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The Harbour of all this Sea and Realm: Crusader to Venetian Famagusta
Author/Editor: Michael J.K. Walsh,Tamás Kiss,Nicholas S.H. Coureas
The Harmonization of Civil and Commercial Law in Europe
Author/Editor: Pasa, barbara; Benacchio, Gian Antonio
Health, Hygiene and Eugenics in Southeastern Europe to 1945
Author/Editor: Promitzer, Christian; Trubeta, Sevasti; Turda, Marius
Heroes and Villains
Author/Editor: Marples, David
Higher Education and the American Dream
Author/Editor: Lazerson, Marvin
The Historical Construction of National Consciousness: Selected Writings
Author/Editor: Jenő Szűcs ,Gábor Klaniczay ,Balázs Trencsényi ,Gábor Gyáni
History and Myth in Romanian Consciousness
Author/Editor: Lucian Boia
History in My Life
Author/Editor: Berend, Ivan T
A History of East European Jews
Author/Editor: Haumann, Heiko
History of the Bishops of Salona and Split
Author/Editor: Karbic
Hitler's Library
Author/Editor: Miskolczy, Ambrus
The Holocaust in Hungary
Author/Editor: Braham, Randolph L.; Kovacs, Andras
Hot books in the cold war 
Author/Editor: Reisch, Alfred
Hot books in the cold war 
Author/Editor: Reisch, Alfred
The House of a Thousand Floors
Author/Editor: Jan Weiss,Alexandra Büchler
How They Lived
Author/Editor: Koerner, Andras
How they lived (2): The Everyday Lives of Hungarian Jews
Author/Editor: András Koerner
Hungarian Culture and Politics in the Habsburg Monarchy 1711-1848
Author/Editor: Gábor Vermes
The Hungarian Patient
Author/Editor: Krasztev, Peter; Til, Jon Van
Hungarians and Europe in the Early Middle Ages: An Introduction to Early Hungarian History
Author/Editor: ANDRÁS RÓNA-TAS
Hungary in the Cold War, 1945-1956
Author/Editor: Borhi, Laszlo
Hybrid Renaissance
Author/Editor: Peter Burke