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Abstracts and Abstracting
Author/Editor: Tibor Koltay
Academic and Professional Publishing
Author/Editor: Robert Campbell,Ed Pentz,Ian Borthwick
Academic Branch Libraries in Changing Times
Author/Editor: Nevenka Zdravkovska
Academic Libraries in the US and China
Author/Editor: Hanrong Wang,Bethany Latham,Charlcie Pettway Vann,Zhengjun Wang,Xuan Xu,Shaorong Liu
The Academic Research Library in a Decade of Change
Author/Editor: Reg Carr
Achieving Transformational Change in Academic Libraries
Author/Editor: Stephen Mossop
Acquisitions Go Global
Author/Editor: Jim Agee
Acrylamide and other hazardous compounds in heat-treated foods
Author/Editor: K. Skog; J. Alexander
Active Learning Techniques for Librarians
Author/Editor: Andrew Walsh,Padma Inala
Adhesive bonding
Author/Editor: R. D. Adams
Adhesives in marine engineering
Author/Editor: Jan R. Weitzenböck
The Adolescent Novel
Author/Editor: Maureen Nimon,John Foster
Advanced adhesives in electronics
Author/Editor: M. O. Alam; C. Bailey
Advanced applied finite element methods
Author/Editor: Carl T. F. Ross
Advanced civil infrastructure materials
Author/Editor: Hwai Chung Wu
Advanced Composites in Bridge Construction and Repair
Author/Editor: Yail J. Kim
Advanced direct injection combustion engine technologies and development
Author/Editor: Hua Zhao
Advanced direct injection combustion engine technologies and development
Author/Editor: Hua Zhao
Advanced engineering design
Author/Editor: Efrén Moreno Benavides
Advanced fiber spinning technology
Author/Editor: T Nakajima
Advanced fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for structural applications
Author/Editor: Jiping Bai
Advanced materials in automotive engineering
Author/Editor: Jason Rowe
Advanced membrane science and technology for sustainable energy and environmental applications
Author/Editor: Angelo Basile; Suzana Pereira Nunes
Advanced piezoelectric materials
Author/Editor: Kenji Uchino
Advanced polymer composites for structural applications in construction
Author/Editor: L. C. Hollaway; M. K. Chryssanthopoulos; S. S. J. Moy
Advanced power plant materials, design and technology
Author/Editor: Dermot Roddy
Advanced Renewable Energy Systems
Author/Editor: S. C. Bhatia
Advanced separation techniques for nuclear fuel reprocessing and radioactive waste treatment
Author/Editor: Kenneth L. Nash; Gregg J. Lumetta
Advanced textiles for wound care
Author/Editor: S. Rajendran
Advanced welding processes
Author/Editor: John Norrish
Advanced wound repair therapies
Author/Editor: David Farrar
Advances in apparel production
Author/Editor: Catherine Fairhurst
Advances in aquaculture hatchery technology
Author/Editor: Geoff Allan,Gavin Burnell
Advances in biodiesel production
Author/Editor: Rafael Luque; Juan A. Melero
Advances in Biorefineries
Author/Editor: Keith Waldron
Advances in brazing
Author/Editor: Dušan P. Sekulić
Advances in carpet manufacture
Author/Editor: K. K. Goswami
Advances in ceramic matrix composites
Author/Editor: I. M. Low
Advances in clean hydrocarbon fuel processing
Author/Editor: M. Rashid Khan
Advances in Fermented Foods and Beverages
Author/Editor: Wilhelm Holzapfel
Advances in filament yarn spinning of textiles and polymers
Author/Editor: Dong Zhang
Advances in fire retardant materials
Author/Editor: A. R. Horrocks; D. Price
Advances in Hydrogen Production, Storage and Distribution
Author/Editor: Angelo Basile,Adolfo Iulianelli
Advances in knitting technology
Author/Editor: K. F. Au
Advances in laser materials processing
Author/Editor: J. Lawrence
Advances in lipid methodology
Author/Editor: William W. Christie
Advances in lipid methodology
Author/Editor: Richard O. Adlof
Advances in lipid methodology
Author/Editor: William W. Christie
Advances in Magnetic Resonance in Food Science
Author/Editor: P. S. Belton; B. P. Hills; G. A. Webb
Advances in marine antifouling coatings and technologies
Author/Editor: Claire Hellio; Diego Yebra
Advances in meat, poultry and seafood packaging
Author/Editor: J. P. Kerry
Advances in microbial food safety
Author/Editor: John Sofos
