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The Machiavellian Librarian
Author/Editor: Melissa, K. Aho,Erika Bennett
Machine learning and data mining
Author/Editor: Igor Kononenko; Matjaž Kukar
Machining and machine-tools
Author/Editor: J Paulo Davim
Machining technology for composite materials
Author/Editor: H. Hocheng
Author/Editor: Frank P. Davidson,Ernst G. Frankel,C. Lawrence Meador
Macro-Engineering and the Earth
Author/Editor: Uwe Kitzinger,Ernst G. Frankel
The Maillard Reaction in Foods and Medicine
Author/Editor: John O'Brien; Harry E. Nursten; M. James C. Crabbe; Jennifer M. Ames
Maillard Reactions in Chemistry, Food and Health
Making a Collection Count
Author/Editor: Holly Hibner,Kelly Mary
Making a Collection Count
Author/Editor: Holly Hibner,Mary Kelly
Making the most of HACCP
Author/Editor: Tony Mayes; Mortimore Sara
Management Education in Japan
Author/Editor: Norio Kambayashi,Masaya Morita
Management of Information Organizations
Author/Editor: Waseem Afzal
Management of technology systems in garment industry
Author/Editor: Gordana Colovic
Management, recycling and reuse of waste composites
Author/Editor: Vannessa Goodship
Managing allergens in food
Author/Editor: Clare Mills; Harry Wichers; Karin Hoffmann-Sommergruber
Managing and Supporting Student Diversity in Higher Education
Author/Editor: Robyn Benson,Margaret Heagney,Lesley Hewitt,Glenda Crosling,Anita Devos
Managing Archives
Author/Editor: Caroline Williams
Managing Burnout in the Workplace
Author/Editor: Nancy McCormack,Catherine Cotter
Managing Change and People in Libraries
Author/Editor: Tinker Massey
Managing Electronic Resources
Author/Editor: Peter M Webster
Managing Foreign Research and Development in the People's Republic of China
Author/Editor: Zheng Han
Managing frozen foods
Author/Editor: Christopher J. Kennedy
Managing Image Collections
Author/Editor: Margot Note
Managing Intellectual Capital in Libraries
Author/Editor: Petros Kostagiolas
Managing nuclear projects
Author/Editor: Jas Devgun
Managing People Globally
Author/Editor: Chris Rowley,Wes Harry
Managing Risks of Nitrates to Humans and the Environment
Author/Editor: W.S. Wilson; A.S. Ball; R.H. Hinton
Managing Social Media in Libraries
Author/Editor: Troy A Swanson
Managing Wastes from Aluminium Smelter Plants
Author/Editor: B. Mazumder; B. K. Mishra
Managing wine quality
Author/Editor: Andrew G. Reynolds
Managing wine quality
Author/Editor: Mansel W. Griffiths
Managing Your Library and its Quality
Author/Editor: Núria Balagué,Jarmo Saarti
Manifold theory
Author/Editor: Daniel Martin
Manley's technology of biscuits, crackers and cookies
Author/Editor: Duncan Manley
Manufacturing techniques for polymer matrix composites (PMCs)
Author/Editor: Suresh G. Advani; Kuang-Ting Hsaio
Maraging steels
Author/Editor: Wei Sha; Zhanli Guo
Marine enzymes for biocatalysis
Author/Editor: A<span style="font-variant: small-caps">ntonio</span> T<span style="font-variant: small-caps">rincone</span>
Marketing the Best Deal in Town
Author/Editor: Nancy Rossiter
Mastering Information Retrieval and Probabilistic Decision Intelligence Technology
Author/Editor: Daniel Brown
Materials’ ageing and degradation in light water reactors
Author/Editor: K. L. Murty
Materials and surface engineering
Author/Editor: J. Paulo Davim
Materials, design and manufacturing for lightweight vehicles
Author/Editor: P. K. Mallik
Materials for energy conversion devices
Author/Editor: Charles C. Sorrell; Sunao Sugihara; Janusz Nowotny
Materials for energy efficiency and thermal comfort in buildings
Author/Editor: Matthew R. Hall
