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Ultra high temperature mechanical testing
Author/Editor: R. D. Lohr; M. Steen
Ultrasonic transducers
Author/Editor: K. Nakamura
Ultra-supercritical coal power plants
Author/Editor: Dongke Zhang
Underground pipeline corrosion
Author/Editor: Mark E. Orazem
Understanding and controlling the microstructure of complex foods
Author/Editor: D. Julian McClements
Understanding and improving the durability of textiles
Author/Editor: Patricia A. Annis
Understanding and measuring the shelf-life of food
Author/Editor: R. Steele
Understanding and mitigating ageing in nuclear power plants
Author/Editor: Philip G. Tipping
Understanding consumers of food products
Author/Editor: Lynn Frewer; Hans van Trijp
Understanding Librarians
Author/Editor: Barbara Hull
Understanding pathogen behaviour
Author/Editor: Mansel Griffiths
Understanding the Internet
Author/Editor: Kevin Curran
Understanding the rheology of concrete
Author/Editor: Nicolas Roussel
Understanding the tensile properties of concrete
Author/Editor: Jaap Weerheijm
Underwater repair technology
Author/Editor: John H Nixon
Underwater wet welding and cutting
Unit Operations for the Food Industries
Author/Editor: Wilbur A. Gould Ph.D
Universal Design
Author/Editor: Gail M Staines
The use of electrochemical scanning tunnel microscopy (EC-STM) in corrosion analysis
Author/Editor: R. Lindström; V. Maurice; L. H. Klein; P. Marcus
User-Centred Library Websites
Author/Editor: Carole A George
User-Generated Content and its Impact on Web-Based Library Services
Author/Editor: Kay Cahill
Using cereal science and technology for the benefit of consumers
Author/Editor: Stanley P. Cauvain; Susan S. Salmon; Linda S. Young
Using Network and Mobile Technology to Bridge Formal and Informal Learning
Author/Editor: Guglielmo Trentin,Manuela Repetto
Using robots in hazardous environments
Author/Editor: Y. Baudoin; Maki K. Habib
Using the Internet for Political Research
Author/Editor: Heather Dawson