humans: A Memoir of the Holocaust in Hungary
Author/Editor: Ernő Szép ,John Bátki ,Dezső Tandori
Socialism: An Analysis of Its Past and Future
Author/Editor: Erzsébet Szalai
Socialism, Capitalism, Transformation
The Socialist Way of Life in Siberia
Author/Editor: Melissa Chakars
A Society Transformed: Hungary in Time-Space Perspective
The Soviet Nuclear Archipelago: A Historical Geography of Atomic-Powered Communism
Author/Editor: Per Högselius ,Achim Klüppelberg
Soviet Occupation of Romania, Hungary, and Austria 1944/45–1948/49
Author/Editor: Bekes, Csaba; Borhi, Laszlo; Ruggenthaler, Peter
Space and Pluralism
Author/Editor: Stefano Moroni,David Weberman
A Spectrum of Unfreedom: Captives and Slaves in the Ottoman Empire
Author/Editor: Leslie Peirce
Spirit of the Place
Author/Editor: Gyorgy, Peter
Staged Otherness: Ethnic Shows in Central and Eastern Europe, 1850–1939
Stalinism Revisited
Author/Editor: Tismaneanu, Vladimir
Stalin's Italian Prisoners of War
Author/Editor: Maria Teresa Giusti ,Riccardo James Vargiu
State Anti-Intellectualism and the Politics of Gender and Race: Illiberal France and Beyond
Author/Editor: Éric Fassin
State-building: A Comparative Study of Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia
Author/Editor: Verena Fritz
Steamboat Modernity: Travel, Transport, and Social Transformation on the Lower Danube, 1830–1860
Author/Editor: Constantin Ardeleanu ,James Christian Brown
The Stranger, the Tears, the Photograph, the Touch: Divine Presence in Spain and Europe since 1500
Author/Editor: William A. Christian Jr.
Strengthening Bodies, Building a Nation: The Social History of the Child Health Welfare in Greece (1890–1940)
Author/Editor: Vassiliki Theodorou,Despina Karakatsani
Struggle over Identity
Author/Editor: Bekus, Nelly
Stubborn Structures
Author/Editor: Magyar, Balint
Studies on the Illuminated Chronicle
Author/Editor: Bak, Janos; Veszpémi, Laszlo
Subversive Stages
Author/Editor: Ileana Alexandra Orlich
Sugarland: The Transformation of the Countryside in Communist Albania
Author/Editor: Artan R. Hoxha
Survival under Dictatorships: Life and Death in Nazi and Communist Regimes
Author/Editor: LÁSZLÓ BORHI