Materials for engineering
Author/Editor: J. W. Martin
Materials for fuel cells
Author/Editor: Michael Gasik
Materials in sports equipment
Author/Editor: Mike Jenkins
Materials in sports equipment
Author/Editor: Aleksandar Subic
Materials Science for Dentistry
Author/Editor: B. W. Darvell DSc CChem CSci FRSC FIM FSS FADM
Mathematical analysis and proof
Author/Editor: David S. G. Stirling
A mathematical kaleidoscope
Author/Editor: Brian Conolly,Steven Vajda
Mathematical methods for mathematicians, physical scientists and engineers
Author/Editor: Jeremy Dunning-Davies
Mathematical modelling
Author/Editor: Susan J. Lamon,Willard A. Parker,Ken Houston
Mathematical Modelling (ICTMA 12)
Author/Editor: Christopher Haines; Peter Galbraith; Werner Blum; Sanowar Khan
Mathematical modelling in education and culture
Author/Editor: Qi-Xiao Ye,Werner Blum,Ken Houston,Qi-Yuan Jiang
Author/Editor: Sheila Page,John Berry,Howard Hampson
Mathematics teaching practice
Author/Editor: John H. Mason
MATLAB® in bioscience and biotechnology
Author/Editor: Leonid Burstein
Maximising the value of marine by-products
Author/Editor: Fereidoon Shahidi
Meals in science and practice
Author/Editor: Herbert L. Meiselman
Measure theory and integration
Author/Editor: G. de Barra
Measuring Academic Research
Author/Editor: Ana Andres
Meat processing
Author/Editor: Joseph Kerry; John Kerry; Ledward David
Meat products handbook
Author/Editor: Gerhard Feiner
Meat refrigeration
Author/Editor: S. J. James; C. James
Mechanical evaluation strategies for plastics
Author/Editor: D R Moore; S Turner
Mechanical testing of advanced fibre composites
Author/Editor: J M Hodgkinson
Mechanics and calculations of textile machinery
Author/Editor: N. Gokarneshan,B. Varadarajan,C. B. Senthil Kumar
Mechanics of solids
Author/Editor: C. T. F. Ross
Mechanisms of flat weaving technology
Author/Editor: Valeriy V. Choogin,Palitha Bandara,Elena V. Chepelyuk
Mechatronics and manufacturing engineering
Author/Editor: J. Paulo Davim
Medical and healthcare textiles
Author/Editor: S. C. Anand; J. F. Kennedy; M. Miraftab; S. Rajendran
Medical modelling
Author/Editor: Richard Bibb
Medical robotics
Author/Editor: Paula Gomes
Medical Textiles
Author/Editor: Subhash Anand
Medical Textiles and Biomaterials for Healthcare
Author/Editor: S.C. Anand; J. F. Kennedy; M. Miraftab; S. Rajendran
Meeting the Needs of Student Users in Academic Libraries
Author/Editor: Michele J. Crump,Leilani S. Freund,Steven Carrico,Ann Lindell,Pascal Lupien,Randy Oldham
Membranes for clean and renewable power applications
Author/Editor: Annarosa Gugliuzza,Angelo Basile
MEMS for automotive and aerospace applications
Author/Editor: Michael Kraft,Neil M. White
MEMS for biomedical applications
Author/Editor: Shekhar Bhansali; Abhay Vasudev
Metabolomics in food and nutrition
Author/Editor: Bart C. Weimer,Carolyn Slupsky
Metadata for Digital Resources
Author/Editor: Muriel Foulonneau,Jenn Riley
The Metadata Manual
Author/Editor: Rebecca L. Lubas,Amy S. Jackson,Ingrid Schneider
Metallic films for electronic, optical and magnetic applications
Author/Editor: Katayun Barmak,Kevin Coffey
Metallurgy of Basic Weld Metal
Author/Editor: G M Evans; N Bailey
Metallurgy of Welding
Author/Editor: J. F. Lancaster
Metals for biomedical devices
Author/Editor: Mitsuo Niinomi
Metalworking fluids (MWFs) for cutting and grinding
Author/Editor: Viktor P. Astakhov; Stefan Joksch
Method in the Madness
Author/Editor: Keith Townsend,John Burgess
Metropolitan sustainability
Author/Editor: Frank Zeman
Microbial decontamination in the food industry
