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Races to Modernity: Metropolitan Aspirations in Eastern Europe, 1890–1940
Author/Editor: Jan C. Behrends,Martin Kohlrausch
Reassessing Communism: Concepts, Culture, and Society in Poland 1944–1989
Author/Editor: Katarzyna Chmielewska ,Agnieszka Mrozik ,Grzegorz Wołowiec
Reflections on the Russian Soul: A Memoir
Author/Editor: Dmitry S. Likhachev
Regenerating Japan
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Gregory
Regionalism without Regions: Reconceptualizing Ukraine’s Heterogeneity
Author/Editor: Ulrich Schmid,Oksana Myshlovska
Religion in the New Europe
Author/Editor: Krzysztof Michalski
Remembering Communism
Author/Editor: Maria Todorova
Remembrance, History, and Justice
Author/Editor: Tismaneanu, Vladimir; Iacob, Bogdan C
Repatriating Karl Polanyi: Market Society in the Visegrád States
Author/Editor: Chris Hann
Resolving International Conflicts
Author/Editor: Peter Hay,Lajos Vékás,Yehuda Elkana,Nenad Dimitrijevic
Rethinking Open Society
Author/Editor: Ignatieff, Michael; Roch, Stefan
Rethinking the Rule Of Law After Communism
Author/Editor: Adam Czarnota,Martin Krygier,Wojciech Sadurski
The Rise of Comparative History
Author/Editor: Balázs Trencsényi ,Constantin Iordachi ,Péter Apor
The Rise of Populist Nationalism: Social Resentments and Capturing the Constitution in Hungary
Author/Editor: Margit FeischMidt,Balázs Majtényi
Rolling Transition and the Role of Intellectuals: The Case of Hungary
Author/Editor: András Bozóki
The Roma - A Minority in Europe
Author/Editor: Stauber, Roni; Vago, Raphael
Roma- Gypsy Presence in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Author/Editor: Mroz, Lech
The Roma in Romanian History
Author/Editor: Achim, Viorel
Romani Liberation: A Northern Perspective on Emancipatory Struggles and Progress
Author/Editor: Jan Selling ,Nicoleta Bitu ,Soraya Post ,Hans Caldaras
Romanov Empire and Nationalism
Author/Editor: Miller, Alexei
Royal Fraud: The Story of Albania’s First and Last King
Author/Editor: Robert C. Austin
Rural Unrest during the First Russian Revolution
Author/Editor: Miller, Burton Richard
Russian Foreign Policy in Transition: Concepts and Realities
Author/Editor: Andrei Melville,Tatiana Shakleina
Russia on the Danube: Empire, Elites, and Reform in Moldavia and Wallachia, 1812–1834
Author/Editor: Victor Taki
Russia's Imperial Endeavor and Its Geopolitical Consequences: The Russia-Ukraine War, Volume Two
Author/Editor: Bálint Madlovics ,Bálint Magyar