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Early Jewish Cookbooks: Essays on the History of Hungarian Jewish Gastronomy
Author/Editor: András Koerner ,Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
The Edges of the Medieval World
Author/Editor: Jaritz, Gerhard
Elections and Political Order in Russia: The implications of the 1993 elections to the Federal Assembly
Author/Editor: PETER LENTINI
Embracing Arms
Author/Editor: Hashamova, Yana; Goscilo, Helena
Emotion and Devotion
Author/Editor: Rubin, Miri
Emotions in History – Lost and Found
Author/Editor: Frevert, Ute
An Empire of Others
Author/Editor: Cvetkovski, Roland; Hofmeister, Alexis
The End and the Beginning
Author/Editor: Tismaneanu, Vladimir; Iacob, Bogdan C
Enemies for a Day
Author/Editor: Staliunas, Darius
Engineering European Unity: The Quest for the Right Solution Across Centuries
Author/Editor: Éva Bóka
Engineering the Lower Danube: Technology and Territoriality in an Imperial Borderland, Late Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Author/Editor: Luminita Gatejel
Entangled Paths Toward Modernity
Author/Editor: Dimou, Augusta
Enterprise Exit Processes in Transition Economies: Downsizing, Workouts, and Liquidation
Author/Editor: Leszek Balcerowicz ,Cheryl W. Gray ,Iraj Hoshi
Environmental Assessment in Countries in Transintion
Author/Editor: Ed Bellinger ,Norman Lee ,Clive George ,Anca Paduret
Estonian Life Stories
Author/Editor: Kirss, Tiina
The Eugenic Fortress
Author/Editor: Tudor Georgescu,Marius Turda
Eurasian Integration and the Russian World
Author/Editor: Kazharski, Aliaksei
Evaluating Science and Scientists
Author/Editor: Mark S. Frankel ,Jane Cave
Everyday Life under Communism and After: Lifestyle and Consumption in Hungary, 1945–2000
Author/Editor: Tibor Valuch ,Maya J. Lo Bello
Expanding Intellectual Property
Author/Editor: Hannes Siegrist,Augusta Dimou
Explaining Economic Backwardness: Post1945 Polish Historians on Eastern Europe
Author/Editor: Anna Sosnowska
Exploring the World of Human Practice
Author/Editor: Balazs, Zoltan
Exposed Memories
Author/Editor: Ban, Zsofia; Turai, Hedvig