Author/Editor: Ali Demirci; Michael O. Ngadi
Microbial production of food ingredients, enzymes and nutraceuticals
Author/Editor: Brian McNeil,David Archer,Ioannis Giavasis,Linda Harvey
Microbiological analysis of red meat, poultry and eggs
Author/Editor: G. C. Mead
Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Handbook
Author/Editor: Susan Watkins Borenstein
Microbiological risk assessment in food processing
Author/Editor: Martyn Brown; Mike Stringer
Microfluidic devices for biomedical applications
Author/Editor: Xiujun (James) Li,Yu Zhou
Microjoining and nanojoining
Author/Editor: Y. Zhou
Microscopy techniques for materials science
Author/Editor: A R Clarke; C N Eberhardt
Microstructural characterisation of fibre-reinforced composites
Author/Editor: John Summerscales
Microstructure evolution in metal forming processes
Author/Editor: Jianguo Lin; Daniel Balint; Maciej Pietrzyk
The microwave processing of foods
Author/Editor: Helmar Schubert; Marc Regier
Mid-Career Library and Information Professionals
Author/Editor: Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen,Linda Crook
MIG welding guide
Author/Editor: Klas Weman; Gunnar Lindén
Military textiles
Author/Editor: Eugene Wilusz
Mineral wool
Author/Editor: B. Širok; B. Blagojevic; P. Bullen
Minimal processing technologies in the food industries
Author/Editor: Thomas Ohlsson; Nils Bengtsson
Minimization of welding distortion and buckling
Author/Editor: Pan Michaleris
Minimized cardiopulmonary bypass techniques and technologies
Author/Editor: Terence Gourlay; Serdar Gunaydin
Missile guidance and pursuit
Author/Editor: N.A. Shneydor
Modelling and mathematics education
Author/Editor: João Filipe Matos,Werner Blum,Ken Houston,Susana Paula Carreira
Modelling and predicting textile behaviour
Author/Editor: X. Chen
Modelling and simulation of integrated systems in engineering
Author/Editor: David J. Murray-Smith
Modelling microorganisms in food
Author/Editor: Stanley Brul; Suzanne van Gerwen; Marcel Zwietering
Modelling, Simulation and Control of the Dyeing Process
Author/Editor: R. Shamey,X. Zhao
Modern approach to maintenance in spinning
Author/Editor: Neeraj Niijjaawan; Rasshmi Niijjaawan
Modern earth buildings
Author/Editor: Matthew R. Hall; Rick Lindsay; Meror Krayenhoff
Modern gas turbine systems
Author/Editor: Peter Jansohn
Modern machining technology
Author/Editor: J. Paulo Davim
Modifying flavour in food
Author/Editor: Taylor Andrew; Hort Joanne
Modifying lipids for use in food
Author/Editor: Frank D. Gunstone
Molecular interfacial phenomena of polymers and biopolymers
Author/Editor: P. Chen
More baking problems solved
Author/Editor: Stanley P. Cauvain; Linda S. Young
More Than a Thank You Note
Author/Editor: Karlene N. Jennings,Kimberly A. Thompson
A Most Delicate Monster
Author/Editor: Jean Dartnall
Mössbauer Spectroscopy
Author/Editor: Alfred G. Maddock
Multiaxial notch fatigue
Author/Editor: Luca Susmel
The Multi-dimensions of Industrial Relations in the Asian Knowledge-Based Economies
Author/Editor: Sununta Siengthai,John J Lawler
Multidisciplinary know-how for smart-textiles developers
Author/Editor: Tünde Kirstein
Multifunctional and nanoreinforced polymers for food packaging
Author/Editor: José-María Lagaron
Multimedia Information Retrieval
Author/Editor: Roberto Raieli
Multinational Corporation Subsidiaries in China
Author/Editor: Jinghua Zhao,Jifu Wang
Multiscale materials modelling
Author/Editor: Z. Xiao Guo
Multi-scale modelling of composite material systems
Author/Editor: C. Soutis; P. W. R. Beaumont
Mycotoxins in food
Author/Editor: N. Magan; M. Olsen