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Bacterial cellular metabolic systems
Author/Editor: Kazuyuki Shimizu
Baking problems solved
Author/Editor: Stanley Cauvain; Linda Young
Bast and other plant fibres
Author/Editor: Robert R Franck
Becoming Confident Teachers
Author/Editor: Claire McGuinness
Belt conveying of minerals
Author/Editor: E. D. Yardley
Benders' dictionary of nutrition and food technology
Author/Editor: David A. Bender; A. Alexander
Biaxial stretching of film
Author/Editor: Mark T. DeMeuse
Bibliographic Information Organization in the Semantic Web
Author/Editor: Mirna Willer,Gordon Dunsire
Bioactive glasses
Author/Editor: Heimo O. Ylänen
Bioactive lipids
Author/Editor: Anna Nicolaou; George Kokotos
Bioactive materials in medicine
Author/Editor: X Zhao; JM Courtney; H Qian
Bioalcohol production
Author/Editor: Keith Waldron
Author/Editor: Antonella De Robbio
Bioceramics and their clinical applications
Author/Editor: Tadashi Kokubo
Biochemistry of Milk Products
Author/Editor: A. T. Andrews; J. Varley
Biocompatibility and performance of medical devices
Author/Editor: Jean-Pierre Boutrand
Biodegradable and sustainable fibres
Author/Editor: R. S. Blackburn
Biodegradable polymers for industrial applications
Author/Editor: Ray Smith
Biodiesel science and technology
Author/Editor: Jan C. J. Bart; Natale Palmeri; Stefano Cavallaro
Biofiber Reinforcement in Composite Materials
Author/Editor: Omar Faruk
Biofilms in the food and beverage industries
Author/Editor: Pina M. Fratamico; Bassam A. Annous; Nereus W. Gunther IV
The biogas handbook
Author/Editor: Arthur Wellinger,Jerry Murphy,David Baxter
Bioinformatics for biomedical science and clinical applications
Author/Editor: Kung-Hao Liang
Biointegration of medical implant materials
Author/Editor: Chandra P. Sharma
Biological Identification
Author/Editor: R. Paul Schaudies
Biologically inspired textiles
Author/Editor: A. Abbott; M. Ellison
Author/Editor: Jan C.J. Bart; Emanuele Gucciardi; Stefano Cavallaro
Biomass combustion science, technology and engineering
Author/Editor: Lasse Rosendahl
Biomaterials and devices for the circulatory system
Author/Editor: Terence Gourlay; Richard A. Black
Biomaterials and medical tribology
Author/Editor: J. Paulo Davim
Biomaterials and regenerative medicine in ophthalmology
Author/Editor: Traian Chirila
Biomaterials and tissue engineering in urology
Author/Editor: John Denstedt; Anthony Atala
Biomaterials, artificial organs and tissue engineering
Author/Editor: Larry L. Hench; Julian R. Jones
Biomaterials for artificial organs
Author/Editor: Michael Lysaght; Thomas J. Webster
Biomaterials for Bone Regeneration
Author/Editor: Peter Dubruel,Sandra Van Vlierberghe
Biomaterials for cancer therapeutics
Author/Editor: Kinam Park
Biomaterials for spinal surgery
Author/Editor: Luigi Ambrosio; Elizabeth Tanner
Biomaterials for treating skin loss
Author/Editor: Dennis Orgill; Carlos Blanco
Biomaterials in plastic surgery
Author/Editor: W. Peters; H. Brandon; K. L. Jerina; C. Wolf; V. L. Young
Biomechanical engineering of textiles and clothing
Author/Editor: Y. Li; X-Q. Dai
Biomedical composites
Author/Editor: Luigi Ambrosio
Biomedical Foams for Tissue Engineering Applications
Author/Editor: Paolo A. Netti
Biomedical hydrogels
Author/Editor: Steve Rimmer
Biomedical Imaging
Author/Editor: Peter Morris
Biomedical polymers
Author/Editor: Mike Jenkins
Biomimetic biomaterials
Author/Editor: Andrew J. Ruys
Bioprocess engineering
Author/Editor: Kim Gail Clarke
Biosensors for Food Analysis
Author/Editor: A. O. Scott
Biosensors for medical applications
Author/Editor: Séamus Higson
A biotech manager's handbook
Author/Editor: Michael O'Neill; Michael M. Hopkins
Biotextiles as medical implants
Author/Editor: Martin W. King,Bhupender S. Gupta,Robert Guidoin
Bio-tribocorrosion in biomaterials and medical implants
Author/Editor: Yu Yan
Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing Manuals: Volume 1: Ingredients
Author/Editor: Duncan Manley
Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing Manuals: Volume 2: Biscuit Doughs
Author/Editor: Duncan Manley
Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing Manuals: Volume 3: Biscuit Dough Piece Forming
Author/Editor: Duncan Manley
Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing Manuals: Volume 4: Baking and Cooling of Biscuits
Author/Editor: Duncan Manley
Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing Manuals: Volume 5: Biscuit Processing in Biscuit Manufacturing
Author/Editor: Duncan Manley
Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing Manuals: Volume 6: Biscuit Packaging and Storage
Author/Editor: Duncan Manley
Biscuit, cracker and cookie recipes for the food industry
Author/Editor: Duncan Manley
Blast protection of civil infrastructures and vehicles using composites
Author/Editor: Nasim Uddin
Bone repair biomaterials
Author/Editor: Josep A. Planell; Serena M. Best; Damien Lacroix; Antonio Merolli
Bone Substitute Biomaterials
Author/Editor: Kajal Mallick
The Brave New World of Publishing
Author/Editor: Manfred H Breede
Bread making
Author/Editor: Stanley P. Cauvain
Author/Editor: Stanley P. Cauvain
Author/Editor: Dennis E. Briggs; Chris A. Boulton; Peter A. Brookes; Roger Stevens
Author/Editor: C. W. Bamforth
Brittle matrix composites 7
Author/Editor: A. M. Brandt; V. C. Li; I. H. Marshall
Brittle Matrix Composites 8
Author/Editor: A.M. Brandt; V.C. Li; I.H. Marshall
Brittle Matrix Composites 9
Author/Editor: A.M. Brandt; J. Olek; I.H. Marshall
Building a Digital Repository Program with Limited Resources
Author/Editor: Abby Clobridge
Building a Successful Archival Programme
Author/Editor: Marisol Ramos,Alma C Ortega
Building Bridges
Author/Editor: Anne Langley,Edward Gray,K T L Vaughan
Building Communities
Author/Editor: Denise A Garofalo
Building decorative materials
Author/Editor: Yan Li; Shuxia Ren; Yan Zhou; Hong Liu
Building Library 3.0
Author/Editor: Woody Evans
Building materials in civil engineering
Author/Editor: Haimei Zhang
Building Your Library Career with Web 2.0
Author/Editor: Julia Gross
Bush, City, Cyberspace
Author/Editor: John Foster,Ern Finnis,Maureen Nimon
Business Strategy and Corporate Governance in the Chinese Consumer Electronics Sector
Author/Editor: Hailan Yang,Stephen Morgan