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Safety and quality issues in fish processing
Author/Editor: H. Allan Bremner
Satiation, satiety and the control of food intake
Author/Editor: John E. Blundell,France Bellisle
Sausage manufacture
Author/Editor: Effiong Essien
Scenarios and Information Design
Author/Editor: Mary L Rice-Lively,Hsin-Liang Chen
Scholarly Communication for Librarians
Author/Editor: Heather Morrison
Scholarly Communication in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan
Author/Editor: Jingfeng Xia
Scholarly Communication in Library and Information Services
Author/Editor: Bhaskar Mukherjee
Scholarly Information Discovery in the Networked Academic Learning Environment
Author/Editor: LiLi Li
Science and engineering of short fibre reinforced polymer composites
Author/Editor: Lauke Bernd; Mai Yiu-Wing; Fu Shao-Yun
Science and technology of enrobed and filled chocolate, confectionery and bakery products
Author/Editor: Geoff Talbot
The science and technology of materials in automotive engines
Author/Editor: Hiroshi Yamagata
Science in Clothing Comfort
Author/Editor: Apurba Das; R. Alagirusamy
Science of compression bandage
Author/Editor: Bipin Kumar,Apurba Das,R. Alagirusamy
Scientific Libraries
Author/Editor: Tomas Lidman
Scientific Publishing
Author/Editor: Hans E Roosendaal,Kasia Zalewska-Kurek,Peter A.Th.M Geurts,Eberhard R. Hilf
Securing the Safety of Navigation in East Asia
Author/Editor: Shicun Wu,Keyuan Zou
Security Risks in Social Media Technologies
Author/Editor: Alan Oxley
Self-piercing riveting
Author/Editor: Andreas Chrysanthou,Xin Sun
Self shielded arc welding
Author/Editor: Tad Boniszewski
Semiconducting Silicon Nanowires for Biomedical Applications
Author/Editor: Jeffery L. Coffer
Semiconductor gas sensors
Author/Editor: Raivo Jaaniso,Ooi Kiang Tan
Semiconductor lasers
Author/Editor: Alexei Baranov,Eric Tournié
A Sense of Control
Author/Editor: Christine M Tilley
Sensor Technologies for Civil Infrastructures
Author/Editor: M. L. Wang,J. P. Lynch,H. Sohn
Sensory analysis for food and beverage quality control
Author/Editor: David Kilcast
Separation, extraction and concentration processes in the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries
Author/Editor: Syed S. H. Rizvi
Separation Processes in the Food and Biotechnology Industries
Author/Editor: A. S. Grandison; M. J. Lewis
Service life estimation and extension of civil engineering structures
Author/Editor: Vistasp M. Karbhari; Luke S. Lee
Setting Up a New Library and Information Service
Author/Editor: Kirby Porter
The SGTE casebook
Author/Editor: K Hack
Shallow crack fracture mechanics toughness tests and applications
Author/Editor: Michael G Dawes
Shape memory alloys for biomedical applications
Author/Editor: Takayuki Yoneyama; Shuichi Miyazaki
Shape memory and superelastic alloys
Author/Editor: K. Yamauchi; I. Ohkata; K. Tsuchiya; S. Miyazaki
Shape memory polymers and textiles
Author/Editor: Jinlian Hu
Shellfish safety and quality
Author/Editor: Sandra E. Shumway; Gary E. Rodrick
A Short-cut to Marketing The Library
Author/Editor: Zuzana Helinsky
Short Fibre-Polymer Composites
Author/Editor: S K De; J R White
Signal processing in electronic communications
Author/Editor: Michael J. Chapman,David P. Goodall,Nigel C. Steele
Silicon–germanium (SiGe) nanostructures
Author/Editor: Yasuhiro Shiraki; Noritaka Usami
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) Technology
Author/Editor: Oleg Kononchuk,Bich-Yen Nguyen
Author/Editor: K. Murugesh Babu
Silk Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Author/Editor: S. C. Kundu
Silk, mohair, cashmere and other luxury fibres
Author/Editor: Robert R. Franck
Simulation in textile technology
Author/Editor: D. Veit
Sintering of advanced materials
Author/Editor: Zhigang Zak Fang
Six Key Communication Skills for Records and Information Managers
Author/Editor: Kenneth Laurence Neal
Sizing in clothing
Author/Editor: S. P. Ashdown
Small and micro combined heat and power (CHP) systems
Author/Editor: Robert Beith
Smart clothes and wearable technology
Author/Editor: J. McCann; D. Bryson
Smart fibres, fabrics and clothing
Author/Editor: Xiaoming Tao
Smart Polymers and their Applications
Author/Editor: María Rosa Aguilar,Julio San Román
Smart sensors and MEMS
Author/Editor: Stoyan Nihtianov,Antonio Luque
Smart textile coatings and laminates
Author/Editor: William C. Smith
Smart textiles for medicine and healthcare
Author/Editor: L. Van Langenhove
Smart textiles for protection
Author/Editor: R. A. Chapman
Social Information
Author/Editor: Scott Brown
Social Media Audits
Author/Editor: Urs E Gattiker
Social Media for Academics
Author/Editor: Diane Rasmussen Neal
Social Reading
Author/Editor: José-Antonio Cordón-García,Julio Alonso-Arévalo,Raquel Gómez-Díaz,Daniel Linder
Soft computing in textile engineering
Author/Editor: A. Majumdar
Soft drink and fruit juice problems solved
Author/Editor: Philip R. Ashurst; Robert Hargitt
Solid oxide fuel cell technology
