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Identification of textile fibers
Author/Editor: Max M. Houck
IIW recommendations for the fatigue assessment of welded structures by notch stress analysis
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Fricke
IIW recommendations on methods for improving the fatigue strength of welded joints
Author/Editor: P. J. Haagensen,S. J. Maddox
Imagine Your Library's Future
Author/Editor: Steve O'Connor,Peter Sidorko
Impact behaviour of fibre-reinforced composite materials and structures
Author/Editor: S R Reid; G Zhou
The Impact of Organisational Culture on Knowledge Management
Author/Editor: Marina Du Plessis
Implantable sensor systems for medical applications
Author/Editor: Andreas Inmann,Diana Hodgins
Implementation of Changes in Chinese Organizations
Author/Editor: Ruth Alas
Improving comfort in clothing
Author/Editor: Guowen Song
Improving farmed fish quality and safety
Author/Editor: Øyvind Lie
Improving Library Services to People with Disabilities
Author/Editor: Courtney Deines-Jones
Improving seafood products for the consumer
Author/Editor: Torger Børresen
Improving the fat content of foods
Author/Editor: Christine Williams; Judith Buttriss
Improving the flavour of cheese
Author/Editor: Bart C. Weimer
Improving the health-promoting properties of fruit and vegetable products
Author/Editor: F. A. Tomás-Barberán; M. I. Gil
Improving the safety and quality of eggs and egg products
Author/Editor: Yves Nys; Maureen Bain; Filip Van Immerseel
Improving the safety and quality of eggs and egg products
Author/Editor: Filip Van Immerseel; Yves Nys; Maureen Bain
Improving the safety and quality of milk
Author/Editor: Mansel W. Griffiths
Improving the safety and quality of milk
Author/Editor: Mansel W. Griffiths
Improving the safety and quality of nuts
Author/Editor: Linda J. Harris
Improving the safety of fresh fruit and vegetables
Author/Editor: Wim Jongen
Improving the safety of fresh meat
Author/Editor: John N. Sofos
Improving the sensory and nutritional quality of fresh meat
Author/Editor: Joseph P. Kerry; David Ledward
Improving the thermal processing of foods
Author/Editor: Philip Richardson
Improving traceability in food processing and distribution
Author/Editor: Ian Smith; Anthony Furness
The independent airport planning manual
Author/Editor: Alexandre L. W. Bradley
Author/Editor: Pierre de Keyser
India's Innovation Blueprint
Author/Editor: George Eby Mathew
Industrial Applications of Surfactants IV
Author/Editor: David R. Karsa
Industrial cutting of textile materials
Author/Editor: I. Viļumsone-Nemes
Industrial engineering in apparel production
Author/Editor: V Ramesh Babu
Industrial gas turbines
Author/Editor: A. M. Y. Razak
Infectious disease in aquaculture
Author/Editor: Brian Austin
Infinitesimal methods of mathematical analysis
Author/Editor: J. Sousa Pinto
The Information and Knowledge Professional's Career Handbook
Author/Editor: Ulla De Stricker,Jill Hurst-Wahl
Information Architecture for Information Professionals
Author/Editor: Susan Batley
Information Consulting
Author/Editor: Irene Wormell,Annie Joan Olesen,Gábor Mikulás
Information Dynamics in Virtual Worlds
Author/Editor: Woody Evans
Information History - An Introduction
Author/Editor: Toni Weller
Information Literacy
Author/Editor: Geoff Walton,Alison Pope
Information Literacy
Author/Editor: Susie Andretta
Information Literacy
Author/Editor: Geoff Walton,Alison Pope
Information Literacy and Cultural Heritage
Author/Editor: Kim Baker
Information Literacy and Lifelong Learning
Author/Editor: John C. Crawford,Christine Irving
The Information Literacy Cookbook
Author/Editor: Jane Secker,Debbi Boden,Gwyneth Price
Information Literacy Education: A Process Approach
