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E-book Publishing Success
Author/Editor: Kingsley Oghjojafor
E-books in Academic Libraries
Author/Editor: Ksenija Mincic-Obradovic
Eco-efficient concrete
Author/Editor: F. Pacheco-Torgal,S. Jalali,J. Labrincha,V.M. John
Eco-efficient Construction and Building Materials
Author/Editor: F. Pacheco‐Torgal
The Economic Relations Between Asia and Europe
Author/Editor: Bernadette Andreosso-O'Callaghan,Jean-Pascal Bassino
Ecotextile '98
Author/Editor: A Richard Horrocks
Author/Editor: M. Miraftab; A. R. Horrocks
Education and Training in Food Science
Author/Editor: I. D. Morton; J. Lenges
Effective implementation of quality management systems
Author/Editor: B. Purushothama
Effective Information Retrieval from the Internet
Author/Editor: Alison Stacey,Adrian Stacey
Effect of mechanical and physical properties on fabric hand
Author/Editor: Hassan M. Behery
E-Journal Invasion
Author/Editor: Helen Heinrich
Elastic beams and frames
Author/Editor: John D. Renton
Elastomers and components
Author/Editor: V. A. Coveney
Electrical drives for direct drive renewable energy systems
Author/Editor: Markus Mueller,Henk Polinder
Electrical motor products
Author/Editor: Jianfeng Yu; Ting Zhang; Jianming Qian
Electricity transmission, distribution and storage systems
Author/Editor: Ziad Melhem
The electrochemistry and characteristics of embeddable reference electrodes for concrete structural engineering
Author/Editor: Roar Myrdal
Electrochemistry in light water reactors
Author/Editor: R.-W. Bosch; D. Féron; J.-P. Celis
Electroless copper and nickel-phosphorus plating
Author/Editor: W. Sha; X. Wu; K. G. Keong
Electromigration in thin films and electronic devices
Author/Editor: Choong-Un Kim
Electron beam welding
Author/Editor: Dipl.-ing. H. Schultz
Electronic Resource Management
Author/Editor: Anne C Elguindi,Kari Schmidt
Electronic Resources in the Virtual Learning Environment
Author/Editor: Jane Secker
Electroporation-based therapies for cancer
Author/Editor: R<span style="font-variant: small-caps">aji</span> S<span style="font-variant: small-caps">undararajan</span>
Electrospinning for tissue regeneration
Author/Editor: Lucy A. Bosworth; Sandra Downes
Emerging foodborne pathogens
Author/Editor: Yasmine Motarjemi; Martin Adams
Emerging food packaging technologies
Author/Editor: Kit L. Yam; Dong Sun Lee
Emerging Technologies for Academic Libraries in the Digital Age
Author/Editor: LiLi Li
Emerging Technologies for Knowledge Resource Management
Author/Editor: Paul M. Pandian,C. R. Karisiddappa
Enabling End-Users
Author/Editor: Ann Poyner
Encapsulation and Controlled Release
Author/Editor: D. R. Karsa; R. A. Stephenson
Encapsulation technologies and delivery systems for food ingredients and nutraceuticals
Author/Editor: Nissim Garti; D. Julian McClements
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals in food
Author/Editor: Ian Shaw
Energy absorption of structures and materials
Author/Editor: Guoxing Lu; Tongxi Yu
Engaging First-Year Students in Meaningful Library Research
Author/Editor: Molly R Flaspohler
Engaging Students with Archival and Digital Resources
Author/Editor: Justine Cotton,David Sharron
Engineering apparel fabrics and garments
Author/Editor: J. Fan; L. Hunter
Engineering catastrophes
Author/Editor: John Lancaster
Engineering Coatings
Author/Editor: Stan Grainger; Jane Blunt
Engineering materials science
Author/Editor: Hugh McArthur,Duncan Spalding
Engineering textiles
Author/Editor: Y. E. El Mogahzy
Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Student Feedback in Engineering
Author/Editor: C<span style="font-variant: small-caps">henicheri</span> S<span style="font-variant: small-caps">id</span> N<span style="font-variant: small-caps">air</span>,A<span style="font-variant: small-caps">run</span> P<span style="font-variant: small-caps">atil</
Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Student Feedback in Social Sciences
Author/Editor: Chenicheri Sid Nair,Patricie Mertova
Environmental aspects of textile dyeing
Author/Editor: R. M. Christie
Environmental assessment and management in the food industry
Author/Editor: U. Sonesson; J. Berlin; F. Ziegler
Environmental impact of textiles
Author/Editor: Keith Slater
Environmentally compatible food packaging
Author/Editor: Emo Chiellini
Environmentally-friendly food processing
Author/Editor: Berit Mattsson; Ulf Sonesson
Environmentally friendly polymer nanocomposites
Author/Editor: Suprakas Sinha Ray
Author/Editor: Trevor Palmer,Philip L. Bonner
Ergonomics in the Garment Industry
Author/Editor: Gordana Colovic
Essentials of scientific computing
Author/Editor: Victor Zalizniak
Ethical Behaviour in the E-Classroom
Author/Editor: Cassandra J Smith
Ethical Decision Making for Digital Libraries
Author/Editor: Cokie G Anderson
EU food law
Author/Editor: Kaarin Goodburn
Evaluation of Digital Libraries
Author/Editor: Giannis Tsakonas,Christos Papatheodorou
The Evaluation of Research by Scientometric Indicators
Author/Editor: Peter Vinkler
An Evaluation of the Benefits and Value of Libraries
Author/Editor: Viveca Nyström,Linnéa Sjögren
The Evaluation of Worldwide Digital Reference Services in Libraries
Author/Editor: Jia Liu
Evidence-Based Librarianship
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Connor
The Evolution of the US-Japan Alliance
Author/Editor: Matteo Dian
Excellence in the Stacks
Author/Editor: Jacob Hill,Susan Swords Steffen
Expatriates in Asia
Author/Editor: Scott Hipsher
Experimental design techniques in statistical practice
Author/Editor: William P. Gardiner,George Gettinby
Exploiting advances in arc welding technology
Author/Editor: The Welding Institute
Exploring Education for Digital Librarians
Author/Editor: Susan Myburgh,Anna Maria Tammaro
Exploring Methods in Information Literacy Research
Author/Editor: Suzanne Lipu,Kirsty Williamson,Annemaree Lloyd
External Quality Audit
Author/Editor: Mahsood Shah,Chenicheri Sid Nair
Extrusion cooking
Author/Editor: Robin Guy
Extrusion problems solved
Author/Editor: Mian N. Riaz; Galen J. Rokey