Advances in military textiles and personal equipment
Author/Editor: E. Sparks
Advances in Non-volatile Memory and Storage Technology
Author/Editor: Yoshio Nishi
Advances in polymer nanocomposites
Author/Editor: Fengge Gao
Advances in polymer processing
Author/Editor: Sabu Thomas; Yang Weimin
Advances in powder metallurgy
Author/Editor: Isaac Chang,Yuyuan Zhao
Advances in science and technology of Mn+1AXn phases
Author/Editor: I.M. Low
Advances in shape memory polymers
Author/Editor: Jinlian Hu
Advances in structural adhesive bonding
Author/Editor: David A. Dillard
Advances in textile biotechnology
Author/Editor: V. A. Nierstrasz; A. Cavaco-Paulo
Advances in the dyeing and finishing of technical textiles
Author/Editor: M. L. Gulrajani
Advances in wind turbine blade design and materials
Author/Editor: Povl Brøndsted,Rogier P. L. Nijssen
Advances in wool technology
Author/Editor: N. A. G. Johnson; I. M. Russell
Advances in wrought magnesium alloys
Author/Editor: Colleen Bettles; Matthew Barnett
Advances in yarn spinning technology
Author/Editor: C. A. Lawrence
Aerodynamic measurements
Author/Editor: Giuseppe P. Russo
Ageing of composites
Author/Editor: Rod Martin
Agri-Food Quality II: Quality Management of Fruits and Vegetables
Author/Editor: M. Hägg; R. Ahvenainen; A. M. Evers; K. Tiilikkala
Aircraft system safety
Author/Editor: Duane Kritzinger
The air engine
Author/Editor: Allan J. Organ
The air transport system
Author/Editor: Mike Hirst
Alcoholic beverages
Author/Editor: John Piggott
Alkyl Polyglucosides
Author/Editor: I<span style="font-variant: small-caps">vana</span> P<span style="font-variant: small-caps">antelic</span>
Allergens and respiratory pollutants
Author/Editor: Marc A. Williams
The alloy tree
Author/Editor: J. C. M. Farrar
Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicle Technologies for Improved Environmental Performance
Author/Editor: Richard Folkson
Amine unit corrosion in refineries
Author/Editor: J. D. Harston; F. Ropital
Analysis and design of plated structures
Author/Editor: N. E. Shanmugam; C. M. Wang
Analysis and design of plated structures
Author/Editor: N. E. Shanmugam; C. M. Wang
Analysis of engineering structures
Author/Editor: Branko S. Bedenik,Colin B. Besant
Analytical electrochemistry in textiles
Author/Editor: P. Westbroek; G. Priniotakis; P. Kiekens
Analytical methods for food additives
Author/Editor: Roger Wood; Lucy Foster; Andrew Damant; Pauline Key
Animal feed contamination
Author/Editor: Johanna Fink-Gremmels
Annotating new genes
Author/Editor: Shizuka Uchida
Anthropometry, apparel sizing and design
Author/Editor: Deepti Gupta,Norsaadah Zakaria
Antioxidants in food
Author/Editor: Jan Pokorny; Nedyalka Yanishlieva; Michael Gordon
Antioxidants in food and biology
Author/Editor: Edwin N. Frankel
Antioxidants in science, technology, medicine and nutrition
Author/Editor: Gerald Scott
Applications of ATILA FEM software to smart materials
Author/Editor: Kenji Uchino; Jean-Claude Debus
Applications of nonwovens in technical textiles
Author/Editor: R. A. Chapman
Applied elasticity
Author/Editor: John D. Renton
Architectural glass to resist seismic and extreme climatic events
Author/Editor: Richard A. Behr
Author/Editor: Sue McKemmish,Michael Piggott,Barbara Reed,Frank Upward
Archives and Societal Provenance
Author/Editor: Michael Piggott
Arc welding control
Author/Editor: Pan Jiluan
Artificial cells, cell engineering and therapy
Author/Editor: S. Prakash
The ART of People Management in Libraries
Author/Editor: James McKinlay,Vicki Williamson
Asia in the Global ICT Innovation Network
Author/Editor: Daniel Nepelski,Giuditta De Prato,Jean Paul Simon
Asian Business Groups
Author/Editor: Michael Carney
Assessing the Environmental Impact of Textiles and the Clothing Supply Chain
Author/Editor: Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu
Atlas of Fibre Fracture and Damage to Textiles
Author/Editor: J.W.S. Hearle; B. Lomas; W.D. Cooke
Auditing in the food industry
Author/Editor: Mike Dillon; Chris Griffith
Australian Library Supervision and Management
Author/Editor: Roy Sanders