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Narratives of Adversity
Author/Editor: Shore, Paul; Savranskaya, Svetlana; Zubok, Vladislav
Narratives of Exile and Identity
Author/Editor: Balkelis, Tomas; Davoulite, Violeta
Narratives Unbound
Author/Editor: Antohi, Sorin; Trencsenyi, Balazs; Apor, Peter
Natalija: Life in the Balkan Powder Keg, 1880–1956
Author/Editor: Natalija Matić Zrnić,Jill A. Irvine,Carol S. Lilly
Nationalism and Terror
Author/Editor: Adriano, Pino; Cingolani, Giorgo
Nationalism and the Economy
Author/Editor: Berger, Stefan; Fetzer, Thomas
Nationalizing Empires
Author/Editor: Berger, Stefan; Miller, Alexei
National Romanticism
Author/Editor: Trencsenyi, Balazs; Kopecek, Michal
Nation and Migration: How Citizens in Europe Are Coping with Xenophobia
Author/Editor: György Csepeli ,Antal Örkény
Nation, Language, Islam
Author/Editor: Faller, Helen
Negotiating Marian Apparitions
Author/Editor: Halemba, Agnieszka
The Neopopular Bubble
Author/Editor: Péter Csigó
New Jewish Identities: Contemporary Europe and Beyond
Author/Editor: Zvi Gitelman,Barry Kosmin,András Kovács
Night and Fog
Author/Editor: John K. Cox
The Nonconformists
Author/Editor: Miller, Nick
Not Only the Market
Author/Editor: Martin Potůček