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Object-Oriented Technology and Computing Systems Re-Engineering
Author/Editor: H. Zedan,A. Cau
Ocular transporters and receptors
Author/Editor: A<span style="font-variant: small-caps">shim</span> K. M<span style="font-variant: small-caps">itra</span>
Online Databases and Other Internet Resources for Earth Science
Author/Editor: Venkat Ramana
Online Dispute Resolution
Author/Editor: Faye Fangfei Wang
Online Information Services in the Social Sciences
Author/Editor: Neil Jacobs,Lesly Huxley
Online Learning and Assessment in Higher Education
Author/Editor: Robyn Benson,Charlotte Brack
Ontologies, Taxonomies and Thesauri in Systems Science and Systematics
Author/Editor: Emilia Currás
Open Access
Author/Editor: Neil Jacobs
Open Access and its Practical Impact on the Work of Academic Librarians
Author/Editor: Laura Bowering Mullen
Open innovation in the food and beverage industry
Author/Editor: Marian Garcia Martinez
Open Source Database Driven Web Development
Author/Editor: Isaac H Dunlap
Open source software in life science research
Author/Editor: Lee Harland,Mark Foster
Optical biomimetics
Author/Editor: Maryanne Large
Optical switches
Author/Editor: Baojun Li; Soo Jin Chua
Optical thin films and coatings
Author/Editor: Angela Piegari,François Flory
Optimisation of composite structures design
Author/Editor: Antonio Miravete
Optimising sweet taste in foods
Author/Editor: William J. Spillane
Optimizing Academic Library Services in the Digital Milieu
Author/Editor: Brendan Ryan
Optimizing decision making in the apparel supply chain using artificial intelligence (AI)
Author/Editor: W. K. Wong,Z. X. Guo,S. Y. S. Leung
Orbital mechanics and formation flying
Author/Editor: Pedro A. Capó-Lugo; Peter M. Bainum
Ordinary differential equations and applications
Author/Editor: Werner S. Weigelhofer,Kenneth A. Lindsay
Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)
Author/Editor: Alastair Buckley
Organisational Culture for Information Managers
Author/Editor: Gillian Oliver
Organising Knowledge
Author/Editor: Patrick Lambe
Orphan drugs
Author/Editor: E. Hernberg-Ståhl,M. Reljanović
Orthopaedic bone cements
Author/Editor: Sanjukta Deb
The Other 51 Weeks
Author/Editor: Lee Welch
Outsourcing biopharma R&D to India
Author/Editor: Probir Roy Chowdhury
An Overview of the Changing Role of the Systems Librarian
Author/Editor: Edward Iglesias
Oxidation in foods and beverages and antioxidant applications
Author/Editor: Eric A. Decker; Ryan J. Elias; D. Julian McClements
Oxidation in foods and beverages and antioxidant applications
Author/Editor: Eric A. Decker; Ryan J. Elias; D. Julian McClements
Oxy-fuel combustion for power generation and carbon dioxide (CO<sub>2</sub>) capture
Author/Editor: Ligang Zheng