Author/Editor: Kevin Huang; John B. Goodenough
Solid-state hydrogen storage
Author/Editor: Gavin Walker
Solving Disputes for Regional Cooperation and Development in the South China Sea
Author/Editor: Shicun Wu
Solving Management Problems in Information Services
Author/Editor: Christine Urquhart
Solving tribology problems in rotating machines
Author/Editor: H. Prashad
South Korea
Author/Editor: Young-Chan Kim,Doo-Jin Kim
Spacecraft thermal control
Author/Editor: José Meseguer; Isabel Pérez-Grande; Angel Sanz-Andrés
Specialist yarn and fabric structures
Author/Editor: R. H. Gong
Special Libraries as Knowledge Management Centres
Author/Editor: Eva Semertzaki
The stability and shelf-life of food
Author/Editor: David Kilcast; Persis Subramaniam
Stand-alone and hybrid wind energy systems
Author/Editor: J. K. Kaldellis
Standardisation in cell and tissue engineering
Author/Editor: Vehid Salih
Standardisation of thermal cycling exposure testing
Author/Editor: M. Schütze; M. Malessa
Starch in food
Author/Editor: Ann-Charlotte Eliasson
Starting a Digitization Center
Author/Editor: Cokie G Anderson,David C Maxwell
State estimation in chemometrics
Author/Editor: P. C. Thijssen Ph.D
Statistical data analysis
Author/Editor: Milan Meloun; Jiří Militký
Statistical mechanics
Author/Editor: D. H. Trevena
Statistics for Textile Engineers
Author/Editor: J. R. Nagla
Statistics for textiles and apparel management
Author/Editor: J Hayavadana
Stem cell bioprocessing
Author/Editor: T<span style="font-variant: small-caps">iago</span> G. F<span style="font-variant: small-caps">ernandes</span>,M<span style="font-variant: small-caps">aria</span> M<span style="font-variant: small-caps">argarida</span> D<span style="font-variant: small-ca
Sterilisation of biomaterials and medical devices
Author/Editor: Sophie Lerouge; Anne Simmons
Sterilisation of tissues using ionising radiations
Author/Editor: John F. Kennedy; Glyn O. Phillips; Peter A. Williams
Sterility, sterilisation and sterility assurance for pharmaceuticals
Author/Editor: Tim Sandle
Stochastic differential equations and applications
Author/Editor: Xuerong Mao
Strategic Business Development for Information Centres and Libraries
Author/Editor: Margareta Nelke
Strategic Challenges and Strategic Responses
Author/Editor: Jifu Wang
Strategic Information Management
Author/Editor: Jela Webb
Strategic management in the garment industry
Author/Editor: Gordana Colovic
The Strategic Management of Technology
Author/Editor: David Baker
Strategic Marketing Decision-Making Within Japanese and South Korean Companies
Author/Editor: Yang-Im Lee,Peter Trim
Strengthening and rehabilitation of civil infrastructures using fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites
Author/Editor: L.C. Hollaway; J.G. Teng
Strengthening of reinforced concrete structures
Author/Editor: L C Hollaway; M B Leeming
Stress corrosion cracking
Author/Editor: V.S. Raja; Tetsuo Shoji
Stress determination for fatigue analysis of welded components
Author/Editor: Erkki Niemi
Structural Alloys for Power Plants
Author/Editor: Amir Shirzadi,Susan Jackson
Structural dynamics of earthquake engineering
Author/Editor: S. Rajasekaran
Structural health monitoring of civil infrastructure systems
Author/Editor: Vistasp M. Karbhari; Farhad Ansari
Structural Shear Joints
Author/Editor: George T. Hahn; Kaushik A. Iyer; Carol A. Rubin
Structure and mechanics of textile fibre assemblies
Author/Editor: P. Schwartz
Structure and mechanics of woven fabrics
Author/Editor: Jinlian Hu
Student Feedback
Author/Editor: Chenicheri Sid Nair,Patricie Mertova
Subsea optics and imaging
Author/Editor: John Watson,Oliver Zielinski
Succeed or Sink
Author/Editor: Chris Rowley,Jayantee Mukherjee Saha
Successful superfruit strategy
Author/Editor: Karl Crawford; Julian Mellentin
Superplastic forming of advanced metallic materials
Author/Editor: Gillo Giuliano
Superplasticity and grain boundaries in ultrafine-grained materials
Author/Editor: A. Zhilyaev; A. Pshenichnyuk
Supporting Research Writing
Author/Editor: Valerie Matarese
Surface coatings for protection against wear
Author/Editor: B.G. Mellor
Surface engineering casebook
Author/Editor: J S Burnell-Gray; P K Datta
Surface engineering of light alloys
Author/Editor: Hanshan Dong
Surface modification by solid state processing
Author/Editor: Rosa Miranda
Surface modification of biomaterials
Author/Editor: Rachel Williams
Surface modification of textiles
Author/Editor: Q. Wei
Surfaces and interfaces for biomaterials
Author/Editor: Pankaj Vadgama
Surface topology
Author/Editor: Peter A. Firby,Cyril F. Gardiner
Surviving the Future
Author/Editor: Gail Munde,Kenneth Marks
Sustainability of construction materials
Author/Editor: Jamal M. Khatib
Sustainable textiles
Author/Editor: R. S. Blackburn
Sustainable Vehicle Technologies
Author/Editor: The Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Symmetry and group theory in chemistry
Author/Editor: Mark Ladd,Lord Lewis
Synthetic fibres
Author/Editor: J. E. McIntyre