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Labour Disputes and their Resolution in China
Author/Editor: Jie Shen
Laser Cooling of Solids
Author/Editor: S.V. Petrushkin; V.V. Samartsev
Laser growth and processing of photonic devices
Author/Editor: Nikolaos A. Vainos
Lasers for medical applications
Author/Editor: Helena Jelínková
Laser shock peening
Author/Editor: K. Ding; L. Ye
Laser spectroscopy for sensing
Author/Editor: Matthieu Baudelet
Laser surface modification of alloys for corrosion and erosion resistance
Author/Editor: Chi Tat Kwok
Laser welding
Author/Editor: Christopher Dawes CEng
Law Firm Librarianship
Author/Editor: John Azzolini
Law, Libraries and Technology
Author/Editor: Mark Van Hoorebeek
Lawrie's meat science
Author/Editor: R. A. Lawrie; D. A. Ledward
Leadership and Management of Quality in Higher Education
Author/Editor: Chenicheri Sid Nair,Len Webster,Patricie Mertova
Leadership in Academic and Public Libraries
Author/Editor: Petra Düren
Leadership in Libraries
Author/Editor: Kumaran Maha
A Leadership Primer for New Librarians
Author/Editor: Suzanne Byke,Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen
Lean biomanufacturing
Author/Editor: Nigel J. Smart
Learning Commons
Author/Editor: Barbara Schader
The Lessons Learned Handbook
Author/Editor: Nick Milton
Leveraging information technology for optimal aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)
Author/Editor: Anant Sahay
A Librarian's Guide on How to Publish
Author/Editor: Sre?ko Jeluši?,Ivanka Stri?evi?
The Librarian’s Guide to Academic Research in the Cloud
Author/Editor: Steven Ovadia
A Librarian's Guide to the Internet
Author/Editor: Jeanne F Muller
Librarianship and Human Rights
Author/Editor: Toni Samek
Librarians of Babel
Author/Editor: Paola De Castro
Libraries and Archives
Author/Editor: Tomas Lidman
Libraries and Identity
Author/Editor: Joacim Hansson
Libraries and Society
Author/Editor: David Baker,Wendy Evans
Libraries for Users
Author/Editor: Luisa Alvite,Leticia Barrionuevo
Libraries in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Stuart Ferguson
Library and Information Science Research in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Ibironke Lawal
Library Classification Trends in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Rajendra Kumbhar
Library Management
Author/Editor: Ravonne A Green
Library Performance and Service Competition
Author/Editor: Larry Nash White
Library Project Funding
Author/Editor: Julie Carpenter
Library Scholarly Communication Programs
Author/Editor: Isaac Gilman
Library Technology and User Services
Author/Editor: Anthony Chow,Tim Bucknall
Library Web Ecology
Author/Editor: Jacquelyn Marie Erdman
Licensing and Managing Electronic Resources
Author/Editor: Becky Albitz
Lifetime nutritional influences on cognition, behaviour and psychiatric illness
Author/Editor: David Benton
Lightweight ballistic composites
Author/Editor: Ashok Bhatnagar
Linear differential and difference equations
Author/Editor: R. M. Johnson
Lipid analysis
Author/Editor: William W. Christie; Xianlin Han
Lipid glossary 2
Author/Editor: Frank D. Gunstone,Bengt G. Herslöf
Lipid oxidation
Author/Editor: Edwin N. Frankel
Author/Editor: Kåre Larsson; Peter Quinn; Kiyotaka Sato; Fredrik Tiberg
Lipids for functional foods and nutraceuticals
Author/Editor: Frank D. Gunstone
Lipids in Health and Nutrition
Author/Editor: J.H.P. Tyman
Lipids in nutrition and health
Author/Editor: Michael I. Gurr
Liquid Moulding Technologies
Author/Editor: C D Rudd; A C Long; K N Kendall; C G E Mangin
Local Community in the Era of Social Media Technologies
Author/Editor: Hui-lan H Titangos
Local probe techniques for corrosion research
Author/Editor: R. Oltra; V. Maurice; R. Akid; P. Marcus
Local Strain and Temperature Measurements in Non-Uniform Fields At Elevated Temperatures
Author/Editor: J. Ziebs; J. Bressers; H. Frenz; D.R. Hayhurst; H. Klingelhöffer; S. Forest
Lockhart and Wiseman's crop husbandry
Author/Editor: H. J. S. Finch; A. M. Samuel; G. P. F. Lane
Lockhart & Wiseman’s Crop Husbandry Including Grassland
Author/Editor: H. J. S. Finch,A. M. Samuel,G. P. F. Lane
Long-chain omega-3 specialty oils
Author/Editor: Harald Breivik
Long-Term Commitment, Trust and the Rise of Foreign Banking in China
Author/Editor: Qing Lu
<i>In situ</i> characterization of thin film growth
Author/Editor: Gertjan Koster; Guus Rijnders