Author/Editor: Maria-Carme Torras,Tove P Saetre
Information Literacy Instruction
Author/Editor: John Walsh
Information Literacy in the Digital Age
Author/Editor: Teresa S. Welsh,Melissa S. Wright
Information Literacy Landscapes
Author/Editor: Annemaree Lloyd
The Information Literate School Community 2
Author/Editor: James Henri,Marlene Asselin
Information Obesity
Author/Editor: Andrew Whitworth
Information Services and Digital Literacy
Author/Editor: Isto Huvila
Infrastructure and methodologies for the justification of nuclear power programmes
Author/Editor: Agustín Alonso
Inhaler devices
Author/Editor: Polina Prokopovich
Injectable biomaterials
Author/Editor: Brent Vernon
Innovation and technology of women's intimate apparel
Author/Editor: W. Yu; J. Fan; S.C. Harlock; S.P. Ng
Innovation in aeronautics
Author/Editor: Trevor M. Young; Mike Hirst
Innovations in food labelling
Author/Editor: Janice Albert
Innovations in Fuel Economy and Sustainable Road Transport
Author/Editor: The Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Innovative jacquard textile design using digital technologies
Author/Editor: Frankie Ng,Jiu Zhou
Innovative pre-treatment techniques to prevent corrosion of metallic surfaces
Author/Editor: L. Fedrizzi; H. Terryn; A. Simões
In-pack processed foods
Author/Editor: Philip Richardson
Inside China’s Legal System
Author/Editor: Chang Wang,Nathan H Madson
Inspection and monitoring techniques for bridges and civil structures
Author/Editor: Gongkang Fu
Instant Messaging Reference
Author/Editor: Rachel Bridgewater,Meryl B Cole
Institutional Repositories
Author/Editor: Catherine Jones
The Institutional Repository
Author/Editor: Richard Jones,Theo Andrew,John MacColl
Instructional Strategies and Techniques for Information Professionals
Author/Editor: Nicole A. Cooke,Jeffrey J. Teichmann
Instrumental assessment of food sensory quality
Author/Editor: David Kilcast
Instrumental methods in electrochemistry
Author/Editor: D. Pletcher,R. Greff,R. Peat,L. M. Peter,J. Robinson
Instrumentation and sensors for the food industry
Author/Editor: Erika Kress-Rogers; J. B. Brimelow Christopher
Integrated design and manufacture using fibre-reinforced polymeric composites
Author/Editor: M J Owen; V Middleton; I A Jones
Intelligent textiles and clothing
Author/Editor: H. R. Mattila
Interface engineering of natural fibre composites for maximum performance
Author/Editor: Nikolaos E. Zafeiropoulos
Interior textiles
Author/Editor: T. Rowe
Interlending and Document Supply in Britain Today
Author/Editor: Jean Bradford,Jenny Brine
Internal Combustion Engines: Improving Performance, Fuel Economy and Emissions
Author/Editor: The Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Internal Combustion Engines: Performance, Fuel Economy and Emissions
Author/Editor: The Institution of Mechanical Engineers
The Internet and Higher Education
Author/Editor: Alfred P Rovai
Internet Law in China
Author/Editor: Guosong Shao
The Internet, Power and Society
Author/Editor: Marcus Leaning
Introduction to aerospace materials
Author/Editor: Adrian P. Mouritz
An introduction to pharmaceutical sciences
Author/Editor: Jiben Roy
Introduction to structures
Author/Editor: William R. Spillers
Introduction to the Non-Destructive Testing of Welded Joints
Author/Editor: R Halmshaw
Introduction to the physics of nanoelectronics
Author/Editor: Seng Ghee Tan; Mansoor B. A. Jalil
Ions in solution
Author/Editor: John Burgess
IPDS 2006 Integrated Powertrain and Driveline Systems 2006
Author/Editor: Institution of Mechanical Engineers Automobile Division
iPhone Application Development
Author/Editor: Jim Hahn
Irradiation Embrittlement of Reactor Pressure Vessels (RPVs) in Nuclear Power Plants
Author/Editor: Naoki Soneda