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Ideologies and National Identities (PDF)  
Author/Editor: Lampe, John; Mazower
The Illuminated Chronicle: Chronicle of the Deeds of the Hungarians from the Fourteenthcentury
Author/Editor: János M. Bak,László Veszprémy,Norbert Kersken,FRANK SCHAER
Imperfection and Defeat
Author/Editor: Nemoianu, Virgil
Imperfection and Defeat, NED - New edition, 1
Author/Editor: Virgil Nemoianu
Imperial Rule
Author/Editor: Miller, Alexei
Imperial Rule, NED - New edition, 1
Author/Editor: Alexei Miller,Alfred J. Rieber
In a Maelstrom
Author/Editor: Hetényi, Zsuzsa
In a Maelstrom, NED - New edition, 1
Author/Editor: Zsuzsa Hetényi
The Inauguration of “Organized Political Warfare”
Author/Editor: Kadar-Lynn, Katalin
In Search of “Aryan Blood”
Author/Editor: Boaz, Rachel E
In Search of “Aryan Blood”, NED - New edition, 1
Author/Editor: Rachel E. Boaz
In Search of the Budapest Secession
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Taylor
Institutional trust and economic policy Lessons from the history of the Euro 
Author/Editor: Gyorffy, Dora
The Invisible Shining
Author/Editor: Apor, Balazs
The Invisible Shining: The Cult of Mátyás Rákosi in Stalinist Hungary, 19451956
Author/Editor: BALÁZS APOR
Isaac, Iphigeneia, and Ignatius
Author/Editor: Monika Pesthy-Simon
Author/Editor: Sharfi
Islam, NED - New edition, 1
Author/Editor: Abdelmajid Sharfi
Isolated Islands
Author/Editor: Jaritz, Gerhard
Isolated Islands, NED - New edition, 1
Author/Editor: Torstein Jørgensen,Gerhard Jaritz